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How to plan Goa Trip in Low Budget: Get Tips and Tricks

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For a fun, joyful summer holiday, the first place that may cross your mind is Goa. Though Goa is a very colorful state, even a short trip can dig a hole in your pockets. Goa Tips and Tricks on a Low Budget is something people look for very often while planning a summer vacation. In our list of top summer destinations, Goa stands as number one. In this blog post, we are going to discuss simple tips and tricks for a pocket-friendly Goa on a budget trip.

Goa Tips and Tricks for a Pocket-Friendly Trip

Book a Hotel in South Goa

Most of the beaches are located in North Goa, making the prices of rooms and resorts relatively higher. For a smart decision to save money, booking hotels in South Goa can actually be helpful to save a huge sum on a residence. The environment in South Goa is also comparatively calm, and homestays provide quiet and solitude with pristine beach views.

Travel by Train

To cut down on the overall cost of your Goa trip, traveling by train can successfully help you do so. The cost of travel by plane can be relatively higher, and backpackers will need to pay an extra amount for their luggage. The smart idea here is to book a train ticket to Goa and carry as much luggage as you can.

Rent a Bike or Scooter

If you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on taxi fees, then renting a bike can help you bring down your convenience. Renting a bike or scooter in Goa is one of the most conventional experiences that almost everyone should have. The breeze of Goa winds flowing through your hair will make you enjoy every bit of your ride. Not only is this an exceptional experience, but it saves you from the costly fees of taxis and cabs.

Buff at local eateries

You don’t want to spend a large sum of money eating at an expensive restaurant and not have the taste of Goa’s cuisine. Most expensive restaurants provide similar food at a very high cost. The better idea here is to dine at local eateries, which provide soulful food platters and buffets at relatively lower prices. And don’t think that you will have to compromise on taste! The local chefs are such brilliant, good cooks who will please you with each serving.

Do not hire a Tour Guide

Making your Goa on a budget trip is almost a close call if you don’t hire a tour guide. As soon as you start your journey in Goa, you will find many tour operators contending for your attention. But you don’t really need a tour guide to help you explore the place. The beauty of exploring Goa is yours. You can visit the popular beaches, dine at famous eateries, and party all by yourself.

Follow these 5 tips and tricks to help you enjoy Goa on a budget. Your visit to Goa can be cheaper than you can imagine and more amusing than ever. Cutting the cost does not necessarily mean compromising your enjoyment. These five simple tips can help you save a large sum of money and make your holidays smarter!

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