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Chase Sapphire Lounge Boston: Review

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You’re about to have a new experience, turning through the pathways at Boston Logan International Airport. Whether it’s for pleasure or work, navigating the chaos and noise of the airport can be taxing. As you wait for your departing flight, you may yearn for respite in a comfortable and quiet place to recharge and rest. Fortunately, there’s a new lounge ready and waiting. Chase Sapphire Reserve cardmembers now have entry to the new Chase Sapphire Lounge Boston by the club located at Boston Logan International Bos Airport. 

Whether you’re departing from International Bos Airport or just waiting for a connecting flight, rest assured that a rich and deluxe lounge experience is waiting for you at the newly minted Chase Sapphire Lounge Boston by The Club. This benefit is available to all Chase Sapphire Reserve card members who have started off their Priority Pass membership.

Where is the Chase Sapphire Lounge Boston By the Club Located?

The Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club is in Boston, MA. At the Logan International Airport. Precisely at the B to C connector, between gates B40 and B39. The entrance is guarded, with a dark sign guiding guests to an elevator bank. The lounge is located on the fourth floor. So it’s a quick ride up, and the doors will open at the check-in desks.

How Do You Access the Chase Sapphire Lounge By the Club? 

To enjoy the benefits of the Chase Sapphire Lounge Boston by The Club, it’s important to be a Chase Sapphire Reserve card member with a Priority Pass membership. Cardmembers are also entitled to bring two guests for free.

What is the Chase Sapphire Lounge Boston Opening Date? 

The Chase Sapphire Lounge Boston in the United States opened on May 16, 2023, at Logan International Bos Airport. Also, it will be co-branded as The Club, a line of airport lounges previously founded in many locations. The Chase Sapphire Lounge Boston by The Club is open from 5 AM – 11 PM daily.

What are the Key Features of the Sapphire Lounge By the Club at Boston Logan?

The Sapphire Lounge at Boston Logan is an extraordinary 11,640 square feet. Enter into this luxurious, deluxe, and expansive space, which offers many benefits. These features include, but are not restricted to:

  • Seasonal and Fresh dining options created by top-notch Boston chef “Douglass Williams.”
  • Artisanal and Rich cocktails, a taproom with local beers, and a curated wine list.
  • Convenient spaces for relaxing and working.
  • Epicurean coffee from Atomic Coffee Roasters local to Beverley, MA, and various tea selections.
  • Merchandised artwork from emerging artists with distinctive connections to the area.
  • Private showers and bathrooms.
  • Direct views of the iconic Boston Harbor and the Boston Logan airfield.
  • Fitness area with massage chairs.
  • Nursing rooms.

Can We Bring Guests to the Sapphire Lounge By the Club?

Yes! As a Sapphire Reserve card member, you can bring up to two complimentary guests into the lounge. In fact, this is one of the many advantages of being a Chase Sapphire Reserve card member.

What are the Additional Perks of Using Chase Sapphire Lounge Reserve?

With its annual fee, Chase Sapphire Lounge Boston Reserve gives you entry to not only the airport lounge in Boston but ample benefits and advantages as well, including:

  • Rewards (including 3x points on traveling worldwide and dining)
  • Purchase and travel coverage (such as lost luggage reimbursements and trip delay)
  • $300 annual travel credit (computerized statement credits as compensation for travels)

Some More Details About the Chase Sapphire Lounge Boston

This Lounge offers comfort, style, and space for Sapphire Reserve cardholders. It was previously called the Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club. As of May 16, 2023, the new, upscale airport oasis greets its guests at Boston Logan International Airport, near the C and B terminals meet. 

Spanning more than 11,000 square feet, the stylish deluxe lounge includes massage chairs, a beer taproom, and showers. It also provides committed spaces to eat before a flight or recharge. Another perk is that all amenities are appreciated and free of charge once you step inside, including drinks and food. Some of the most essential details and features are mentioned below: 

  • Food and Beverages

The lounge provides ready-to-eat food for travelers with a bit less time on their hands (like a buffet-style option), as well as made-to-order selections with a clearly local flair. More importantly, the menu is the product of Douglass Williams, Chef and Owner of the famous Boston Italian restaurant MIDA. Williams originated some dishes for the lounge, including a sticky buffalo chicken, beef meatball parmesan sandwich, and chilled gazpacho. Perhaps the central attraction of the lounge is the bar, where the staff serves cocktails and wine. Also, there is a good selection of cold and hot desserts and meals.

  • Drinks

The food is good, but the drinks are even better. For non-alcoholic beverages, there is a long list of self-serve choices, including coffee and water on tap. There was coffee by Atomic Coffee Roasters, tea and espresso stations. Also, there are Minifridges, which are stocked with juices and sodas. For adult beverages, options are evidently endless. There is a bar menu with wine and beer options.

Design of Chase Sapphire Lounge Boston 

The new Chase lounge design isn’t the same as a lounge but more of a restaurant. You’ll find comfortable seating and tables with space to de-stress while overlooking the Boston Harbor and Logan Airfield. The lounge is fully furnished with facilities to make the travel experience more comfortable, especially for families. There’s an exclusive family area and a nursing room.

  • Wellness Rooms

There are two guest wellness rooms, including a guided meditation and an anti-gravity massage chair. The lounge also has showers, which is particularly convenient for people with long flights ahead.

  • Seating

The Chase Sapphire Lounge Boston has plenty of seating options available. You can relax, drink, eat, or even work. You can find an ideal spot for every activity. If you are going there without kids, the bar is undoubtedly the highlight, thanks to its comfortable seats, beautiful design, and fun staff. At the front of the lounge, behind the check-in desk, some chairs and sofas are situated there, which are a comfortable choice for families.

  • Service 

Service can be a miss or hit at airport lounges, but the staff at the Sapphire Lounge by The Club at Boston is excellent. The whole vibe of the lounge is casual but is obviously high quality. At the lounge, most of the staff wear polos and khakis. They blend in with the crowd for their attire. You will have a polite and professional but casual and comfortable interaction. All the staff are friendly and genuinely happy to do their work, which is surprisingly satisfying. 


The Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club in Boston has everything you need before you take your flight, whether you’re looking to enjoy some quiet time to relax, sit back with an artisanal cocktail, or have a place to care for your child. 

In fact, as you begin on your new adventures, make sure to look out for more lounges in the future as Chase continues to expand its Sapphire Lounge to locations including New York’s LaGuardia Airport, Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, the Philadelphia International Airport, San Diego International Airport, and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

As a Chase Sapphire Reserve card member, you can enjoy all the perks and benefits of accompanying an airport lounge experience. Next time you pass through or depart from Boston Logan, avoid the busy crowds and indulge in the comfort and style of the new Chase Sapphire Lounge Boston by the Club Indeed.

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