Rich Flavors of Gujarat

Exploring the Top 5 Rich Flavors of Gujarat

Most of us are aware of the welcoming Gujarati Culture and its tempting flavourful cuisine. The Rich Flavours of Gujarat are the oldest culinary attraction of India, offering a variety of different dishes. The flavour packed food of Gujarat with high on nutrition quotient is loved by almost everyone. The dishes of Gurajat are famous across the whole country. From North Indian to South Indian parts, people absolutely enjoy the taste of Gujarati Food The cuisines of Gujarat have emerged from various different communities which settled in the state and eat a variety of different dishes. The dishes of Gujarati cuisine are a combination of sweet, spicy and tangy flavours, generally eaten with pickles, farsans or chutneys. Gujarati Food is enjoyed worldwide as a tribute to the rich traditional cuisine of the state. The multi-cuisine of the state is the perfect art of cooking and mouth watering taste. Exploring the Rich Flavours of Gujarat can help you to understand their extraordinary culture with delightful food taste. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the most famous Gujarati Cuisine that will satisfy the cravings of every foodie out there.   
  • Gujarati Thali 

A Gujarati Thali is a whole meal of flavourful Gujarati dishes. The thali comprises two or more steamed snacks, a dish made of green vegetables, a vegetable curry, a kathol and yoghurt based dish such as a raita or shrikhand. The sweet and savoury taste of Gujarati Thali is absolutely loved by almost every traveller visiting the state. 
  • Dhokla

The spongy sweet and sour gram flour dish is the most enjoyed item of Gujarati Cuisine. People love the softness of Dhokla coupled with the rich flavours which melt in the mouth from the very first bite of the spongy cake. You can have Dhokla literally at any time of the day, from breakfast to tea time snacks, it is an ideal option for pleasing your taste buds.
  • Thepla 

The Rich Flavour of Gujarat does not end with sweet and savoury taste. A spicy, faintly bitter Thepla is a thin paratha-like dish generally served at breakfast. The dish is very unique in taste, packed with wonderful spices and served with a green chutney. The flatbreads are made from a mixture of dough compromising, methi, fenugreek, millet flour and yogourt. Theplas taste fantastic when served with vegetables, green chutney or even eaten raw.
  • Jalebi Fafda

Sweet jalebis coupled with crunchy fafda is a unique combination of different flavours in one dish. Gujarati fafda, made from gram flour, is a traditional snack which tastes great when eaten with jalebis. The unique combination of the two is eaten in various states of India and is considered a must – try for every visitor in Gujarat. Filled with sweetness and crisp taste of gram pakoras, Jalebi Fafda gives a hint of flavours to our taste buds.  
  • Khandvi 

Another very famous vegetarian dish of Gujarat is Khandvi. The soft, melt-in mouth dish is a delicious healthy snack option for any time. The gram flour rolls are made by adding spices and buttermilk. The recipe of Khandvi is very famous across Northern India. People generally eat Khandvi at tea time, breakfast or lunch. The Rich flavours of Gujarat do not end here. These were some of the most popular dishes of the Gujarati Cuisine. The list can be never ending as the flavours of the state lies in tangy, sour, sweet delightful food. Many dishes of the state are temptingly enjoyed by various people worldwide.

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