Alternative of Omegle
Alternative of Omegle

Top 5 Best Alternative of Omegle in 2024

Are you also struggling to find some of the Best Alternative of Omegle? Surely, you are not alone in the list. If you like to chat or talk with unknown people online, you must be familiar with Omegle. It was one of the world’s most used and largest online chat platforms. The key features included chats and online video calls with random unknown people.

Omegle is a platform that lets users chat with strangers via text or video. It was a famous website, but it has been banned and is criticised for its lack of moderation and potential to expose users to inappropriate content. However, choosing the correct online chat platform can be challenging, especially when numerous options are available. We have crafted a detailed list of the best Alternative of Omegle in 2024 to simplify your decision.

Why Was Omegle Shut Down?

Omegle shut down due to significant concerns about it being a platform where child pornography could arrive. This video chat platform randomly connected users with unknown persons and has been strongly criticized for widespread misuse, especially involving minor sexual abuse.

The founder of Omegle, Leif K-Brooks, revealed that the continuation of the platform was no longer sustainable, citing psychological and financial challenges. He imagined Omegle as a global digital platform providing a space for casual chats with users worldwide.

However, his vision collided with a severe digital reality. Omegle closed its doors just a week after the company settled a lawsuit which acclaimed the website had mistakenly connected an 11-year-old user with a paedophile

This is why finding your next Omegle Alternatives is crucial to experience a seamless texting and video chat experience.

Why Choose an Alternative to Omegle?

Omegle was first launched in 2009, and the purpose was to connect strangers randomly in a chatroom. Users would be paired up randomly and chat as much as they want. And while users could text and voice chat, Omegle was best known for video chats with unknown people.

Now you will be wondering, what has gone wrong then? Omegle struggled to prevent site misuse, and on 8 November 2023, it was shut down after 14 years. Omegle is no more, but there is no shortage of alternatives. There are plenty of Omegle Alternatives which you can use to chat with strangers online. We will discuss some of the best Omegle alternatives in a while.

Features to Look For in Alternative of Omegle

Finding Omegle Alternatives is not just about finding a substitute but also about searching for apps and platforms that prioritise user privacy and safety, ease of use, rich features, and an enjoyable chatting experience. There are some key features to keep in mind before finding Alternative of Omegle.

Ease of Use: 

  • Fast registration process
  • Intuitive navigating for seamless chatting
  • Friendly user interface

Compatibility of Device: 

  • Availability of cross-platform (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • Compatible with various operating systems (macOS, iOS, windows, android)
  • Video calls availability

Safety Measures and Moderation: 

  • Efficient reporting mechanism for users to mark inappropriate content
  • AI technologies to prevent abusive behaviors and Spam.
  • Privacy settings

Size of User Base: 

  • Diverse and large user community
  • Active engagement
  • Connecting users from all around the world

Content Filters: 

  • Advanced filters for a better chat experience
  • Tools for blocking users
  • Can report inappropriate behaviors
  • Options to match with other users

Additional Features: 

  • Some interactive elements
  • Live streaming
  • Support for group conversations

What is the Best Site Like Omegle Right Now?

Socializing is the one big reason why we use the internet. Interacting online brings satisfaction and comfort to most people who need interactions. Facebook is one of the biggest reasons for it, and its popularity is getting huge daily. One of the websites was Omegle, which allowed unknown people to converse via audio, text and video. Unfortunately, Omegle was shut down and became overpopulated like most significant sites. However, there are many Alternative of Omegle that you can use online to interact with strangers. We have compiled a list of the best sites, like Omegle, which are easy to use:

  1. ChatHub
  2. Emerald Chat
  3. Shagle
  4. MeetMe
  5. Monkey
  6. Camsurf
  7. ChatRandom
  8. Chatroulette
  9. OmeTv
  10. TinyChat

Is It Free to Use Sites Like Omegle?

Alternative of Omegle has a wide range of options available on its platforms. However, some websites do have a paid subscription available from which you can access their premium offers and features. But, most sites have a simple log-in method from which you can easily access their free features.

Some free Alternative of Omegle are Emerald Chat, Monkey, Shagle, ChatHub and MeetMe. These sites let you text, talk and video chat efficiently. Using their standard text messaging, you can participate in private conversions and public group chats. Additionally, some of the platforms have dedicated apps for Android and iOS.

What are the Free Alternative of Omegle?

We have compiled a list of the best Omegle Alternatives for you below. Dive in to see what will suit best for you: 

1. ChatHub


One of the most famous Alternative of Omegle is ChatHub, a chat website that is easy to use and lets people connect with each other randomly. This platform ensures user safety, enforces community guidelines and does not require signup. You can text, talk and use your webcam to communicate with people randomly. One advanced feature of this platform is finding people whose microphones and cameras are off or on. Also, you can filter by country and language. Currently, no mobile app is available, but the ChatHub team has ensured that the video calls will work on your mobile phones efficiently.

Advantages of ChatHub:

  • Country and language filters
  • No signing up is required
  • Easy to use

Disadvantages of ChatHub

  • Only with a paid subscription gender filter is available
  • Only English, Arabic and Spanish language filters are available
  • No iOS or Android app is available right now

2. Emerald Chat

Emerald chat

Emerald Chat is a secure place for users, providing vital moderation and a clean interface. One eye-catching feature gives negative or positive karma points to the other users. On receiving too many negative points, your account may get banned temporarily. It is one of the best Omegle Alternatives because it helps you connect with users with the same interests as you. You just have to add your interests; the website will help you match with like-minded people. You can also customize the waiting time before meeting a stranger. Additionally, in this Omegle Alternatives, you can pick between group text chat, one-on-one text chat or video chat.

Advantages of Emerald Chat

  • Text chat groups
  • No signing up
  • Interest filters are available

Disadvantages of Emerald Chat

  • In-app prompts urging signups
  • With a paid subscription, you can access premium features
  • No iOS or Android app is available for now

3. Shagle


One of the best Omegle Alternatives is Shagle. This website provides a neat interface with the option of exchanging gifts online. Also, you can find location and gender filters and wear virtual funky effects and masks for extra fun. Additionally, you can exchange gifts and share pictures with each other. To enjoy a seamless chatting experience, log in with a valid Email ID or your Google account.

Advantages of Shagle

  • Intuitive and modern interface
  • No need for a signup
  • Country and gender filters

Disadvantages of Shagle

  • Advanced features only after logging in
  • No iOS or Android apps are available for now

4. MeetMe


MeetMe is slightly different from Omegle; this app is focused on making new friends and meeting new people. This instant messaging app lets you video chat with strangers worldwide who share the same interests as yours and want to talk immediately. Omegle and MeetMe are open networks, which means you can chat and search for anyone online. However, this also means there is a potential to open the door to trouble for younger users.

Advantages of MeetMe

  • Real time chatting
  • Large user base

Disadvantages of MeetMe

  • Potential safety concerns for minors
  • Needs detailed signup

5. Monkey


Monkey is a mobile application which allows you to connect with random strangers for a video call. This app offers an online chatting platform to talk virtually and make new friends among young strangers. Additionally, you can invite your friends to video chat with other users. The app is the fastest, easiest and most entertaining way of meeting strangers online worldwide. You can also collect bananas and redeem premium merchandise, which Omegle does not offer. This is no doubt one of the best Omegle alternatives.

Advantages of Monkey

  • Quick matches
  • Snapchat connectivity

Disadvantages of Monkey

  • Short chat duration
  • Limited to mobile

Best Alternative of Omegle Apps For iPhone And Android

1. Camsurf


Camsurf lets you talk with anyone on their platform without signing up. However, to filter users by country and gender, you must log in using Google, email or Facebook. The interface is pretty easy, providing one part of the screen for chatting and the other for your webcam. You can also add your interests for a better experience.

Advantages of Camsurf

  • No need for a signup
  • iOS and Android apps available
  • Easy interface

Disadvantages of Camsurf

  • Limitation of filtering options
  • After signing up, advanced features are available

2. Chatrandom


Chatrandom website has a straightforward interface in which users can quickly connect with other users. It enables you to sort by country and gender. Additionally, this website has many fun features like backgrounds, face filters, and cool effects that you can use while chatting with strangers. This is one of the best Omegle Alternatives because it helps you decide whether you want to continue chatting with the other user. Suppose you do not like the conversation; you can easily swipe right to switch to someone new. If you notice inappropriate behaviour, you can report it by clicking on the report button or the flag icon.

Advantages of Chatrandom

  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • No need for a signup
  • Country and gender filters

Disadvantages of Chatrandom

  • Advanced features are available only after signing up

3. Chatroulette


This popular platform has 2+ million monthly users and has been in the market for as long as Omegle. Chatroulette prioritises safety with strict rules against inappropriate content and creates a secure chatting space for everyone. Human moderators and AI work together to filter out wrong content, ensuring a secure environment for users. You get instant connections for seamless chat transitions once you activate the camera and hit the ‘Start’ button. You can filter by country, save conversations, engage in interactive drawing, and customize fonts.

Advantages of Chatroulette

  • Friendly user-interface
  • In-chat drawing is allowed
  • Dedicated app for Android and iOS

Disadvantages of Chatroulette

  • Limitation of filtering options
  • Requires account for logging in

4. OmeTV

Ome TV

OmeTV stands out from the other Omegle Alternatives with real-time translation, fostering global communication and breaking language barriers. This website provides an ad-free experience, allowing you to pick your preferred country. You can also report some users for misbehaving to the OmeTV moderators; after that, they will get banned.

Advantages of OmeTV

  • Support for Android and iOS apps
  • Large user base
  • Clean and simple interface

Disadvantages of OmeTV

  • Needs FB sign-in
  • No gender filters

5. TinyChat


Another one of the best Omegle Alternatives is, no doubt, Tinychat. It starts with the basics for a video, text or voice chat. You need to sign up with your Facebook account to unlock some features. Additionally, you can join ready-made groups with users who share the same interests as yours. They also provide paid packages if you want a more personalized experience.

Advantages of TinyChat

  • Already made groups based on the interests
  • Multiple chat rooms to choose from
  • Options for creating virtual chat rooms
  • Dedicated apps for Android and iOS

Disadvantages of TinyChat

  • The free version contains advertisements
  • Confusion and cluttered interface

Advantages and Disadvantages Alternative of Omegle

Chat rooms can be a magnificent way to talk and connect with strangers. In some situations, they can offer advice and support. However, it is essential to remember that not everybody on the internet may have true and pure intentions, and not everyone may be the person they portray themselves as. So, it is important to keep some things in your mind before delving into some Omegle Alternatives.

Advantages of Omegle Alternatives

  • The chance to meet strangers with different views and thoughts.
  • Namelessness
  • You can get different perspectives from worldwide.
  • Opinions with any bias.
  • Simple and free to use.
  • You can find people based on your interests, gender identity, and goals.

Disadvantages of Omegle Alternatives

  • There is no surety about whether the other person is telling the truth.
  • People online might try to exploit you if you feel vulnerable.
  • Spending time online can result in less time with your family and friends.

How to Create a Website Like Omegle With Appy Pie Website Builder?

Here is the step-by-step guide to building a website like Omegle with Apple Pie:

  • Visit the Apple Pie Website builder
  • Log in to your account or sign up if you don’t have an account
  • Choose a template or category
  • Now click ‘Create a Website’ and choose a category according to your needs.
  • Select a template that will suit your Omegle-like website concept
  • The next step is customizing your website
  • Use the drag-and-drop editor to start customizing the layout, content and design
  • Explore the features of Apple Pie Website Builder to integrate chat functions like video, text or both
  • Preview your Omegle-like website to ensure it meets the expectations
  • Click the ‘Publish’ option to make your site live.

Time to Use the Best Adult Alternative of Omegle in 2024

Omegle has been a famous and trending platform for those seeking anonymous text or video chats with strangers. However, as we enter 2024, the need for Omegle Alternatives options is becoming increasingly apparent because Omegle has been shut down. In this ever-evolving and growing digital landscape, maintaining a balance between ensuring a secure environment and the excitement of meeting new people is vital.

With Omegle Alternatives, the potential for thoughtful connections and personal growth remains essential. Choosing a responsible platform that prioritizes user well-being and safety is very important for maintaining a healthy and happy environment around ourselves.


Spending time online when you are feeling alone and depressed is important because it helps us to socialize with people and share our thoughts worldwide. Searching for a good website where you can socialize and share similar interests without risk is tricky. To simplify your search and provide you with a seamless online interaction experience, we have introduced you to some of the best Omegle Alternatives. If you also want to make friends online and interact with them in a healthy atmosphere, surely this guide will help you.


Does Omegle exist anymore?

On November 8, 2023, one of the most popular chat platforms, Omegle, was officially shut down after a 14-year run.

What is the best alternative to Omegle?

ChatRandom, ChatHub, Chatroulette, and EmeraldChat are some of the best Omegle Alternatives, which are simple to use and offer secure space for users worldwide.

How to video call a random girl?

There are plenty of websites for video chats, including Camsurf, Monkey, MeetMe, and Shagle.

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