Disney Leaving Florida – Facts or Fiction?

Disney Leaving Florida: Facts or Fiction? - trending blogers

The rumours have been all around the world for Disney leaving Florida. On Thursday night, Disney announced that they have pulled their plans in Florida on its $1 Billion investment. The acquisitions were expected to bring a new headquarters complex and relocate a California unit that would have featured more than 2,000 jobs in the Orlando Area.

The move is basically the result of the latest inflation in a long-year rivalry between Disney Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The news has been highlighted all over the world featuring the demand of Disney to pull hands on the Florida project. In a swift motion, the announcement was laid down regarding the relocation of Disney World from Orlando, Florida to a new 1000-acre land outside Atlanta, Georgia.

Details on Disney Leaving Florida

Some people have stated that Disney leaving Florida is not true, while others have arguably commented on the decision to relocate. Nevertheless, the shift would have given many opportunities such as job searches and more. But, the cost of the relocation is considerably high and the debate is still in the process.

However, some Disney fans are super excited about the project and how the change would be exciting. But, there are many concerns about the move and how it would impact the economy of Florida. Undoubtedly, the theme park is one of the finest venues for the place. People from all over the world visit the place to enjoy the adventure of the place.

The theme park is the core of Florida with every Disney character in live action. That is why many suspect that the decision might be in response to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ recent frustration. The frustration was primarily because of Disney’s policies, its mask mandates and vaccine requirements. However, no official notice has been laid down regarding Disney leaving Florida and the executives have refused to comment on these rumours.

Is Disney Leaving Florida a Rumour?

The rumours regarding Disney leaving Florida started when a parody article was taken out of context. The incident took place on 8 April 2023 when screenwriter and producer Matt R. Allen, published a Medium piece that rumoured the whole social media. The headlines of the article clearly suggested Disney’s transfer to Georgia and included tentative data and phoney quotes.

During that month, Disney filed a lawsuit against Governor DeSantis, alleging a “targeted campaign of government retaliation” against the company. The company charged DeSantis with threatening their business and violating constitutional rights.

Disney called the government’s actions “patently retaliatory, patently anti-business, and patently unconstitutional.”

The Excitement About the New Theme Park

The opening of the new theme park in Atlanta has raised many concerns among the fans. Interestingly, it has been reported that many of the same beloved themes, attractions, and characters as the current Disney park.

However, Disney leaving Florida will embrace new features for the Atlanta area. This will include updated themes such as the new “Gone with the Wind” ride, the “Coca-Cola World” exhibition and the “Atlanta Braves” baseball adventure. A Disney spokesperson stated, “We’re thrilled to be bringing the magic of Disney to Atlanta,” and “We believe this move will allow us to better serve our fans in the Southeast and create a new, exciting experience for visitors from all over the world.

Various Disney employees are excited about the move as they will get an opportunity for a fresh start. However, the main concern that made the company reconsider the decision is the massive logistics of relocating the whole theme park. One unnamed worker even expressed his doubt saying, “I’m not sure how they’re going to move Cinderella’s Castle all the way to Georgia, but I guess they’ll figure it out. ”In general, the move has sparked a mix of excitement and suspicion. Whether Disney fans or employees, the announcements have suggested reconsideration in the minds of all.

Now the question here is, will there be a final showdown or these are just rumours and considerations? Only time will tell us about the final decision. But, whether this a mockery or a real-time decision, it is going to be a severe loss for DeSantis.

Is Disney Leaving Florida for Real or is it Just a Rumour?

After all the controversy, questioning the relocation of Disney World might be an obvious answer. At this point, asking if Disney World moving out might have an obvious answer. However, the Medium piece has deceived many readers and even employees of the company itself. But, the focus is diverted to the entire made-up plot and how it was a strategy. The reason the whole plot is considered duped is that Disney did not formally issue any notice regarding the relocation. No matter how much Disney moving to the new state would have been beneficial for many of us, the considerations were highly concerning.

The transfer would have outlawed both practical and legal difficulties, making it easier for the company to function seamlessly. Various difficulties such as Zoning regulations, building permits, and legal and administrative obstacles would have been cleared away from Disney. Not to mention the insanely massive tourist attraction that yields millions of dollars annually would have benefitted Atlanta considerably.

Final words on Disney leaving Florida

Rumours regarding Disney leaving Florida left everyone at bay as people started to believe the switch. However, these were only buzzes and the Disney theme park will remain at its original location. The rumours that started in April have not taken a clear turn and the final decision has been out now. In this blog post, we have discussed everything regarding the misconception and highlighted the truth to our viewers.


Q1. Is Disney World leaving Florida?

Many rumours regarding Disney leaving Florida have created a buzz across the world. There were no such findings that confirmed the relocation and the world is still in doubt.

Q2. Where is Disney shifting?

Disney is leaving Florida and moving the theme park to a 1,000-acre parcel of land in Atlanta, Georgia. This has been rumoured all around the world when a false article stating the fact was published.

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