Chiefs VS Broncos Highlights

Chiefs VS Broncos Highlights

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The Chiefs vs Broncos matchup had made a thrilling sensation among fans of Thursday night. The game which looked like a tie in the beginning resulted in the defeat of the Denver Broncos by 19-8. The Kansas City Chiefs made their win appeal against the Denver Broncos to 16 on Thursday night. This was because Patrick Mahomes and Co. scored an outstanding victory.

Till now, the Chiefs have encountered five straight game victories since settling the game opener to the Detroit Lions. Mahomes made a remarkable score against the Broncos at 12-0 point. The victory was astonishing and unexpected which tied Otto Graham for the most wins. The quarterback made history by not losing one single score against one opponent all time.

The not-so-surprised win of the Chiefs left us stunned with their victory. In this blog post, we are going to highlight the details of the match and how the team played the game on Thursday night.

Details of the Chiefs Vs Broncos Match

Details of the Chiefs vs Broncos match are going to leave you thrilled and ecstatic. The Kansas City Chief made a remarkable win by jumping out to a 13-0 lead in halftime. Additionally, they were able to hold on in the final two quarters.

The American football quarterback, Russell Wilson did arrange a six-play, 61-yard drive in the fourth quarter. His epic move resulted in an 11-yard Courtland Sutton perch. Seeing the mishap, Jevonte Williams had to leg in the two-point conversation. The movie for this was to cut the obligation to 16-8 with 6:07 remaining in the game.

However, the Chief’s offense was able to gather as much time as possible to counter back. In the meantime, player Harrison Butker was able to hit a 52-yard field goal, postponing the game after a two-minute warning.

The game story moves forward as Mahomes finishes 30/40 passes for 306 yards. This included one touchdown and one interception. Maybe, player Travis Kelce was Mahome’s favorite target. Analyzing the game, he was able to catch nine passes for 124 yards. Considering his ankle injury, this was a long haul for the player, despite, he was able to complete his task. The recruit Rashee Rice from Kansas also showed his talent and skills by catching seven passes for a career-high 72 yards.

When detailing the Broncos, you will surely see the struggle Kansas put them up to. For the majority of the match, the Broncos had a hard time. The game Chiefs vs Broncos is something never witnessed in a decade. Player Wilson finished 13 of 22 credentials for 95 yards. This included one touchdown and two interceptions.

Why Did Kansas Win The Chiefs Vs Broncos Match?

The Chiefs Vs Broncos match was a tightly packed game that resulted in a brutal defeat of the Broncos. The match that was on Thursday was an impactful event as people were astonished by the unexpected victory of Kansas. Fans say the reason for their victory is the gameplay that the Chiefs led. However, there is more to that. The game did not revolve around Andy Reid, Mahomes or the Chief’s offense.

The win was primarily because of the defense that stood out in Week 6. Right from the start of the game, Kansas laid down their defensive dominance. This led to the Broncos’ most successful strike in the first half, only for a total of 34 yards. The Broncos’ most successful drive in the first half went for a total of 34 yards. Russel on the other hand had about 37 yards in the first two quarters. He threw one of his two interceptions.

The Chiefs and Broncos came into this matchup rated number 9 and number 9 respectively in points scored per game (KC 25.6 ppg, DEN 24.2 ppg). However, the Kansas City Chiefs defensive team has Wilson, Sutton, and Jerry Jeudy all in one spot.

The defensive strategy adjusted multiple passes and got pressurized on the quarterbacks. This left the destiny of the match in their hands. They had to deploy a new strategy with secondary stuck to their assignments and strong man-to-man coverage.

On the other hand, Sutton caught four passes for 46 yards and made a landing to the Broncos alone. Overall, the Broncos were defeated on the offense 389 yards to 197 yards.

Why Did The Broncos Lose In The Chiefs Vs Broncos Match?

On Thursday night, fans witnessed an extreme gameplay in which the Broncos lost the game against the Chiefs. The game was not lost because of extreme opponent skills but rather it was the offense that let Denver down.

While the Broncos have maintained a steady match over the season, this extreme game witnessed their defeat as they entered the match with the worst unit in the league. For around five weeks, Denver ranked last in points allowed per game, rushing yards allowed, yards allowed per game, yards per play, yards per rush, passing touchdowns, points per drive, and three-and-out percentage.

In addition to that, Denver also entitled a 77.3% realization percentage to the competing quarterbacks. This was the highest any team has scored in the first five games of the season. During the Chiefs VS Broncos match, they looked capable but unfortunately, they faced brutal defeat.

On the first possession, the Denvers had the Chiefs to a field goal. During the second possession, they picked off Mahomes and then loaded a fake field goal on Kansas City’s third possession. The 19 points that the Chiefs scored on Thursday were the lowest they have achieved in the entire season. The defense laid by the Broncos was good but could not stay up to the end of the Chiefs VS Broncos match.

Why Did Denver’s Offense Struggle?

When you go into the details of Chiefs VS Broncos, you will clearly see through the issues that led to the struggle of Denver. There are mainly 3 problems that immediately come to our mind as follows:-

1. Wilson did not play his best game.

2. Sean Payton created a few inquisitive play calls due to which the wide receivers couldn’t get split downfield.

3.  On the Broncos’ first guardianship, Payton chose to handle it on fourth-and-third from the Chiefs’ 38-yard line.

Here is what they did:-

  • Two balls into Denver’s second possession, Wilson threw a very tough grab to the linebacker Nick Bolton.
  • After a few strikes, the Broncos went three-and-out again in the first half of the game.
  • After that, Chiefs defensive assistant, Steve Spagnuolo, worked on Denver’s wideouts. This led the Broncos to search for answers on offense for almost the whole match.

Where Did The Chiefs Vs Broncos Match Turn?

The Thursday night match witnessed a triumph victory for the Kansas City Chiefs. Not to ignore, Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker played the MVP of the game. He is one of the best football kickers in the league and hit all four field goals on Thursday night. Not to forget his hit from 60 yards out.

As per CBS Sports’s kicking expert John Breech, Butker is the seventh kicker in NFL history who struck multiple field goals of 60 yards in their career. Not only that but he also made a 53-yard kick just after the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter. This was to extend the Chief’s lead points to 11.

He played the perfect game on Thursday and effectively made strategies to end the game.

Play of the Chiefs Vs Broncos Match

The Denver Broncos do not have many highlights on the offense. But, they do have news for the Chiefs vs Broncos match. This is because the match laid down their defeat against the Chiefs because of offense. The last catch from Sutton in the end zone made the close calls for the game. Without it, the game might never have been the same.

Look at what the Chiefs have to say about the matchup:-

Chiefs Communications


Dating back to last season, DT Chris Jones has a sack in 8 straight regular games, tying LB Justin Houston (8) for the second-longest streak in franchise history. Trailing only his own franchise record of 11 straight games set in 2018.


The game match Chiefs vs Broncos made a remarkable impact on the fans on Thursday night. This is because the intensity of the game made the Chiefs discover their potential and show off their talent and skills. The MVP of the game Harrison Butker made an impactful opening and played the game with all his might. Regardless, the 19 points earned by the Chiefs were the lowest in the entire season, but they still won against the Broncos.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many times have the Chiefs beat the Broncos?

The Kansas City Chiefs have won their 16th straight matchup against the Denver Broncos on Thursday. The match resulted in 19-8 points with the Chiefs playing the winning team.

2. Have the Broncos ever beaten the Chiefs?

Ans. Yes, The Broncos have defeated the Chiefs on Sept. 17, 2015. But, since then they have never faced victory against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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