Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Budget, Review

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As the countdown to the release of the “Salaar: Part 1: Ceasefire” trailer on December 1st intensifies, the excitement among the masses has reached its peak. The much-anticipated trailer of “Salaar: Part 1: Ceasefire” will launch soon. Scheduled for release on December 1st at 19:19, fans and audiences alike eagerly await this masterpiece that promises to redefine action in Indian cinema.

About Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire

Salaar is not just a Tollywood movie; it’s a cinematic journey set to capture the hearts of a pan-Indian audience. Directed by the mastermind behind the blockbuster “KGF,” Prashanth Neel, this film promises an unparalleled experience. Starring the dynamic Prabhas alongside a stellar cast featuring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Shruti Haasan, and Jagapathi Babu, ‘Salaar: Part 1: Ceasefire’ is already creating waves of excitement across the nation.

Ever since the teaser’s release, Salaar has become a hot topic for movie fans. The collaboration between Prashanth Neel and Prabhas has taken the expectations to new heights. The teaser’s massive response serves as a testament to the film’s potential and its ability to leave a mark on the minds of the audience.

What is the Meaning of Salaar?

The title of the movie, Salaar, has created waves of curiosity in public. The meaning of Salaar is leader, warrior, or commander, which is also the character name of Prabhas in the film. This name has a deeper meaning that reflects on the movie plot. He is the leader of his people whom he protects and supports to prosper. He is the protector and also the ‘The most violent man’.

Key Details to Mark on Your Calendar

  • Salaar Movie Release Date: December 22, 2023
  • Trailer Release Date: December 1, 2023
  • Budget: 270 Crore INR
  • Runtime: 2 hours 50 minutes

Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire Starcast, Producer and Director

Salaar Part 1 features excellence in its star cast, producer, director, music, and filming. Here are the details on casts, producers, writers, and much more.

Starcast of Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire

  • Prabhas as Deva
  • Prithviraj Sukumaran as Vardharaja Mannaar
  • Shruti Haasan as Aadhya
  • Jagapathi Babu as Rajamanaar

Other cast of Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire

  • Tinnu Anand as Tinnu Anand
  • Easwari Rao as Easwari Rao
  • Sriram Reddy Polasane as Gaekwad
  • Dayanand Reddy as Dayanand Reddy
  • Shreya Reddy
  • Jhansi
  • Jackey Mishra as Police Officer
  • Saran Shakthi
  • Shrey Bhargava as Shreyansh Kumar
  • Sapthagiri
  • Garuda Ram
  • Madhu Guruswamy
  • Bhajarangi Loki
  • Kerwood Canel Driver (uncredited)

Producer of Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire

  • Karthik (executive producer)
  • Vijay Kiragandur (producer)
  • K.V. Rama Rao (executive producer)

Director of Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire

  • Prashanth Neel

Writing Credits of Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire

  • Sandeep Reddy Bandla
  • Choudary Hanuman
  • Prashanth Neel
  • D.R. Suri

What is the Budget of Salaar Movie?

The action-packed movie that has captured the attention of audiences around the Globe, is set to be another masterpiece. The huge budget of Rs 400 cr has raised the expectations of Fans and movie freaks. The suspected connection between the blockbuster KGF and its budget is the clear reason behind the hype that is rising as the countdown to the trailer release starts.

When is Salaar’s Release Date: The Date Clash between Salaar and Dunki

December 22, 2023, is not just a date circled on the calendar for movie buffs; it’s the day when two cinematic masterpieces, Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki, and Prabhas’ Salaar, will go head-to-head in what promises to be an epic clash at the box office. As the tension builds and suspense rises, Prashanth Neel, the newly famous writer and director of Salaar, recently addressed the clash in an interview with The Times Of India.

He stated, “But it is a very unpleasant situation for anybody to move their date to somebody else’s date.” Neel emphasized that Salaar had locked its release date a year ago, and he didn’t want another film to shift its date based on their announcement.

Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire Trailer Release Date

The Salaar Part 1 Trailer is coming out tomorrow which is 1st December 2023. The Salaar teaser was released way back and has created waves of excitement among the viewers with its action-packed high-quality filming and top-pick superstars from Prabhas to Shruti Hassan.

Salaar vs Dunki Trailer Face-off: A Clash of Views and Likes

Salaar vs Dunki

Salaar and Dunki both the trailers have been released. The battle of the trailers has reached new heights in the world of Indian cinema, with Prashanth Neel’s Salaar and Rajkumar Hirani’s Dunki going head-to-head for audience attention. The numbers are in, and the trailers have sparked out-of-control comparisons, debates, and discussions among film enthusiasts.

In the fast-paced world of YouTube views, the first 24 hours can make or break a trailer’s initial impact. Salaar made an impressive start, raking in over 54 million views within the first day, showcasing the tremendous anticipation for Prashanth Neel’s creation. However, Dunki, directed by the acclaimed Rajkumar Hirani, took a shorter route to the 50 million mark, achieving it in just over 13 hours.

With 1.3 million likes against Salaar’s 1.1 million, Dunki proved its popularity and social media prowess. What’s even more fascinating is that Dunki’s current likes surpassed Salaar’s likes just 13.5 hours after release, highlighting the film’s ability to connect with the audience on a deeper level.

Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire Public Reviews and Interested

As the anticipation for the release of the “Salaar: Part 1: Ceasefire” trailer on December 1st reaches its peak, the excitement among the masses has transformed into a cultural phenomenon. With 561.6K individuals expressing their interest, Salaar has become more than just a movie; it’s a movement.

Hombale Films, the creative powerhouse behind Salaar, launched exclusive Salaar merchandise. The response was nothing short of extraordinary. In a mere 107 seconds, the first 100 selfies flooded in, marking the beginning of an unprecedented wave of fan engagement. The popularity only touched the heights, with the first 1000 selfies submitted within 11 minutes and a surprising 10,000 selfies within a mere 1.5 hours.

Salaar’s craze extended beyond regional boundaries, with submissions pouring in from over 70 cities within the first hour alone. The Salaar army, wearing the exclusivity of the merchandise, showcased its collective strength and passion for the film. The official Salaar website,, witnessed an amazing 1.5 lakh users, indicating the nationwide craze and the anticipation to be part of this cinematic movement.

What Will be the Story of Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire?

In an interview with Pinkvilla, director Prashanth Neel talked about his upcoming film ‘Salaar’ and clearly stated that audiences should not expect another ‘KGF’ from Salaar as it has “its own emotions and characteristics”. He added that the tone of the movie is set in the very first scene itself. This will ensure the powerpack entertainment from the start. The whole plot revolves around the story of a duo of two friends who turn into the biggest enemies. The theme of friendship will span in two parts.

Is Salaar Connected to KGF?

In the realm of Indian cinema, where franchises and interconnected universes are becoming increasingly dominant, it’s not uncommon for fans to suspect possible connections between films, especially when the creative mastermind behind one blockbuster is working for another. The recent buzz around Salaar and its potential ties to the mega-successful KGF franchise has been buzzing around.

  • A Different Universe, Story, and Emotion

Addressing the core question of Salaar’s connection to KGF, Neel stated, “This is a completely different universe. This is a completely different story. This is a completely different emotion.” He acknowledged the immense love received for KGF and the anticipation for more but stressed the need to respect the artistic vision and individuality of each project.

With the aim of creating a distinct cinematic experience, Neel explained, “I am trying to create another world which I hope that people like as much as KGF or even if they don’t like it as much as KGF, this is our attempt to portray a new emotion to the audience.” Salaar, it seems, is not just a film but an exploration of uncharted territories in storytelling, promising audiences an entirely fresh narrative.

  • No Connection, Just Respect

Neel concluded by addressing the disappointment that might arise from the confirmation that Salaar is not connected to KGF, stating, “I am sorry that I am disappointing a lot of people that there is no connection to that. KGF is definitely not a part of Salaar.” His words underscore the commitment to artistic integrity and the acknowledgment that each film is a unique entity deserving of its own space and identity.

As the cinematic universe expands, Prashanth Neel’s clarity on Salaar’s independence from KGF ensures that audiences can anticipate a brand-new journey, a different emotion, and a fresh narrative that stands on its own merits. Salaar is not just breaking records; it’s breaking away into a new era of storytelling.

Who Buys OTT Right of Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire?

In a huge deal, ‘Salaar: Part 1 Ceasefire’ has caught the attention of streaming giant Netflix India. Securing the OTT rights in a significant deal valued at Rs 160 Crore, Netflix is betting big on the film’s potential to attract audiences across the digital landscape.

As the countdown to December 22nd continues and the teaser’s release on December 1st approaches, ‘Salaar’ stands to redefine cinematic excellence and set a new benchmark for Indian cinema. The combination of stellar performances, a visionary director, and an interesting storyline makes ‘Salaar’ a cinematic powerhouse not to be missed.

Where Can I Watch Salaar Part 1 CeaseFire?

You can watch Salaar on 22nd December in the nearby cinema halls. But, don’t worry if you don’t like to go out, the movie will be available on the OTT giant Netflix.


Will it be the rugged action of Salaar or the charm of Dunki that steals the show? As the nation holds its breath for the unveiling of this cinematic marvel, mark your calendars for December 22, 2023—the day when “Salaar: Part 1: Ceasefire” hits theaters, promising an unparalleled visual and narrative experience that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats. The countdown has begun, with the trailer releasing on 1st December 2023. With that, the wait for the action-packed spectacle is almost over. Get ready for the cinematic masterpiece that is “Salaar: Part 1: Ceasefire.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What will be the story of Salaar?

The story of Salaar is based on the friendship of two friends who turn into enemies as the movie progresses.

Q2. Is Salaar Connected to KGF?

No, Salaar is in no way connected to KGF. Though the mind behind both of the masterpieces is the same, it is completely a different story. Salar has its own plot and characters.

Q3. Who is the hero in Salaar?

The Tollywood superhero Prabhas is the main actor and he is the reason behind much of the popularity.

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