National Cinema Day 2023 – Here is How You Can Celebrate It

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National Cinema Day is celebrated every year on 13 October. The celebration is an act of tribute to the reopening of the Indian cinemas post-COVID-19. It is honored by discount offers and millennial movie shows marked by Rs. 99 movie ticket prices.

The announcements were made on Thursday regarding the celebration of National Cinema Day on October 13. Movie enthusiasts can watch the latest film at affordable prices starting as low as Rs. 99, excluding recliner and premium formats.  In this blog post, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the day and how you can buy movie tickets with such discount offers.

What is National Cinema Day 2023?

Ever since the world has encountered the Covid-19 pandemic, things have not been the same. The economy is severely low and businesses have faced massive losses. To compensate for the loss endured by the Indian cinemas, The Multiplex Association of India decided to mark the reopening of the Indian Cinemas with National Cinema Day.

MAI decided to mark the day with the celebration of National Cinema Day as a way to show solidarity and support for cinema hall owners who faced substantial losses during the pandemic. As the lockdown has greatly impacted the overall structure of the Indian economy, depletion, and crises made it difficult for cinema owners to survive. Ever since the reopening of the lockdown on 22 October 2021, the MAI released regulations for the celebration of the day.

People have benefited from heavy discounts each year ever since the announcements. Similarly in 2023, many latest movies are available at very discounted rates. In addition to that, some international, Japanese, English, and Malayalam movies are also placed at hefty discounts.

Details of the National Cinema Day 2023

The Multiplex Association of India initiated the idea of celebrating the day with significant discounts on movie tickets to encourage people to buy more tickets for their favorite movies. The act was initiated to support cinema halls, which suffered massive losses during the pandemic. National Cinema Day is giving people discounts on movie tickets of premium halls as stated by Popular movies such as Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawaan and Akshay Kumar’s Raniganj are among the movies available for ₹99 on National Cinema Day. Apart from these movies such as Dhak Dhak, Thank You for Coming, and Fukrey 3 are also available at discounted prices.

However, the offer is not included for IMAX or 4DX. Correspondingly, the discount of ₹99 tickets does not include the convenience fee or GST tax charges. To buy the tickets you can visit your nearby cinemas and buy an offline ticket for the same price without paying any extra charge.

On National Cinema Day 2023, Over 4,000 screens at multiplexes from India, including PVR INOX, Cinepolis, Miraj, and Delite, have teamed up to participate in the celebrations.

Why is National Cinema Day Celebrated?

By now we must have understood the reason for the celebration of National Cinema Day. but the compensation for the hefty loss faced by the cinema owners is not the only reason for its celebration. The Multiplex Association of India initiated the idea of National Cinema Day in 2022 to mark the reopening of cinema halls after the COVID-19 pandemic. The association decided to offer significant discounts on movie tickets to encourage people to buy more tickets.

Here the motive was simple and straight, but another reason for imposing the celebration of the National Cinema Day is to counter the heavy competition posed by OTT platforms. No doubt, during the pandemic period, OTT platforms emerged as a significant way to keep people entertained. This is the reason many people turned to other OTT platforms for entertainment purposes. Upon opening of the Indian cinemas, ticket sales were significantly lower than they used to be before the lockdown. That is why the MAI decided to create a National Cinema Day in 2022. However, multiplex owners did not pin down a fixed date for the celebration and regulated many changes over time.

Firstly, MAI chose September 23 as National Cinema Day in 2022. The tickets were sold at a discounted price of Rs. 75. The Day in 2022 was a massive success and registered the highest-ever-single-day admission of 6.5 million people. But in 2023, they decided to mark the day on 13 October and the ticket price is placed for Rs. 99.

How to Celebrate National Cinema Day In 2023?

If you have recently crossed paths with the Rs.99 movie ticket price offer, you might be wondering how to avail of it. To keep you in light of the latest details of National Cinema Day, we have concluded a checklist for the celebration of the day.

  • Visit the cinema hall with your friends: If you have not yet booked tickets for the offer price of Rs. 99 then you don’t have to worry any further. This is because the tickets are also available for offline bookings. Just plan a get-together with your friends and head to the nearest cinema hall. From there, you can select the movie of your choice and pay a ticket amount of just Rs. 99. Latest movies are available for the offer, just select and book!
  • Plan a movie date with your family: On Thursday night, the announcements were officially made for movie tickets price of Rs. 99. You can plan the day out with your family at an affordable cost. If you think the perfect occasion for a little family get-together does not exist, then here is the core of your answer. Book the cinema hall tickets at affordable prices and enjoy your day!
  • Plan a romantic date: Who says dates have to be costly? National Cinema Day is the perfect occasion for you to plan a date. The cost-effective offer will not only keep you entertained but provide a good time for seamless interaction. Plan the day with your loved one and enjoy the latest movies at just Rs. 99.


The National Cinema Day celebration provides a good opportunity for Indians to enjoy the latest movies at affordable prices. Though the date was not pinned down yet, this year it is all set to be 13 October! In this blog post, we have discussed the significance of National Cinema Day and its celebration.


Q1. When is National Cinema Day?

In 2023, the National Cinema Day is being celebrated on 13 October 2023.

Q2. What is National Cinema Day?

The National Cinema Day is a celebration of the reopening of the Indian cinemas post-Covid-19. Each year heavy discounts are offered on movie tickets.

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