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Exploring the Best Online Travel Booking Websites

The world of the web is like a deep ocean, with many travel booking websites. A comparative guide to the best online travel booking websites can help you determine the most relevant and top-of-the-line travel booking agency. With increasing competition, many websites have emerged as online travel booking agencies. However, there is minimal data on their comparison. In this blog post, we are going to discuss all the pros and cons of the best online travel booking websites and compare their services simultaneously.

Best Online Travel Booking Websites

Here are the best online travel booking websites:

1. is one of the fastest-growing online travel agencies established in 2005. The company was first set up as an E-commerce but now has made its name among one of the leading online travel booking websites. Its services include easy travel access to most premium hotels, homes, rooms, flights, and activities. The company is also working in collaboration with to provide reservations and residences to guests all over the world.

Pros of booking

  • Simple booking procedure
  • Easy to navigate the app of the website
  • Ample options for bookings around the world
  • Easy pay options, including Razorpay, UPIs, and Credit Cards
  • Coupons and discounts available

Cons of booking 

  • Delayed and time-consuming services
  • Sometimes Poor customer service
  • High taxes and service charges
  • Reduced discount options
  • High traffic leads to missed deals and offers on packages for many customers

2. is India’s top online holiday booking agency with a wide flea market to connect travelers with agents. On the travel triangle, you can directly connect with travel agents without the involvement of any mediator. The website is a fully customizable online travel booking agency, offering personalized trips at the best price possible.

Pros of booking

  • Improved customer service
  • Value for money trips
  • No mediators
  • Best deals and discounts on tour packages
  • Direct communication with travel agents

Cons of booking

  • Increased chance of scams
  • Lots of negative reviews
  • You do not deal with Traveltriangle directly
  • You have to make a booking with travel agents
  • Increased chances of false services

3. is one of India’s most trusted travel booking organizations with the best rankings as an aggregator in 2019-2020. The architecture of the website is designed to compel travelers to use their services in every possible field. From online hotel and flight bookings to launching their own virtual currency “go cash”, GoIbibo has made its name in India and abroad.

Pros of booking

  • Value for money service
  • Flexible booking options
  • Quick booking procedure
  • High discount on best packages
  • No cost cancellation till your check-in time

Cons of booking

  • Too many negative reviews
  • Frequent booking and refund issues
  • Poor customer service
  • Unresponsive to customer calls
  • Difficulty with cancellation of bookings


There are a number of online travel booking agencies on the internet., Traveltriangle, and are some of the best online travel booking websites. People can visit different websites and compare their tour packages, hotel rates, reviews, and customer services.

Online travel booking agencies sometimes may try to fill the rooms with your booking. But,  to make smart decisions and save your costs, a detailed comparison between them is necessary. The above-mentioned online travel booking website is India’s leading travel organization with the best customer support and on-demand service of the customers.

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