Yash 19: Release Date, Cast, Story, Budget, Reviews, and More


The upcoming Yash 19 movie is the talk of the town, creating a buzz on social media trends from the last few weeks. People have been wondering what Yash 19 is. News is all about this actor collaborating with the national award-winning director Geetu Mohandas for the Yash 19 Movie now titled “TOXIC”. He is ready to hit the big screen with the most anticipated film.

What is Yash 19? 

Yash 19 is the upcoming movie by the popular actor Yash. But why 19? Simply because this is the 19th movie by Yash. Yash has claimed a popularity that is beyond words with his blockbuster KGF and KGF: Chapter 2 in 2022. The audience is waiting to watch Yash in his other action-packed movie after KGF.

Born on 1986 January 8, Yash is a famous Indian actor known for his works in Kannada Cinema. This KGF actor has a huge fan following, and his fans call him “Rocking Star Yash”.

About Yash 19 Movie

There were talks around the Yash 19 Movie name, and on 8th December 2023, Yash the filmmaker K.V.N Productions tweeted  “What You Seek Is Seeking You’- Rumi: A Fairytale For Grown-Ups”, revealing its name to be “TOXIC”.

With the same tweet, Yash changed his profile display picture on social media to “Loading”. Raising the curiosity of his fans, this “Loading”, is giving high hopes and indicating that something great is on its way.

Produced by 

  • Venkat K Narayana
  • Yash

Music by 

  • Charan Raj


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Yash 19 Movie Star Cast

Yash 19 Actress Sai Pallavi

A few days ago, it was reported that Sai Pallavi would collaborate with Yash in the Yash 19 movie. It is said that the actress will debut in the Sandalwood industry with the KGF superstar. However, there has not been an official announcement of the project yet, but the fans are going to go out of control to see this collaboration.

Rocky Bhai Fans have been closely watching Geethu Mohandas’s social media profiles, mainly her followers. It is guessed that Malayalam stars Samyuktha and Tovino Thomas could be a part of the Yash 19 Movie.

Some of the revealed casts:

  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui
  • Yash
  • Sai Pallavi
  • Samyuktha Menon
  • Shine Tom Chacko
  • Dhananjaya
  • Phlorick

It is reported that the filmmakers have decided to star three heroines and keep the information hidden for now. Also, the entire cast has not been revealed yet, and there is so much to know about this movie.

Yash 19 Movie Director and Producer

The director of the Yash 19 movie is acclaimed Mollywood Actor-Turned-Director “Geethu Mohandas”, produced by KVN Productions.

Geethu Mohandas is much more than a producer, she is an acclaimed actor who debuted as a child actress, and later, played many leading lady roles. But, she has stayed away from the limelight since 2009 with her last acting role in Nammal Thammil.

The same year, the actress formed her own film production house, Unplugged, which produced her debut directorial short film, Kelkkunnundo. After that, the female filmmaker made her first feature movie, Hindi Liar’s Dice, which was released in 2014.

Geethu is recognized for her notable films, including The Elder One and Liar’s Dice. The latter film garnered international acclaim by winning six significant International awards and two national awards in India. It was India’s official submission for the Best Foreign Film category at the 87th Academy Awards. 

What Will be the Story of Yash 19? 

More than a year has passed since his last movie on the big screens, KGF Chapter 2; he is ready to release the next blockbuster.

The beloved superstar “Yash” is expected to star in another crime-action gangster movie. Still, one interesting thing that makes this movie more exciting is that the storyline and plot of the film will be made and directed from the point of view of a female filmmaker.

Yash 19 Movie, “Toxic”, will be a thrilling and action-packed film which will sive into the Drug mafia world in Goa. This action-oriented movie will primarily focus on Drugs, Action, and, of course, many exciting scenes.

A few days back, a video of Yash went viral on social media platforms, saying, “I am working hard towards something. It is not that I am going to do something massive. I will be announcing it very soon. Have a little patience, and trust me. I am working towards it. It will be kickass.” 

Yash 19 Teaser and Response

The Superstar shared the teaser on Instagram and wrote, “‘What you seek is seeking you’ – Rumi. A Fairy Tale for Grown-ups #TOXIC.” The Yash 19 Movie teaser showed some half-burnt playing cards falling in the dark. A glimpse of Yash’s look is unveiled with a catchy tune in the background. We can see him in a cowboy look, holding a unique gun while smoking a cigar.

  • A Social media influencer, Raghu Gowda, commented on Yash’s post, “The only TOXICity we all approve of.
  • While another comment from IMDB read: “We’ll be seated for this fairy tale”.
  • Comedian Rythm Kumar wrote, “Violence ka Dusra naam Toxic.”

Yash 19 Trailer Release Date 

Since his last appearance on the silver screen, Rocky Bhai “Yash” has already shared details about his next big hit. Following his massive success with KGF 2, the Kannada actor took an intended break. The anticipation ended with the unveiling of information about his 19th film. The poster and the name were released on December 8, 2023, at 9:55 AM.

Yash 19 Trailer Response

On YouTube, the trailer received a warm response. Many commented, “It’s not a title; it is pure GOOSEBUMPS.” A YouTube user wrote, “Sab Jhund Me ate the Lekin wo Akela aane wala Monster.” A fan commented, “Trust, wait, and believe in Yash. He never hurts the expectations of his fans.” A comment also read: “GM god level…..only toxicity approved.”

Yash 19 Movie Release Date

The KGF actor spoke at an event about his movie and said, “I am not relaxing; if I am doing something, it’s all because of the courage you guys have shown so far. One thing, I don’t want to serve half-baked food. Please have a little patience; a film that we all will like will happen.”

But finally, the wait is over because the Yash 19 movie is set to hit the theatres on April 10, 2025. More information about the film “Toxic” has yet to be announced.

Budget of Yash 19 Movie

According to a source, Yash 19 will also be a pan-India and commercial film. The budget for this action-drama movie is expected to be Rs 400 crores. This will be a blockbuster film, and thus, the funding for this movie will be massive.

Yash 19 Public Reviews and Interested

Every fan of Yash is excited right now about the movie, which is going to release soon. However, there is much time for the Yash 19 Movie to be released, but we can see many public reviews and responses that have already created buzz on social media platforms.

In BookMyShow, approximately 1.4K people have shown interest till now. On the other hand, many fans have also tweeted about this movie on Twitter. A Twitter handle wrote #KGFChapter2 crosses massive 300K Interests in BookMyShow, the First movie to reach this feat before trailer release; the craze for this movie is unmatchable.

Yash 19 Movie Poster

The video of the Yash 19 Movie features several anti-heroes, including DC Comics’s famous villain, Joker. With every picture of these anti-heroes catching flames, we get closer to Yash’s look in the movie. We finally meet the actor, sporting a pot belly, a retro hat, and a machine gun in his hand. He smokes a cigar while he rests the unique weapon on his shoulder. The title ‘Toxic’ is then played out. The film’s tagline reads, “A fairytale for grown-ups.”

You can check the poster below:

Yash 19 toxic poster                                                                                                                Credit Nishit Shaw on X

Is Yash 19 Connected to Any Movie? 

This is the first time Yash is collaborating with a female. Sources say that since Geetu’s films are celebrated internationally, Yash could look at the big picture with an eye on the global film market. Geetu’s husband, Rajeev Ravi, an award-winning cinematographer and filmmaker, is also expected to join the Yash 19 Movie. There is a huge anticipation that the movie could be a navy-based action-thriller.


Directed by Mollywood Actor-turned-director “Geethu Mohandas”, the TOXIC film is already gaining much popularity worldwide. Rocky Bhai’s fans eagerly await the highly anticipated project, Yash 19 Movie. Not much has been disclosed yet, but we have tried to give you a sneak peek of the movie. Don’t forget to watch the film on April 10, 2025!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the release date of Yash 19?

The film is going to be released on April 10, 2025.

What is the story of Yash 19?

This will be an action-packed and crime-action gangster movie project which will focus on the drug mafia of Goa.

What is the trailer release date of Yash 19?

The trailer for the Yash 19 Movie was set to be released on 8 December 2023.

Where Can I Watch Yash 19 Movie? 

The highly anticipated movie of the superstar Yash has not been released yet. The Yash 19 Movie is expected to be released in cinemas in 2025.

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