Emotional Love Shayari in English and Hindi

shayari in english

Shayari in English, Hindi, Urdu or any other language is an age-old way of expressing emotions. It can express a range of emotions, from love and happiness to sadness and depression. Shayaris are not simple words but the silence that people bury in their hearts. They are the best way to tell someone how important they are and what they mean to you. 

Hindi Heartbroken Shayari in English

Here are some of the shayaris for heartbroken people that they can relate to: 

  1. In English it is called “situationship”

In Hindi we say 

“Raaste Khoobsurat hai, 

Manjil ki filhal baat nahi karte hai” 

shayari in english
  1. Na hawas tere jism ki,

na shauk tere husn ka 

bin matlab ka ladka hun

Sadgi pe marta hun 

shayari in english
  1. Jo mil gaya wo aam hai 

khaas wahi hai jo kaash hai 

  1. Ab toot gaya dil toh bawaal kya kare

khud hi kia tha pasand ab sawal kya kare 

  1. Charche nashe ke chal rahe the 

mai zikr teri aankhon ka kar aya 

jab zikar sukoon ka chidda 

mai zikar teri bahoon ka kar aaya 

shayari in english
  1. Aankhein thi jo keh gae sab kuch 

lafz hote to mukar gaye hote 

  1. Mai tumhe chand keh dun ye toh mumkin hai, 

magar log tumhein raat bhar dekhe, ye mujhe gawara nahi 

  1. Jo mukammal nahi hai, 

wahi toh mukkadar hai 

  1. Tere pass sahare hai kayi 

mere paas toh mai bhi nahi 

  1. Mai jiske zikar main bhi nahi 

wo mujhe lafz lafz yaad hai 

  1. Haal kuch yun hai ki gale laga kar tujhe

teri hi sikhayat karni hai 

  1. Guzar rahe hai tere shahar se

kya bataye kya guzar rahi hai 

  1. Kisi ne muft mein paa liya wo shakhs 

jo mujhe har keemat pe chahiye tha 

  1. Iss daur me logon se wafa dundh rahe ho 

bade nadaan ho sahab 

zeher ki sheeshi mein dawa dhundh rahe ho 

  1. Ek tufaan hai sheene main 

par khaamoshi se dil laga baithe hai 

  1. Tum chor gae mujhe 

Par tum chhut nahi rahe ho 

  1. Bahot ghamand tha chatt ko chatt hone par 

ek manzil aur bani, aur wo chatt fir se farsh ho gaya

  1. Kashth toh zindagi deti hai 

Maut toh khamakha badnaam hai 

  1. Jinke kadmo ki raftaar dheemi hoti hai 

unki manzil bahot lambi hoti hai

Hindi love Shayari in English 

If you are in love, you must make your loved ones feel special. Here are some of the best romantic sharyaris that can add a spark to your love life:- 

  1. Ishq bhi ek ajeeb bimari hai 

Zindagi humari hai 

Magar talab tumhari hai 

  1. Tum pasand to sab ko ho 

Par tum mujhe pasand reh gae 

  1. Usse gazal kya pasand aaenge 

jo tumhari baaton me gum hai 

  1. Tere khawab mein kho kar 

khud ko paata hai 

tumhe iss kadar chahta hun 

  1. Iss rap ke jamane me 

Main tumhari dil ki dhakan sunna chahti hun 

  1. Main nashe me hun 

Tere baaton ka nasha abhi utara nahi hai 

  1. Silwate padi hai abhi bhi chadar pe 

Ye silwate nahi humari payar ki kahaniyan hai 

Love Shayari in English 

Expressing love knows no boundaries, here we have got you some of the best love shayari in English:- 

  1. My heart’s a GPS, leading straight to you
  1. You’re the playlist to my soul’s song
  1. If love is a word, you are the dictionary 
  1. I am in love with you, but I don’t feel like falling 

I feel like I am rising in heaven 

  1. They talk about peace 

Our last hug flashes in my eyes 

  1. I am Aquaphobic, but I want to drown in your eyes 
  1. Are you a Netflix show? because I want to binge-watch you all night 
  1. Coffee’s good, but mornings are sweeter with you.
  1. Forget butterflies, with you, it’s galaxies in my stomach.
  1. Don’t need a compass, true north is wherever you are.
  1. You make silence feel like a love song.
  1. Forget fireworks, our chemistry is the real explosion.
  1. Sunsets are jealous of the way you light me up.
  1. Forget fairy tales, my happy ending starts with you.
  1. The only filter I need is seeing the world through your eyes.
  1. You’re the plot twist I never saw coming, but the best surprise of my life.
  1. Forget needing a vacation, getting lost in your eyes is all I need.
  1. My love for you is like that favourite song, playing on a loop in my head.
  1. You make staying in on a Friday night sound like the ultimate adventure.
  1. Forget needing a filter, your love makes me flawless (at least in my head).
  1. Forget needing a charger, your smile energizes my soul.
  1. I am all balanced, but I am still falling for you. 
  1. Just be with me, coz the best is yet to be 
  1. I love you, therefore I am 
  1. You call it Love, I just take your name 
  1. He is more me than I am 

Final Line: 

If your emotions are caged in your heart, use these relatable shayaris to liberate it. If you find these shayaris and love quotes relatable, you can use them as Instagram or Facebook captions or stories. This blog shares some of the best Shayari in English. 

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