AI Sexting: The Top Platforms For Online Intimate Experiences

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AI has become our partner in almost everything. Most of the daily tasks we do include AI to some extent. AI sexting is a relatively new concept, and many people are looking into it to improve intimate experiences. Moreover, for teens and young adults, sexting applications are great for reducing stress and refreshing mood.

In this blog post, we are going to highlight some sexting AI applications you can consider using.

What Is AI Sexting?

AI Sexting is (not safe for work) an NSFW conversation between a human and an AI robot. The robots are trained to understand, engage, and respond to any kind of questions and messages.

These days, many people are using them because they offer a safe platform to engage in sexting conversation. Additionally, users need not worry about chat leaks or third-party interference on these platforms as they offer end-to-end encryption.

However, you should still be cautious before sexting on any platform and take proper measures. In 2024, these AI sexting tools are going to be one of the most engaged platforms among teens and adults. This is because they allow users to chat with them however they please. With AI sexting, users can enjoy their free time and develop more enthusiasm.

What are AI Sexting Apps?

AI sexting apps are platforms based on specific algorithms and AI technologies that allow users to have personalized conversations. In contrast, these applications are great for engaging in intimate talks to refresh the mood. While many people know AI has significantly evolved, they are unaware of such applications.

Moreover, AI sexting applications have a powerful machine-learning algorithm that supports intimate conversations without hesitation. You can literally ask them anything, and the bot will respond in the best possible way.

Furthermore, these applications are a good option for single people who seek a partner for chatting with someone. While AI sexting apps cannot be as great as a real human, they are useful to some extent.

Best AI sexting applications in the market

There is a vast range of AI sexting applications in the market, each powered by a stronger AI than others. Given that, here is a list of top applications you can try.

But before you start using the application, make sure you read their privacy policy and terms of use.

  • Crushon AI
  • Candy AI
  • Intimate – AI Girlfriend
  • DreamGF
  • SlutBot

Now, we will discuss about them one by one;-

1.  Crushon AI

This is a safe AI chat platform that allows NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content. It is one of the most popular AI sexting applications through which users can engage in interesting chats without any data leak risk.

Additionally, the platform offers users the liberty to choose between safe for work (SFW) or NSFW characters. Users can indulge in intimate or sex chats with NSFW characters and mold the conversation however they like.

2.  Candy AI

Candy AI is the perfect platform for people seeking unrestricted, uncensored, and unfiltered conversations without NSFW Filters. The platform offers virtual AI sexting bots with which people can engage in sexual chats. Moreover, the characters are built to develop interest in the user and start a conversation however they please.

In addition to this, the platform also gives the CRM feature on which you can monitor important business data with personalized real-time dashboards.

3.  Intimate – AI Girlfriend

Intimate AI Girlfriend is a popular application for sexting with AI specially designed for young men and boys. The platform offers an AI girlfriend character with which they can have personalized conversations.

It also boosts confidence and provides users with an experience of intimate sex chants without any complications. Furthermore, the application comes with end-to-end encryption so the users can use it risk-free.

4.  Dream GF

Dream GF is another AI sexting platform that allows users to engage in intimate sexting with a virtual girlfriend. The AI of the application is trained to do anything as commanded. Additionally, It allows users to engage with AI porn chats, photo requests, voice messages, and more.

It is a great sexting AI platform for single people!

5.  Slutbot

Slutbot is another sex chatbot that allows users to engage in intimate chats. The application was created and launched by Juicebox. Moreover, It comes with an interactive chatbot specially designed to give users an experience of sexting, and dirty talk and foster healthy sexual communication.

Moreover, the application is designed to sharpen the sexting skills of users and delve into their intimate desires. In addition to that, the platform is suitable for all genders.

6.  Kuki AI

KukiAI is an award-winning AI that allows users to engage in personalized conversations. Before, the AI was known as Mitsuku. Pandorabots AIML technology by Steve Worswick created the application. It was designed to be an 18-year-old chatbot and can automate customer service interactions, such as answering FAQs and sexting.

7. is another great AI application that allows users to engage in personalized sex chats. It is a free sexting AI tool that allows users to engage in AI-driven sexting conversations through voice messages, photo exchanges, and texts.


AI Sexting applications are platforms that allow users to engage in intimate conversations. AI characters for texting, voice messaging, and sharing images power these applications. While these AI sexting applications may seem unfair to use, they are relatively safe and encrypted than other intimate platforms. Therefore, you can download any application mentioned in this blog post and use it for free.


What are good AI texting apps for sexting?

A good AI sexting application for free conversations and end-to-end encryption. These days, many apps are available in the market that allow for newer features such as image sharing, voice messages, and more. Given that, some of the most popular AI applications are:-
1. Crushon AI
2. Candy AI
3. Intimate – AI Girlfriend
4. DreamGF
5. SlutBot

What are good AI apps for sexting?

Good AI apps for sexting include features such as personalized text, image sharing, voice messages, custom characters and more.

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