Kanguva: Release Date, Cast, Story, Budget, Trailer, and Review

Kanguva Movie

The entertainment industry is never on a break from providing us with great movies, shows, and songs. The Tollywood industry has really taken the hype last year with the release of blockbusters such as Salaar. And once again, it is back with a superhit Kanguva: A Mighty Valiant Saga. Just like the extraordinary name of the movie, we are sure it will be packed with thrill, action, romance, entertainment, and more. 

The 2024 fantasy action movie tells the story of a warrior who died in 1678 due to a deadly disease. In the present day, a girl conducts research on the disease that killed the warrior. She discovers the dark truth that lies hidden in the realms of an imaginary world.

If you are excited about the upcoming movie and wish to know more about it, then you have come to the right place. In this article post, we will share details on the new Tamil fantasy-drama movie. 

About Kanguva Movie

Kanguva movie is a fantasy drama entertainment film that follows the life of a girl who conducts research on a warrior who died in 1678 due to a deadly disease. The word “Kanguva” translates to–The Man with the Power of Fire. The movie is set in an imaginary world that takes us on a mythological ride of superpowers and fantasy characters. 

If you are someone who adores Tamil beliefs and their obsession with fire, you will love the movie. In an interview, Siva reveals that “In ancient times, we (Tamils) used to worship fire. The film uses elements from that.” Makers will release the movie on worldwide screens in approx 38 languages in 3D format. The graphical sequence and imaginary world of the movie will surely surge your fantasy drive. 

Films that feature a unique new world require greater technical fineness and art visuals. The movie provides a combination of both, with an epic story and the acting skills of superstars. This makes the Kanguva movie a blockbuster art definition.

Kanguva Movie Story

Kanguva movie dwells between two time periods: the present day and the past in the year 1678. The trailer of the movie shows us Suriya as, a warrior who died in the past due to a mysterious disease.

He is born from the womb of fire and stands as the epitome of power against every threat and opponent. What shocked the entire world was his sudden and mysterious death, led by something nobody could have imagined. In the present day, a research specialist conducts an investigation on Surya and takes us to the realms of the imaginary world where he resides. 

The movie is about human emotions, which will make the viewer not only emotionally thrilled but astonished by the art of the movie’s amazing songs composed by Devi Sri Prasad. Some say that the movie is similar to Maghadheera. However, only time will tell how similar it is in terms of action, drama, story, emotions, graphics, and more.

Kanguva Release Date

Kanguva is an upcoming Tamil drama movie, all set to be released on 11 April 2024, as per Times of India. Makers will screen it worldwide in cinemas for 38 languages and in 3D and IMAX formats.

Pen Studios and KVN Productions have taken Hindi and Kannada theatrical distribution rights. Furthermore. Amazon Prime Video has taken the digital streaming rights of the film for its Tamil versions.

People are eagerly waiting for the release of the movie in the theatres. The pre-booking for the movie will start soon on sites such as BookMyShow, Paytm, and more.

Kanguva Cast

Kanguva Cast includes top stars from Bollywood as well as the Tollywood industry. Given that, here is everyone who starred in the movie:-

  • Suriya as Kanguva/Kangaa
  • Bobby Deol as Udhiran
  • Disha Patani
  • Natarajan Subramaniam
  • Jagapathi Babu
  • Yogi Babu
  • Redin Kingsley
  • Kovai Sarala
  • Anandaraj
  • G. Marimuthu
  • Deepa Venkat
  • Ravi Raghavendra
  • K. S. Ravikumar
  • B. S. Avinash
  • Vidharth
  • Bobby Simha

Kanguva Movie Production

The production of the movie was a dream for Siva. He says,

I worked on this script four years ago. Suriya loved it, and so did Gnavavel Raja. Suriya was sincere about the role, and his makeover to play it was physically demanding.” 

Given that, here is everyone behind the production of this epic movie:-

  • Music: Devi Sri Prasad
  • Art: Milan
  • Editor: Nishad Yusuf
  • Action: Supreme Sundar
  • Dialogues: Madan Karky
  • Writer : Adi Narayana
  • Chief Co Director: R.Rajasekar
  • Costume Designer: Anu Vardhan (Suriya) Dhatsha Pillai
  • ADR: Vignesh Guru
  • Choreography: Shobi – Prem Rakshith
  • Sound Design: T Udhayakumar
  • VFX: Harihara Suthan
  • Co-Directors: Hemachandraprabhu – Thirumalai
  • Production Controller: R.S. Sureshmaniyan
  • Associate Director: S Kannan, R Thilipan- Rajaram, S Nagendran
  • Production Executive: Rama Doss
  • Production Co-ordination: EV Dinesh Kumar
  • PRO: Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One
  • Digital Partner: Mango Mass Media Pvt Ltd
  • Executive Producer: A.G. Raja, Studio Green CEO G. Dhananjeyan
  • Co-Producer: Neha Gnanavelraja
  • Produced by: K.E. Gnanavelraja | Vamsi-Pramod
  • Banner: Studio Green | UV Creations

Kanguva Budget

Considering the high-end graphics, cast, and production of the movie, it surely is going to be a blockbuster. Makers have scheduled the screening of the film for worldwide release, and people can expect to hit a massive turnover.

The makers have produced the Indian Tamil Kanguva movie with an estimated budget of ₹300–350 crore (US$44 million). However, the movie is reported to have made a pre-release business of more than ₹500 crore (US$63 million).

This recovery includes profit from digital, audio, and satellite rights. Kanguva is the first movie in Bollywood history to do so. Producers have sold the digital rights in the South Indian version of the film for ₹80 crore (US$10 million). Along with this, they have traded the Hindi satellite, digital, and theatrical rights to Pen Studios for ₹100 crore.

Kanguva Trailer

The official Kanguva trailer shows glimpses of Survya, Disha Patani, and music composed by Devi Sri Prasad.

The trailer response on the official Saregama Tamil is epic, with more than 53,356 Comments and 37M views. It was released around 7 months back, and it has managed to secure such popularity in the meantime.

The dark-themed trailer really made fans excited about the movie. They are eagerly waiting to see Survya with the powers of fire. Most of the comments on the official trailer say that they have gotten chills and goosebumps just by seeing a small clip of the movie.

Kanguva Review

Kanguva movie is already creating great hype among the fans because of its visuals, epic storyline, starred actors, unusual characters, music, and, of course, theme. 

People are really excited for its release, which is scheduled for 11 April 2024. Considering the response to the movie trailer, we can see that it has positive reviews so far and stands as the most awaited movie in 2024.

Not just in India, but the movie is scheduled to be released on worldwide screens with a pre-business of more than ₹500 crore (US$63 million).

However, customer reviews will only be available after the film’s release. 

Kanguva Poster

Kanguva poster

Kanguva Movie poster shows us a dimensionless composition of two time periods–The present day and the past during 1678. Just by looking at it, you can understand that the movie dwells around the past and present. It contains some scenes of the warrior “Suriya” during the battling age, whereas it sometimes flips to the present time.

This sequence will be really unique for the viewers, as they get to see a combination of two worlds. 

If you look carefully, the whole poster uses “Fire” to show that the warrior is born out of the womb of fire and has the massive ability to beat any opponent with its power. Even in the present time, the hero contains the same firepower, which makes him think about his past life.

The public response to the dynamic poster is positive, with people really loving the theme and colors used to denote the power of Suriya.

Kanguva Bobby Deol Look

Kanguva Movie Bobby Deol Look

Bobby Deol plays the role of the villain in the movie. After massive success as a villain in Animal, the hero is again ready to take on the industry with his acting skills.

Bobby Deol wore heavy makeup and costumes to make his character more lively and accurate. His facial features, aura, and attitude are on point and suit the character.

He played the role of villain very well in the movie, taking a lot of stardom. His comeback in the industry has been violent with the super blockbuster hit of Animal and now Kanguva.

Is Kanguva Movie Story Real?

Adi Narayana and the team have done an incredible job here to bring life to a fictional story. The movie is not based on real events. Rather, it is an imaginary story that connects the past with the present.

The movie shows us scenes from 1678 where a fire warrior dies from a disease. The director of the movie–Siva, said that the period film has a fictional story while addressing the media after the launch of the teaser. 

Some circles were speculating that the movie is based on real incidents, which is not true at all.  Studio Green Productions, in association with UV Creations, are producing the movie on a grand scale. 

Kanguva Movie OTT Release Date

Kanguva movie will be released in the theatres on 11 April 2024. Soon after its screening on the big curtain, the movie will be scheduled for OTT release.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video after its official release on 14 April 2024. Furthermore, the movie will be available on other OTT platforms later on. 

The End

The upcoming Tamil action/drama movie will take you on a ride of fantasy architecture infused with great acting skills and art. The movie is going to hit the theaters soon, and people are really excited to see it. 

Suriya is starred as the hero of the movie, while Bobby Deol is playing the villain role. A movie that revolves around past and present will surely take you on a journey packed with entertainment.


What is the release date of the Kanguva movie?

The release date of the Kanguva movie is 11 April 2024.

Who is the villain in the Kanguva movie?

The villain of the Kanguva movie is Bobby Deol.

Is Kanguva Movie Story Real?

No, the Kanguva movie story is not real.

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