Yellowstone Season 6: Everything You Need To Know About It

yellowstone season 6

Yellowstone season 6 is confirmed to be released soon. Ever since its first season came out in 2018, it has been one of the most popular TV shows. The previous season was released in 2022 and it ended on a very curious note. 

The news about Costner leaving the show brought waves of criticism to Paramount Network. Costner was already supposed to be involved in the sequel series. 

Will There Be A Sixth Season Of Yellowstone?

There will definitely be a Yellowstone season 6. However, the rest of the six episodes of the Yellowstone series will be basically part of Yellowstone season 5. And it can will be named as season 5B by Paramount Networks. Along with this announcement, the company has also mentioned that Yellowstone season 6 will feature many of the current casts.

Moreover, Matthew McConaughey may appear as the main character in Yellowstone season 6 following the story of the Dutton family. 

When Is Season 6 Of Yellowstone Coming Out?

The Yellowstone season 6 release date is still not confirmed but will be released somewhere in late 2024 or 2025. The expected title of the season was Yellowstone: 2024. However, the delay in production could lead to a name change to Yellowstone: 2025. 

When Does Yellowstone Season 6 Start?

Yellowstone season 6 has been reported to be in the production phase and the production will start in late spring. This delay is caused due to the strikes otherwise the series would have been filmed in the year during the summer. 

All five seasons of Yellowstone are streaming on Peacock in Premium and subscriptions. The last season of Yellowstone Season 5 Part 1 premiered on Peacock in May 2023. The new season of Yellowstone will also be released here. If you haven’t started the show yet you can watch the first episode for free on the Peacock platform. 

Why is Kevin Costner Leaving “Yellowstone”? 

Kevin Costner, the actor who brought life to the character of John Dutton has recently made headlines due to his departure from the show. Fans were left wondering why one of the central figures of the series would choose to leave.

In February 2023, a report from Deadline shed light on a disagreement between Costner and The Paramount Network. It was regarding his involvement in filming for the fifth season of “Yellowstone.” It was revealed that Costner’s primary focus was on a new Western film project called Horizon. This passion project demanded a significant portion of his time.

The report disclosed that Costner initially shot for only 50 days for the first half of “Yellowstone” season 5. This was due to his priority work on Horizon. However, he expressed a desire to spend just one week filming the remaining episodes. This created tension with the network. As a result, Paramount Network began considering options to conclude the series and explore the possibility of a sequel show.

In a June 2023 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the creator of “Yellowstone,” Taylor Sheridan, addressed the situation. He explained that Costner had a passion project he wanted to direct, which led to disagreements with the network regarding his exit from the series. Despite the conflicts, Sheridan emphasized his respect for Costner as an actor and expressed disappointment over the circumstances.

Sheridan highlighted that his relationship with Costner had always been amicable, and any issues were typically resolved through direct communication. However, the involvement of lawyers complicated matters, leading to misunderstandings and attempts to shift blame. He acknowledged Costner’s professionalism and lamented that his departure might impact the closure of his character, John Dutton, in the series.

Kevin Costner’s Future With Yellowstone: What We Know

Kevin Costner, the well-known actor known for his role in “Yellowstone,” has been the subject of much doubt regarding his involvement with the show. Costner’s departure from “Yellowstone” was a topic that surfaced during his divorce in September 2023. According to reports from Deadline, Costner mentioned changes in the show’s filming schedule, which conflicted with his movie project, Horizon. He expressed his intention to do the movie and then return for the subsequent part of the season, but negotiations hit a deadlock, leading to his departure.

During his testimony, Costner revealed that there were discussions about his continued involvement in the show, including offers to shoot Yellowstone season 6 and 7 for a substantial sum. However, unresolved creative differences led to the breakdown of negotiations between Costner and the network.

A March 2024 report from Matthew Belloni of Puck News suggested that Costner expressed interest in returning for the show’s final episodes.And creator Taylor Sheridan may not be inclined to rewrite finished scripts to accommodate Costner’s character, John Dutton.

In the meantime, rumors have circulated about Matthew McConaughey potentially starring in Yellowstone season 6. While negotiations have been ongoing since February 2023, there hasn’t been confirmation of McConaughey’s involvement. Puck reported in February 2024 that McConaughey wouldn’t commit until he saw the script for the spinoff.

If McConaughey does join the spinoff, it would mark his return to television after his acclaimed role in HBO’s “True Detective” in 2014. His star power adds another layer of intrigue to the “Yellowstone” universe, potentially overshadowing the absence of Costner. While Costner’s future with “Yellowstone” remains uncertain, his desire to return for the final episodes indicates a possible reunion with the show. 

Is Matthew McConaughey Joining the Yellowstone Spinoff? 

Since February 2023, reports have been circulating about the possibility of Matthew McConaughey starring in the spinoff series “Yellowstone.” However, despite the ongoing discussions, there hasn’t been a confirmed deal between McConaughey and the production team.

As of now, every report since February 2023 has mentioned McConaughey’s involvement in negotiations for the spinoff series. However, no official announcement has been made regarding his participation. In February 2024, Puck News reported that McConaughey was hesitant to sign on until he had a chance to review the script for the spinoff. This cautious approach suggests that McConaughey is carefully considering his decision before committing to the project.

If McConaughey does agree to join the spinoff, it would mark his return to television in a leading role. This will be after his acclaimed performance in HBO’s “True Detective” back in 2014. Known for his charismatic presence and acting prowess, McConaughey’s star power is undeniably strong, potentially surpassing that of Kevin Costner’s, especially at this stage of their careers.

While fans eagerly anticipate McConaughey’s possible involvement in the Yellowstone season 6. It’s essential to remember that negotiations in the entertainment industry can be complex and lengthy. Until an official announcement is made, it remains uncertain whether McConaughey will ultimately join the cast.

Who Will Matthew McConaughey Play in the Yellowstone Spinoff? 

The question on everyone’s mind is: Who will Matthew McConaughey portray in the much-awaited Yellowstone season 6? Well, the truth is, we don’t have a definite answer just yet. 

One possibility is that McConaughey could play a previously unmentioned member of the Dutton family. Imagine if there was a long-lost cousin or estranged relative who suddenly emerged into the storyline. However, creating a series around a character who seemingly comes out of nowhere might seem a bit peculiar.

Another scenario is that McConaughey’s character could enter the picture by marrying into the Dutton clan. Picture this: a new spouse entering the family dynamic, stirring up drama and intrigue. It’s a classic soap opera twist that could add a whole new layer to the series.

But perhaps McConaughey’s character will have no familial ties to the Duttons whatsoever. He could be a completely independent character, unrelated by blood or marriage. This would open up a world of possibilities, allowing for fresh storylines and character dynamics.

At this point, it’s simply too early to predict which direction the spinoff series will take. The possibilities are endless. And until more information is revealed, all we can do is speculate and eagerly await the unveiling.

Is Michelle Pfeiffer Joining the Yellowstone Spinoff?

Amidst all the buzz surrounding Matthew McConaughey’s potential involvement in the Yellowstone season 6, another big name has emerged: Michelle Pfeiffer. Reports from February 2024 by Puck News suggest that Pfeiffer is considering joining the Yellowstone universe. Possibly starring alongside McConaughey in the spinoff series.

However, as of April 2024, no official deal has been announced regarding Pfeiffer’s participation in the project. While it’s exciting to imagine Pfeiffer stepping into the world of “Yellowstone,” details about her role remain unknown. Speculation is rife about whether she will portray a member of the Dutton family or another character entirely.

Pfeiffer, an Emmy-nominated actress, recently showcased her talent in Showtime’s “First Lady,” where she portrayed Betty Ford. With her impressive performances, Pfeiffer would undoubtedly bring depth and gravitas to any role she takes on. Whether it’s within the Dutton family or beyond.

Which Yellowstone Cast Members Will Return for the Spinoff?

Fans of “Yellowstone” are eagerly awaiting news about which familiar faces will make a return in the spinoff series. While details have been scarce, recent reports shed some light on the potential cast lineup.

Initially, it wasn’t clear if any original stars would be part of Yellowstone season 6. However, a February 2024 report by Puck News hinted that Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, and Luke Grimes could be joining the spinoff cast. Reilly portrays Beth Dutton, Hauser plays Rip Wheeler, and Grimes takes on the role of Kayce Dutton in the original series.

Negotiations for their return are still ongoing, suggesting that Reilly and Hauser are seeking pay increases. They are requesting per-episode rates of $1.2 million and $1.25 million, respectively. Grimes’ salary demands have not been disclosed.

However, considering the events of “Yellowstone” season 5A, it’s uncertain whether all cast members will return for the spinoff. 

Does Kevin Costner’s New Movie, Horizon: An American Saga, Have Any Yellowstone Connections? 

Kevin Costner recently unveiled the trailer for his upcoming film, Horizon: An American Saga, a project close to his heart that he financed. Set to release in two parts later this year, the movie has caught the attention of Yellowstone fans. Who noticed similarities between the film and the hit TV show.

Both Horizon and Yellowstone season 6 share common elements: a Western backdrop, Costner portraying a resilient patriarch defending his land. And a star-studded cast featuring well-known character actors like Will Patton, Giovanni Ribisi, and many others.

Despite these similarities, it’s essential to note that Horizon: An American Saga is not connected to Yellowstone season 6 in any way. Unlike Yellowstone spinoff shows like 1883 and 1923, which explore the early years of the Dutton clan. Horizon is set during the American Civil War, set into a different era and storyline altogether.

However, this hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of Yellowstone fans, who are eagerly anticipating Costner’s latest cinematic endeavor. As reported by Good Housekeeping, fans of the Paramount Network show are excited to see the movie, drawn by Costner’s longstanding association with Yellowstone as its figurehead and main attraction.

So, while Horizon: An American Saga may not have direct ties to Yellowstone, it still captures the essence of Costner’s talent and the appeal of Western storytelling that fans of the hit show have come to love. Stay tuned for the release of Horizon and immerse yourself in another captivating journey brought to life by Kevin Costner.

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