Best Sunroof Cars Under 20 Lac

Best Sunroof Cars Under 20 Lac to Buy in 2024

Technology has advanced remarkably, and the automotive industry is a significant part of it. Sunroof Cars are the new sensation, and everybody dreams of getting their hands on them. However, one thing that comes along with the sunroof is a huge price tag. But, with innovation and technological advancement, the economy is getting combined with luxury. In this blog, we will share with you the best sunroof cars under 20 lac to buy in 2024.

Best Sunroof Cars Under 20 Lac

The giant automotive companies such as Mahindra, Hyundai, Volkswagen, and more are competing in the market to launch high-tech luxury cars in an economic price range. If you also want to purchase Sunroof cars with incredibly packed features, you have come to the right place. With extensive research and analysis, we have got you a list of the best sunroof cars under 20 Lac that you can consider buying in 2024.

1. Mahindra Thar 5 Door- The Hardcore Offroader’s Sunroof Car


If you want to have a luxurious car drive experience with Jeep vibes, the Mahindra Thar 5 Door is the best option for it. The Mahindra Thar 5 door comes with a horsepower engine that sets it apart from the past launched Thar models.

Of course, we know that Mahindra has made a fascinating impact on the automobile industry by launching the Thar car models. But, with the increasing technology, it is also upgrading its components, starting with adding a Sunroof. So, in our view, the Mahindra Thar 5 Door is a great option to consider for the best sunroof cars under 20 lac

The Mahindra Thar 5 Door has amazing features such as:-

  • Set of LED headlights and LED DRLs
  • Dual-zone climate control with 
  • Rear AC vents and 
  • Push button start/stop 
  • A touchscreen system.

Mahindra Thar 5 Door is the best option for off-roaders. And there is only little information that has been officially released till now. But if you want to get detailed knowledge of this upcoming car. You can read the Mahindra Thar 5 Door details here.

Engine2.2-liter diesel engine

2.0-liter petrol engine

Seating Capacity5 seater
Launch DateMarch 2024 (expected)
PriceRs 15 Lakhs
Engine Displacement (cc)2184
Transmission TypeManual

2. Seltos- The Second Most Globally Selling Kia Car


The Kia Seltos is the second most selling Kia car globally. The first most selling Kia car in the world is the Kia Sportage which will be launched in 2020 and 2021. Seltos offers plenty of options from 8 one-tone to matte colour options

Below given are some of the key specs of Seltos:-

  • Two 10.25-inch screens
  • An infotainment system and touchscreen 
  • Dual-zone climate regulation
  • A panoramic roof
  • Air purifier 
  • LED mood lighting 
  • Alert system 
  • Front seats with ventilation

The features like stunning design and subcompact SUV power led to India becoming its largest market. The company understood that there are differences in requirements in different places, so they launched three models for different markets. Interestingly the first version was manufactured in South Korea and the other two were manufactured in India. 

If you are planning to purchase this car, do look into its key specs:- 

Engine 1482 cc – 1497 cc

 With 113.42 – 157.81 bhp power 

Seating Capacity5 seater
Launch DateJuly 21, 2023 
PriceRs 10 lakhs to Rs 20 Lakhs
Engine Displacement (cc)1493
Transmission TypeAutomatic/ Manual

3. Creta Facelift- The Budget-Friendly Sunroof Car


Let’s move to the next best sunroof car that you can buy at a budget-friendly price. Hyundai Creta 2024 comes with three-engine horsepower, modern designs, a spacious interior, and powerful performance, Creta is one of the most preferred cars with a huge market in some of the major countries. 

Key Features 

  • A panoramic sunroof
  • Wireless phone charging
  • Power-adjustable driver seat 
  • Ventilated front seats

Specifications you must know:- 


1493 cc – 1498 cc engine 

With 113.18 – 113.98 bhp power
Seating Capacity5 seater
Launch DateJanuary 16, 2024
PriceRs 10.87 Lakhs to Rs 19.20 Lakhs
Engine Displacement (cc)1493
Transmission TypeManual/ Automatic 

4. XUV700- The Hi-Tech Spacious Car


Mahindra XUV700 is a great option for joint families by offering 7 seating capacity. This ultimate SUV has an advanced driver system that offers an unparalleled driving experience. The high-tech car combines looks with robust features at a very reasonable price. It has some similarities with Scorpio. Moreover, it offers 5 colours and an amazing look to show off. 

Key Specs:- 


1999 cc – 2198 cc engine with 152.87 – 197.13 bhp power

Seating Capacity5-7 seater
Launch DateAugust 14, 2021 in India
PriceFrom Rs 14.3Lakhs 
Engine Displacement (cc)2198
Transmission TypeAutomatic

5. Scorpio N- The Sturdy Looking Car


Mahindra Scorpio N is available in 4 different models- Z2, Z4, Z6, and Z8. If you are looking for a bulky car with high-tech features, you can consider buying a Scorpio N. Available in 7 different colours, it offers a range of options to pick from. The 7-seater configuration makes it a friendly choice for big families who like to travel together. 

Key Specs: 

  • An 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Cruise control
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Wireless phone charging

1997 cc – 2198 cc engine with 130 – 200 bhp power

Seating Capacity6-7 seater
Launch DateJune 27, 2022, in India
PriceRs 13.26 Lakhs to Rs 24.53 Lakhs
Engine Displacement (cc)2198
Transmission TypeAutomatic

6. Taigun- The Performance and Robust Built Car


Volkswagen Taigun is one of the most stunning-looking SUV cars with a powerful engine and robust drive capacity. The car offers an unmatched boot space of 385 litres. Volkswagen has launched the car in 8 different colours, giving people a good option to select their favourite one. The trial edition variant of Taigun is available in the market for Rs 16.30 lakh 

Dynamic Line and Performance Line are the two variants of Taigun available in the market. 

The car is a great option for people looking for sunroof cars with new high-tech features, including:-

  • An 8-inch digital instrument cluster
  • A huge 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  • Combined automotive technology
  • A single-pane sunroof
  • Automated temperature control
  • Powered and ventilated front seats
  • A loudspeaker

Along with these, here are some more Taigu features that make it one of the incredible sunroof cars to purchase in 2024.


999 cc – 1498 cc engine with 113.98 – 147.51 bhp power

Total Seating5 seater
Launch Date22 March 2023 in India
PriceRs 11.62 Lakhs to Rs 19.46 Lakh 
Engine Displacement (cc)2198
Transmission TypeAutomatic

7. MG Hector Plus- The Futuristic Car


MG Hector Plus is a mid-range SUV with a stunning design and various colour variants. The incredible power-housed car is available in the market in four broad variants: Smart, Smart Pro, Sharp Pro, and Savvy Pro. 

The 6 one-tone colours of the car give it a premium look and finished design that makes it stand out from other cars in the similar range. Given that, here are some features of the car that make it one of the best mid-range sunroof cars:-

  • A huge 14-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  • A 7-inch fully digital driver’s display
  • Ventilated front seats
  • A panoramic sunroof
  • A wireless phone charger
  • An 8-colour ambient lighting
  • Powered tailgate

Apart from these, here are some more features of the MG Hector Plus that you should know before you make the purchase:-


1451 cc – 1956 cc engine with a 141 – 167.67 bhp power

Seating Capacity6-7 seater
Launch Date8 January 2023 in India
PriceRs 17.80 Lakhs to Rs 22.73 Lakh 
Engine Displacement (cc)1451
Transmission TypeAutomatic

8. MG Astor- The Sporty Design Car


The next car on our list of the best sunroof cars under 20 lakhs is MG Astor. It is a mid-range SUV car with the greatest performance to date. MG Motor India launched the car in March 2024 with great specifications and features. The car is available in 5 different variants, namely: Style, Super, Smart, Sharp, and Savvy. The recent version of MG Astor is based on the Smart variant. 

MG Astor is one of the best sunroof cars that come with stunning designs and six different colours. Get ready to choose from the variety of options. Given below are some of the important features of MG Astor that you must know:- 

  • A 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  • A 6-way power-adjustable driver seat
  • Automatic climate control
  • Cruise control 
  • A panoramic sunroof

Key Specs:- 

Engine 1349 cc – 1498 cc engine 

with 108.49 – 138.08 bhp power

Seating Capacity5 seater
Launch DateMarch 2024 (expected)
PriceRs 10.82 Lakhs to Rs 18.69 Lakh 
Engine Displacement (cc)1349
Transmission TypeAutomatic

9. Tata Nexon- All-in-one Package


Tata Nexon is one of the most affordable SUVs with great designs and excellent engine powers. Tata Nexon can be your first option if you are looking for the best mid-range sunroof cars. 

The car is available in 7 colour options, giving you the choice to pick your favourite from the broad range. Tata has launched the car in four variants, namely: Smart, Pure, Creative, and Fearless.

As per the price range, this is one of the best sunroof cars with incredible features such as:-

  • Automatic air conditioning
  • A 10.25-inch completely digital driver’s display
  • A touchscreen infotainment system
  • Wireless charging for mobiles
  • Front seats with adjustable heights
  • Cruise control
  • Shifter paddles, nine speakers, JBL audio system

1199 cc – 1497 cc engine with 113.31 – 118.27 bhp power

Seating Capacity5 seater
Launch DateSeptember 14, 2023 in India
PriceRs 8.10 Lakh to Rs 15.50 Lakh 
Engine Displacement (cc)1497
Transmission TypeAutomatic

10. Grand Vitara- The Pocket-Friendly Car


Grand Vitara is a mid-range SUV launched by one of the most trusted automobile company Maruti. Grand Vitara comes in a range of variants, to name it Sigma, Delta, Zeta, Zeta+, Alpha, and Alpha+. These variants come with 6 one-tone and 3 dual-tone shades. The colours are listed below:-

  • Nexa Blue
  • Opulent Red
  • Chestnut Brown
  • Grandeur Grey
  • Splendid Silver
  • Arctic White
  • Pearl Midnight Black
  • Opulent Red with Midnight Black roof
  • Arctic with Midnight Black roof 
  • Splendid Silver with a Midnight Black roof

The car’s incredible power capacity gives the perfect butter drive experience. The Maruti Grand Vitara can be an excellent option if you are looking for the best sunroof cars under 20 lacs. It has incredible features and car technology support that will heighten your experience. Given that, here are some features of the car:-

  • A 9-inch infotainment touchscreen
  • A 7-inch driver’s display
  • A panoramic roof
  • Ambient lighting
  • Bluetooth phone jack
  • Front chairs with vents 
  • Alert system

Apart from this, here are some more features of the Maruti Grand Vitara that you should know before you decide to make the purchase:-


1462 cc – 1490 cc engine 

with 86.63 – 101.64 bhp power
Seating Capacity5 seater
Engine Displacement (cc)1490
PriceRs 10.70 Lakh to Rs 19.99 Lakh 
Launch DateSeptember 26, 2022, in India
Transmission TypeAutomatic

11. Tata Punch CNG- The Big Boot Space Car


Tata Punch is one of the recently launched cars with an electric sunroof and big boot space. Moreover, it is built on an advanced technology of twin CNG cylinders that are placed below the cargo, leaving a large boot space. Tata Punch CNG is one of the best budget-friendly options for people who love long drives. 

Key Specs:- 

Engine1199 cc,  Power: 72.41 bhp @ 6000 rpm, Torque: 103 Nm @ 3250 rpm
Seating Capacity5 seater
PriceRs 7.10 lakhs to ₹9.68 Lakh
Launch Date3rd August 2023
Transmission TypeAutomatic


The technological evolution has made significant advancements in the automobile sector. If you are looking for high-tech sunroof cars, we hope this blog post may have helped. We know it can be difficult to decide the best car within the price range. However, if you have 20 lacs in your pockets, we have suggested the best sunroof cars under 20 lacs in this blog post. 

These cars are not only incredible in driving mode but follow the latest technical features, making them ideal for 2024 purchase.


What cars have panoramic sunroofs?

Here is a list of top cars with panoramic sunroofs:-
1. Hyundai Creta
2. Kia Seltos
3. Mahindra XUV700
4. MG Astor
5. Maruti Grand Vitara
6. MG Hector

What is the difference between Moonroof vs Sunroof?

A moonroof is a kind of vehicle roof that cannot be removed from it. The sunroof, on the other hand, can be removed entirely.

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