BTS MONOCHROME Logistics Free Coupons and Pop-Up Stores

The BTS MONOCHROME Logistics Project has captured the attention of the army. The anticipation is high as Bighits, the official Twitter handle of K-pop has released a cryptic post. Also, the fans are filled with excitement and are thinking about the nature of this new project. Could it be a BTS army comeback, a surprise for the army, a pop-up store to celebrate HYYH’s 10th year, or a special gift from BTS? However, on 15 April, BTS released a post with free coupons with the caption “Didn’t you forget something?” and a parcel box with a link to the website. This post has created a storm in the army. 



BTS has launched a secret project titled “BTS MONOCHROME Logistics Project,” also known as MNCR logistics BTS. By tapping on the link, you will find the website at Moreover, this website is like a shipping order. It is full of puzzles; each click takes you to a deep mystery. 

Steps to use the website and claim the coupon:

  • Step 1: Click on the given link
  • Step 2: Now, you will have two options (view invoice number and login)
  • Step 3: To log in, you need a password
  • Step 4: Click on Forgotten password
  • Step 5: There is a password hint, written as Password setting with some numbers and Password hint- Special thanks to (the number in password setting is the final of BTS’s 10th anniversary, and the password hint is referring the special thanks to Our Eternal Youth )
  • Step 6: Now, fill in the password and confirm 
  • Step 7: After confirming, you will find your information
  • Step 8: Back to the first page and click on the invoice number
  • Step 9: Enter the BTS debut date and Army anniversary date and confirm
  • Step 10:  Now, you will find the tabs that show Jin, Hobi, and Suga’s birthdays. Open the second tab.
  • Step 11: You will see the BTS Monochrome photos
  • Step 12:  Click on the preview
  • Step 13: It will shuffle all the monochrome pictures and give you one
  • Step 14: Open the third tab and click on the Inspection video; that’s the teaser.
  • Step 15: Now, click on the inspection certificate and confirm it
  • Step 16: You will find the certificate
  • Step 17: Click on Confirm
  • Step 18: Customize your invoice
  • Step 19: Lately, go to the coupon page and have your coupon

What is the mystery of BTS MONOCHROME Logistics?


Pop singers maintain their surprise of MONOCHROME Logistics, and the army continuously tries to find the surprise. After the first post, “Didn’t you forget something?” they dropped two more posts. The first post was an OT7 picture with some information about the Souel Pop-Up store, so yes, the mystery is not a mystery anymore. Moreover, in the second poster, they release the teaser of the MONOCHROME. So, it is now confirmed that it is a pop-up store. Now, what next? What is that Pop-Up store? When will it launch?

More About the BTS Pop-Up Store

The Pop-Up store will be open in Seoul, Manila, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Bangkok from 26 April to 12 May. The launching date is 26 April to 12 May. The Pop-up Store will be open in Seoul from 26 April to 12 May, in Tokyo from 3 May to 26 June, in Jakarta from 9 May to 23 June, in Bangkok from 10 May to 23 June, in Los Angeles from 16 May to 27 May, and in Manila on 24 May.

The official trailer of BTS MONOCHROME Logistics was announced on 17 April on Bighits’s Twitter handle. In the video, they mixed up so many clips. The video starts with a bar code, and after that, Eternal Youth is written with a BTS monochrome ticket. Moreover, it ends with the parcel box, in the parcel something like a box on which MONOCHROME was written. The army is so excited to visit the BTS Pop-up Store. Also, the monochromatic picture used in this project by our seven stars– Jungkook, V, Jimin, Suga, RM, j-Hope, and Jin- is amazing. They are looking perfect in the picture. Hopefully, whatever is shown in the trailer can be seen in the pop-up store. 

Memory Cloud

A section on the BTS Monochrome Logistics website called “Memory Cloud” contains all the memories of stars and the army from many concerts or events where fans shown love to their favorite star collected. By mentioning Eternal Youth in the project, they have the whole heart of their army because, being stars, they did not neglect the feelings of their fandom. However, it broke the hearts of many fans worldwide that the store is not opening in their city, and they cannot visit to see the Pop-Up Store. Moreover, through this project, once again, the fans expect that they will be able to see the team together soon. 


BTS MONOCHROME Logistics project rumors have created a storm among the army; now, it is clear that this project is related to the Pop-Up Store. However, after a long time, Pop stars will do something together for their army. Also, what will be in the store is yet to be known, but it will be related to our seven stars. The stores are opening in six cities: Soule, Tokyo, Jakarta, Bangkok, Los Angeles, and Manila. The opening will run from 26 April to 12 May.


What is monochrome in BTS?

Monochrome in BTS refers to a pop-up store. It was released on 15 April on Bighits’s official Twitter handle and later revealed as a Pop-Up store.

Is BTS pop or K-pop?

BTS is a K-pop group. Its members are Jungkook, V, Jimin, Suga, RM, J-hope, and Jin. Together, they started this band, which is now famous worldwide.

What is BTS’s salary?

The exact salary of BTS has yet to be disclosed, but sources estimate that each member’s salary is $8 million—$10 million, including concerts and endorsements.

Is BTS V colour-blind?

Taeyoung suffers from “Monochromatic Disorder”, which means he sees the world with his version of a greyish colour. But he is a great singer.

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