Must-visit Places in the Himalayas

Top 5 must-visit Destinations in The Himalayas

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The mystic beauty of the Himalayas has captured the heart of almost every traveller. These 5 must-visit destinations in The Himalayas are some of the off-beat and less explored places that you can enjoy in solitude. The Great Himalayan Mountain range is covered with snow and dense forests of tropical and subtropical trees giving magnificent views. The beauty of The Himalayas is spectacular, thousands of alpine meadows, splashing waterfalls, snow-covered mountains and flowing rivulets are the gems of this highest mountain chain.

Top 5 must-visit Destinations to Visit in Himalayas

The magnificent beauty of the Himalayas has attracted so many travellers that it is hard to spot a place where you can feel the nature and true environment of the Himalayas. By acknowledging these 5 must-visit destinations in the Himalayas, you can enjoy your trek and see the eccentric beauty of the Himalayan mountains.

1. Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley is the perfect place for people seeking solitude and composure. The lustful green valley located at the edge of Himachal Pradesh provides the best hiking option for adventurous trips. The views of dense snow-covered mountains, river crossings, trekking and fishing are some of the major activities for which people usually visit Tirthan Valley.

2. Tosh

Tosh Village is the perfect destination for calm, peaceful and refreshed vacations. The beautiful village is located on the edge of Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh at a distance of about 21 km from Kasol. The place is ideal for people seeking composure in their holidays. The gourmet food of the place will make your taste buds enjoy the delightful flavours of their dishes.

3. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

The lush green forest of Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary and the rare animals of the place are definitely going to capture your heart. For the people seeking spots with less crowd, Binsar is the ideal destination. The dense oak and pine forest of the sanctuary makes it a must-visit destination for every nature lover.

4. Kausani

The rich and thick farming fields with rivers flowing by its side are a combination of nature’s most beautiful charisma. Kausani is a journey of beautiful gardens, flowing rivers, clear sky and downing sunsets. The place is located in Uttrakhand, in the district of Bhageswar. The village covered with ridge and pine forest will capture your heart at first glance.

5. Tehri

The emerald water of the lake will amaze your eyes with any doubt. The mountains at the backdrop give a spectacular view, making it the perfect destination for holidays. The cold breezing weather of the place and the artificial lake make it ideal for family holidays or trekking trips. Stretching over the length of 2,400 km, the Himalayas are a must-visit mountain range for every traveller out there.

Final Words

Exploring these five offbeat places is an ideal option to actually view the beauty of the Great Himalayan Mountains. Offering stunning views and peaceful stays, these 5 must-visit places in the Himalayas are going to make your vacations worth visiting.

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