khadi organic real or fake

Is Khadi Organic Real or Fake?

Is Khadi Organic Real or Fake? The much-awaited moment for all the devotees is approaching as the grand ceremony will occur at the elevated Ram Mandir on January 22. On this big day, the Lord Ram idol will be glorified in the Ram Lalla Temple. 

However, not all the devotees may be able to attend this grand inauguration and get its prasad. A special company, Khadi Organic, has taken the initiative to distribute the Ayodhya Ram Mandir Prasad all over India. But the main question that arises in almost everyone’s mind is whether Khadi Organic is real or fake. We will answer all your questions related to Ram Mandir Prasad.

What is Khadi Organic?

The Khadi Organic Company is an ecommerce company that aims to provide the finest organic products to support your well-being and to preserve the planet through all possibilities. This company has an exclusive collection of organic items for everyone. From home essentials to skincare, each product has been carefully made to enhance your living. 

As a part of DrillMaps India Private Limited, Khadi Organic has decided to provide everyone with the purest organic products. They have crafted each of their products to the finest quality while minimizing the environmental impact.

On the website of Khadi Organic, a claim has surfaced stating that they will offer free Prasad of Ayodhya Ram Mandir to every home. As the excitement level is increasing, this company is offering a thoughtful solution for those who are unable to attend this event.

Who is the Founder of Khadi Organic?

Ashish Singh Founder of Khadi Organic

The founder of Khadi Organic is Ashish Singh. He is a professor at Northeastern University in Seattle, USA. He is currently working as a Software Developer at Meta (Facebook). Apart from, he has started a few other companies as well. 

Is Khadi Organic Real or Fake?

Is Khadi Organic real or fake? Khadi Organic is a company related to a software company that provides organic products on its website. This website believes in the power of nature and gives importance to sustainable practices. Their products are specially crafted to ensure the highest and purest quality for their customers.

Khadi Organic has everything on its website, from skincare to home essentials, this website ensures to provide the best organic products to its customers. As for now, this website has taken the initiative to provide the Ram Mandir’s first-day Prasad to devotees who cannot attend the inauguration ceremony. However, this offer is only limited for some time. 

Is Khadi Organic Prasad Real Or Fake? 

The Khadi Organic Company is offering Ram Mandir’s Prasad for free on their official website. You only have to pay the shipping charges of 51 rupees. This offering is coming from and will be delivered to every devotee’s house. But the question that is popping up in everyone’s mind is whether Khadi Organic is real or fake. 

The free Ram Mandir Prasad initiative is taken by the founder, Ashish Singh. It is dedicated to a noble cause of delivering the special prasad from the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir. The founder of this company is deeply devoted to Lord Hanuman and is inspired by his unwavering belief and faith. 

However, it is important to clarify that the Free Ram Mandir Prasad initiative operates independently. It is not affiliated with any Ram Mandir Trust. This website is a self-driven initiative, relying solely on the commitment and dedication of the team.

Khadi Organic offers Ram Mandir Pooja Prasad on their official website. To claim your free prasad, you have to browse their collection and add it to your cart simply. The delivery cost of Rs 51 will be added during your checkout process. After confirming your address, they will carefully pack your prasad and ship your gift to you. 

Khadi Organic also sells different products like cotton towels, silver coins, wooden crafts, religious print t-shirts, and flags at various rates. 

Is Khadi Organic a Genuine Website?

Devotees nationwide are eagerly waiting for the much-anticipated Shri Ram Mandir’s inauguration on January 22. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other big leaders will grace the inauguration ceremony. 

As the excitement level increases, Khadi Organic has presented a thoughtful solution to reach the prasad to every devotee’s doorstep. This offer is only for those who cannot reach the Ram Mandir on the day of its inauguration. 

However, each and every devotee has a question of whether the Khadi Organic is real or fake. This website claims that they will deliver the Ram Mandir Prasad to every devotee free of cost. Only shipping costs will be included of Rs 51. According to them, they don’t have any other motive besides selling the prasad to every devotee.

According to the founder of this website, Ashish Singh has stated that they are not doing any scams behind this initiative. They have taken this personal initiative to help every devotee take the blessings from Lord Ram. He says more than 20 lakh orders have been received for the Ram Mandir Prasad.

Influencer Un-Support of Khadi Organic

Ayodhya Ram Mandir has become a sensation among the Hindus and many influencers have started putting their views on this prasad initiative. Some influencers believe that this initiative of free Ram Mandir Prasad is for a noble cause. It is to ensure that every bhakt, including those who fail to visit Ram Mandir on the day of the inauguration, receives the first prasad at their doorstep. 

This initiative is claimed to be free of cost but it does apply a nominal delivery fee of 51 rupees. And many influencers have even trolled it for this hidden fee. 

Some of the influencers have highlighted through their content that this initiative is a marketing strategy of Khadi Organic Company to become a sensation among the audience and market their products. 

Some of the content creators are trying to clarify that this initiative is by the company Khadi Organic and in no way connected to the Ram Mandir trust. 

What is the Main Motive of Khadi Organic?

Is Khadi Organic real or fake? Khadi Organic, a company selling different products, has taken the initiative to deliver Prasad to all devotees who cannot physically attend the inauguration ceremony. Their main motive to deliver the Ram Mandir Prasad is specially for those who could not attend the event. However, regarding their authenticity, no official information has been leaked now, but they are claiming that they are not fake and are doing this out of respect and belief.

Latest News: Delhi High Court Banned The Khadi Organic Website

The High Court said that the Khadi Organic website attempted to monopolize the event by preying on the public’s religious beliefs and devotion. The Delhi High Court has suspended a website that was illegally using the “Khadi Organic” name. It has been used to promote the sale of Ayodhya Ram Mandir Prasad on different platforms, such as Instagram. 

In an order passed on January 18, Justice Sanjeev Narula said, “It appears that Defendants No. 1 and 2 (owners of the website) are attempting to monopolize the consecration event by preying on the public’s religious beliefs and devotion and deceiving them into transferring money to Defendants No. 1 and 2, using the Plaintiff’s (Khadi India) goodwill.” The order was made public on Saturday. 

The High Court further directed that the operation of the domain name “” be suspended and to maintain the status quo regarding the ownership of the name until any further orders. It also restrained Mr. Ashish Singh and any person on his behalf from advertising, manufacturing, offering for sale, selling, exporting, in directly or directly, any kind of goods or services under the name of “Khadi Organic.” 


What is Khadi Organic?

Khadi Organic is a software company selling organic and pure products to its customers. Their main motive is to increase the productivity of natural products. 

Who is the founder of Khadi Organic?

Ashish Singh is the founder of the Khadi Organic company. He is a professor at North Eastern University (Seattle, USA). he is currently working in Meta (Facebook). 

Is the Khadi Organic Website Real or Fake?

There has not been any clarification about this topic whether Khadi Organic is real or fake. However, the founder claimed that they had started this initiative to help reach Prasad to everyone. 

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