25th Anniversary Wishes For Your Loved Ones

25th anniversary wishes

25th anniversary is also known as the Silver Jubilee; being with someone for 25 years is a big accomplishment. Hat’s off to the couple who have completed their silver jubilee, and give them warm 25th Anniversary wishes on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and more. 

Furthermore, spending life with a person and celebrating 25 years of togetherness is a witness of love, trust and commitment. It is literally like two bodies and one soul. Let’s wish those couples silver jubilee who make themselves an example for their loved ones.

Short 25th Anniversary Wishes

  1. Happy 25th Anniversary lovebirds!
  2. Wishing my favourite couple a very happy 25th anniversary.
  3. Best wishes for completing 25 years together.
  4. Congratulations on completing the silver anniversary.
  5. Happy Silver Anniversary my people.
  6. Best Couple ever, happy 25th anniversary.
  7. This silver day makes your golden lives shiny, happy 25th anniversary.
  8. 25 years ago, you guys promised and have kept it till today.
  9. Happy 25th anniversary darlings.
  10. Cuties, I wish you all the best for the future and a happy Silver Jubilee.
  11. I cannot express my feelings right now. Happy 25th anniversary.
  12. Happy silver anniversary, dearest people.
  13. You guys are the best, happy silver jubilee
  14. Happy happy 25th anniversary, my people
  15. Wishing you a very happy anniversary on the 25th year of your togetherness.

25th Anniversary Wishes for friends

  1. I never trusted in a long-term relationship, but you guys have proved me wrong; happy silver jubilee to my dearest friends.
  2. I wish you both a very happy 25th anniversary. May god keep showering love on you both. Have a bright future ahead.
  3. Wishing you both a happy silver jubilee; you guys are really an example that true love exists for more anniversaries to come.
  4. Happy 25th anniversary. You guys are truly inspiring. Keep sharing the bond you have until the next 25 and more.
  5. Wishing you guys endless happiness and joy on your 25th anniversary. Lots of love, happy anniversary.
  6. Twenty-five years down, many to go. Happy anniversary, dearest friends. May you be happy together forever. 
  7. Cheers to 25, the next 50 in line, and the happiest anniversary to my favourite couple. You guys are growing old, but look at your relationship—it’s still as strong as earlier.
  8. May your bond grow stronger with each passing day. A very happy silver anniversary to my darlings. 
  9. Thank you for showing us what a true couple looks like. Happy 25th anniversary to you both. Lots of love.
  10. I still remember how much fun I had at your wedding 25 years ago. I can’t wait to have more on this anniversary. Happy 25th anniversary to my dearest people.

25th Anniversary Wishes for parents

  • Your love is a pillar of our family. Thank you for loving each other so much. Happy 25th anniversary, Mom and Dad. 
  • Papa mummy, you both are such an example for us that true lovers fight, love, care and cry for each other. Happy Silver Jubilee to you both.
  • Happy 25th anniversary, dear Papa Mumma; I am speechless about my gratitude for having parents like you. The amount of love you both share is unimaginable. 
  • Thank you for showing me what a true partner looks like. 25 years of love and laughter, and more to go, papa and Mummy. Happy Silver Jubilee.
  • You two are proof that love can transcend boundaries. Happy 25th wedding anniversary, my favourite couple. I love you.
  • I am manifesting a husband like you, Papa. Thank you both for loving each other so much. I am lucky to have parents like you. 
  • Happy 25th anniversary to the most amazing parents anyone can ask for. Thank you for choosing me as your child.
  • Thank you for always being there for each other in every up and down and setting our expectations high. I love you, Ma Pa. Happy silver anniversary to you both.
  • Your journey together is an example of the power of love. Thank you for showing your love to us. We are luckiest. Happy 25th anniversary to the world’s best parents.
  • Your strength, patience, and understanding have amazed me. I wish you both a long life, happiness, and a happy 25th anniversary.

25th Anniversary Wish for Husband and Wife

1. Happy 25th anniversary, my dear husband. Thank you for being loving and caring. I want to spend my whole life with you like this.

2. 25 years with you feels like nothing. Thank you for loving me so much. I can’t express my feelings to you. 

3. We have travelled this journey together from strangers to a soul. I love you more than you can imagine. Happy 25th anniversary, my love.

4. My love for you is growing and glowing day by day. I cannot imagine how these 25 years have been spent with you; it feels like a moment. Happy silver anniversary, my love.

5. From teenagers to adults, seeing our teenage love is setting an example. Happy 25th anniversary, baby. I love you.

6. The day I married you, I promised to stay by your side, whatever the situation. Here we are, completing 25 years together.  

7. To my beautiful wife, 25 years feels like a blink compared to a lifetime of loving you. Happy Anniversary.

8. They say love gets stronger with time, and with you, it’s definitely true. Happy 25th Anniversary, my forever love.

9. You inspire me every day. Here’s to 25 years of learning, growing, and loving you. Happy Anniversary.

10. You’re more beautiful today than the day I met you. Happy Silver Anniversary, my forever sweetheart.

To Wrap Up 

Being with a person for 25 years is not easy to imagine. Between fights, laughter, care, and insecurities, spending 25 years is tough. But many couples around you have faced all these with strength and trust; that’s what love is.

Furthermore, give them 25th anniversary wishes in our words and align with your body as our collection has categories. Choose yours and wish them and make their day better. Be the reason for someone’s happiness. It must pay you back. 

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