Japan travel tips for budget friendly holidays

Japan Travel Tips for Budget-Friendly Holidays

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There is a misconception about Japan as being one of the most costly places to visit for holidays. However, what it requires is good planning and Japan travel tips for saving on your budget.

Planning your trips strategically can not only help you save a good sum on your holidays but also allow you to enjoy them the most. There are various ways in which you can make your holidays better. For example, hiring a holiday planner can help you gain insight into Japan and help you out with hotels, transport, cuisine, tourist spots, and more.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss a few tips and guidelines for enjoying your Japan travel.

About Japan

Japan is a beautiful island country located on the east coast of Asia. It has an island archipelago that stretches approximately 2,400 km through the western North Pacific Ocean. Tourism in Japan is a major industry and contributes to the Japanese economy. It is not only famous for its tourist destinations but also for the food and entertainment that have stolen the hearts of every traveler.

The country is known for its attractive and stunning Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. It offers some of the best spots for travel and sightseeing. The splendid natural landscapes, such as Mount Fuji, are major tourist attractions. People from all over the world visit Japan to view the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest and the ancient, rugged mountains.

Additionally, the gorgeous and blooming Sakura (Cherry Blossom) offers a scenic view during the spring season. The tempting food of Japan is another reason why you should pack your bags and take a trip to the country.

However, Japan travel can be costly and requires you to make appropriate decisions to save on your travel costs.

To save the burden on your shoulders, we have created a list of Japan travel tips for budget-friendly holidays.

Japan Travel Guides and Tips

Many people have the misconception that traveling to Japan is extremely costly. This is the reason they avoid visiting or reschedule their visit for the next time.

1. Stay in hostels

The best way to save money on your Japan trip is to stay in cheap hotels. This can cut your accommodations in half and save a lot on your overall trip. There are various kinds of hotels in Japan that offer different stay prices. While luxury hotels are very expensive, living in a cozy hotel room with fewer other travelers can help you stick to your budget.

Japan has some of the cleanest and most luxurious hotels that you might ever see. For example, the hostels in Hiroshima are huge and lavish, but their costs can be higher accordingly. If you wish to enjoy your stay in Hiroshima at an affordable cost, then you can also rent a cheap room, which will cost equally and provide comfort.

2. Travel by bus

If you want to save on convenience, the best way to do this is by traveling by bus. The bus tickets are very cheap, and the whole country is connected by bus lines. If you ever search on Google for feasible transport in Japan, then you can find multiple websites suggesting Japanese buses. That is why, before booking your holiday package, you can buy yourself a VR bus pass to avoid any complications at the last minute.

The Willer Express buses are a great money-saver! They are connected between all of the major cities, and the price is extremely low compared to the expensive bullet trains.

3. Use public transport

Instead of booking yourself private cars or taxis, turn your head to public transport. This is because when you are in a new country, you are prone to spending more money on transportation. Many people can even charge you extra, seeing that you are a tourist and unaware of the authentic price.

Additionally, it may seem a bit confusing to figure out destinations and the best routes by yourself. Using public transport for travel can allow you to travel from one place to another at an affordable cost.

4. Eat at budget-friendly restaurants

The next most important tip for Japan travel is to eat at a budget-friendly restaurant. There are multiple restaurants in the country that offer a variety of different dishes. However, their prices and restaurant ambience can be greatly diverse.

Though the food in Japan is extremely tasty and tempting, dining out at a fancy restaurant can dig a hole in your pocket. This is because they can charge a lot of service charges and taxes.

Foods such as ramen, sushi, salmon, and more are literally served in every restaurant, and their flavors and tastes are great. Though the ambience and service of the restaurants can be a worry, we bet! You will be pleased with the food of any local diners as well.

Average Cost of a Two-Week Japan Trip

The cost of Japan travel can vary from person to person and from preference to preference. To give you a rough idea of the average budget for a two-week Japanese trip, we have gathered a sample itinerary.

Our estimated costs per person for Japan are:

  • Accommodation Costs: £400
  • Transportation Costs: £155
  • Food Costs: £240
  • Activities, Shopping, and Laundry Costs: £110
  • Total estimated cost: £905

The End

Despite the rumors and misleading facts, Japan travel can be extremely fun and budget-friendly. In this blog post, we have shared with you some tips for saving your budget on your Japanese holiday trip. Additionally, we have highlighted the average budget per person for a 16-day trip (excluding arrival and departure days) to help you determine the cost of the Japan Tour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Japan friendly for tourists?

Yes, Japan is a perfect destination for tourists from all over the world. Japanese people are incredibly welcoming and treat tourists with hospitality. If you are planning to visit Japan anytime soon, then remember to keep your documents updated and relevant.

Is Japan cheap for tourism?

Japan is considered a moderately expensive travel destination, but there are ways to save money.

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