20+ Unique Saree Captions for Instagram

saree captions for Instagram

Draping a saree is challenging, but finding a suitable caption to post is the hardest part. That’s why we are enlisting aesthetic and unique saree captions for Instagram. Instead of searching for captions, focus on draping your saree. Wear a saree and flex it with our captions. 

Furthermore, the saree is every girl’s top priority regarding weddings, traditions, and aesthetics. So, to enhance your beauty, we have 100+ captions for your social media, whether you are a girl or a woman. Let’s represent our culture and saree with a beautiful quote from the world.

Short Saree captions for Instagram

  1. Saree is love
  2. Flexing myself in saree
  3. My tradition, my saree
  4. Some ethnicity for myself
  5. Saree is an emotion
  6. Draping my tradition
  7. Worn it because want it
  8. Embracing my roots
  9. Queen of all outfits- Saree
  10. It’s not just a piece of cloth but our culture
  11. I, me and my saree
  12. Drape it, flaunt it
  13. Western ❌Indian ✔️
  14. Saree is my priority
  15. Saree? Why not?
  16. Life is short, so wear saree
  17. Sorry nooooo, saree yessssss
  18. Always ready to wear it
  19. Mumma’s love
  20. Beauty comes from tradition
  21. Girl ❌ Pretty Girl✔️
  22. Take me to the sareeland
  23. Life is a party and my saree is a host
  24. Saree is like a trend
  25. Let’s show you my saree side

Funny Saree captions for Instagram

  1. Finding reasons to wear saree, please give me one……Help
  2. I am not sweating; it’s the sparkle of my saree
  3. Believe me bro, this draping took only 5 minutes (3 hours, actually)
  4. God, please teach me to make pleats; I am fed up now
  5. Noting the date in my diary, it is the first time I didn’t spill anything on my saree
  6. My original red carpet outfit, Hollywood? Invite me next time. Huh
  7. Looking like a queen, right? Where is my crown?
  8. Trust me, it’s just one pin carrying my whole saree.
  9. My cargo are angry because this saree is my new best friend
  10. Can anybody shelter me for one day? Because I’ve torn my mother’s favourite saree

Saree captions with song lyrics for Instagram

  1. Kehte hai ye deewani mastani ho gyi…
  2. Kalank nhi Ishq hai kajal piya…
  3. Inna sona kyu rab ne bnaya?…
  4. Mera dil ye pukaare aaja..
  5. Vo noor ka jharna h, mae pyaas puraani…
  6. Zara kabhi meri nazar se khud ko dekh le, hai chand me bhi daag pr na tujhme ek bhi…
  7. Saara jag chadd k bas tainu hi hai chuneya…
  8. Chehra ek phool ki tarah shadab hai…
  9. Keh de toh bann jau bairag mae, keh de toh mae teri maya banu…
  10. Tujhme rab dikhta hai, yaara mae kya kru…
  11. Saree duniya se jeet k mae aayi hu idhar, tere aage hi mae haari, kiya tune kya asar?
  12. Meri saamne wali khidki pe ek chand ka tukda rhta hai
  13. Zindagi haseen hai jo tu mere naal hai…
  14. Meri khamoshi se baatein chunn lena, unki dori se tareefeen bunn lena…
  15. Har shaam aankhon pe tera aanchal lehraye, har shaam yaadon ki barat le aaye…

Aesthetic saree captions for Instagram

  1. Your desi girl is here
  2. Being your pasandeeda aurat
  3. Brown girl in golden saree, what could you ask more?
  4. Swarg se utri hui kokil kanthi apsara lg rhi hu na!
  5. Caption bhi likhna pdega kya ab?
  6. Gifting myself a gazra and Kangan
  7. Let’s increase the temperature with my hotness
  8. Updating myself to Rekhaji
  9. No one can say no to a saree
  10. Following my ancestor’s path
  11. Just another royal look
  12. Waiting for someone to sing “mere rang me rangne wali, pari ho ya ho pariyon ki rani”
  13. Stress doesn’t match with my saree
  14. Desi flexin’
  15. I wanna be “that girl”, Indian Shayars talk about

Black saree captions for Instagram

  1. Black saree, because it is a universal colour
  2. People like black colour until it’s about a person
  3. Feeling confident in my black saree
  4. Natural nazar suraksha kawach
  5. Black saree, best vibes
  6. Kaali zulfein, rang sunehra
  7. Black is not just a colour. It is an emotion
  8. My love for saree is blind
  9. Sparkling and shining in black 
  10. Saree is my new love language

To Wrap Up

Captions play an important role in explaining the images, and it is the girlish thing that they want all the lights on them only. So, they need some eye-catching captions which align with the picture they are posting. However, we have short, funny, aesthetic and more captions for those photoholic girls.

Lastly, putting beautiful captions in your pictures may help you increase your insight. People must open your profile and check the caption regularly. So, like you choose the best picture out of 100 to post similarly, choose the proper caption. 

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