Chargers Vs Cowboys Monday Night Football Highlights

Cow Boy vs Chargers

On Monday, the Chargers vs Cowboys match created sensational news across the US when the Cowboys sealed the win over the Chargers. The game took a mysterious turn because of Justin Herbert. Though the Chargers lost the game, he was considered a compelling player.

The Dallas Cowboys grounded out a 20-17 win. The win secured their victory over the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday night, a comeback to last week’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

Both the competitors struggled for victory throughout the match. But, the Cowboys won after a late field goal secured a 20-17 points. While the Chargers were having a tough time securing the match, they had a chance to respond with the ball. In this blog post, we will highlight the details of the match and how The Cowboys secured their victory.

What made the Cowboys win the Chargers vs Cowboys match?

During the Chargers vs Cowboys match, the Cowboys secured 4-2 with the win, while the Chargers fell to 2-3. This marked their defeat in the match while giving off a bye in Week 5.

Undoubtedly, big games require the best players to play for victory. Their skills and strength can help with billing and play beyond the ground. In the Monday match, Chargers vs Cowboys, the Los Angeles Chargers faced a brutal defeat against the Dallas Cowboys. This is because the team had major top players from Dak Prescott to Micah Parsons.

Important Highlights of the game

Justin Herbert made some dopey moves during the game. During the Chargers vs Cowboys match, his two throws went over Keenan Allen’s head and marked the victory. Nobody would have believed in the throw without witnessing it with their own eyes. In this football, this is regarded as a dope move, since the ball has a set pace to play at.

It felt as if Justin Herbert just was not himself. Allen defeated Dallas cornerback (CB) DaRon Bland in a swift motion. After that, he faked an in-breaker before running openly down the left sideline. On the other hand, Herbert signed to throw the gaol out of bounds. If they succeed in playing the move into court, this would have changed the game for the Chargers into field goal range. Instead, they kicked and the three points loomed large.

The second miss came when the game reached 11:19. The Chargers were playing the opening game and had their first drive of the fourth quarter. Allen, again, made a move that shook Blanda out of his shoes. Here, the receiver faked going flat before returning a seamless cut to the inside ring. George Blanda fell over, leaving Allen wide open on the field. Justin Herbert, again, threw a long goal, exiting the Chargers to kick.

“Keenan ran two great routes, and I missed him,” Herbert replied after the match. “That’s on me as a quarterback.”

Top moments from Monday Night football

The Monday match of Chargers vs Cowboys was ruthless. In the initial stages of the game, it was hard to determine the winner. The match took an ugly turn in the second quarter. However, during the fourth quarter, miss-goals were less. The Chargers made a drop on the following kicks. This allowed them to take over at the Dallas Cowboys in a 20-yard line.

Justin Herbert had a hard time playing the game. Gerald Everett’s had five plays after the fourth goal from the 1-yard line at 17 points. However, the two bad throws already did a massive destruction to the Chargers.

In the first quarter of the game, both teams scored a touchdown. The Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert caught Keenan Allen in the end site for a 1-yard touchdown and took a 7-0 lead.

After that, the Cowboys returned to the ground with full energy. Quarterback Dak Prescott took a keeper of 18 yards to the end zone on fourth-and-1 for a game-tying Touchdown.

During the Chargers vs Cowboys match, both teams were held scoreless until the end of the second quarter. This is when Brandon Aubrey made a 32-yard field score leading a 10-7 halftime score. Unfortunately, the Cowboys wasted a great opportunity in the red zone. This was primarily because Prescott failed to convert fourth-and-1 with his “tush push” play.

Dallas Got A Rebound Win In La

In the third quarter of the game, the Chargers missed just one chance of scoring. This happened when Herbert passed the ball to Joshua Palmer on fourth-and-1 from the Dallas. The ball fell incomplete in the end zone, making it a missed move. However, after forcing Dallas’s dropkick, the Chargers tied the game at 10-10. This was marked by a 24-yard field score from Cameron Dicker.

The fourth quarter started great for the Cowboys. Tony Pollard made a 60-yard score putting the whole team in a scoring position. The club took advantage of the kick and finished with a 2-yard touchdown pass from Prescott to Cooks.

How Did The Chargers Vs Cowboys Game Wrap Up?

While the Cowboys had a 17-10 lead at that point, they committed a bad team error that gave a chance to the Chargers to tie the game. It seemed like Jalen Tolbert, the receiver of the Cowboys perceived the ball to be touched by his teammates. Because of this, he tried to retrieve it at the Dallas 20. But the ball was not touched. Because of this, he failed to recover the ball, allowing the Chargers to recover the botched kick.

Dallas continued playing the game and kept its succeeding drive ongoing with a big third-down catch by Cooks. But on third-and-10 from the Chargers 21, Prescott’s pass to Pollard in the end zone could not reach and fell halfway.

Dallas ended the game with 11 obtained penalties for 85 yards while Chargers had 9 for 79 yards.


The Chargers vs Cowboys game was a very tough match. It left people intrigued to determine who would win. From the onset of the game, both teams struggled to score. But during the fourth quarter, the game was sealed by the Dallas Cowboys. Earlier, the Chiefs vs Broncos match that was held on Thursday was also a thrilling one that ended with the defeat of the Denver Broncos by the Chiefs. This exciting play keeps the audience coming back for more. Football fans across the world are looking forward to more games like these.


Who is favoured in the Chargers vs Cowboys?

Dallas Cowboys won the match by 20-17 score points.

Why is Dallas called America’s team?

The team’s popularity has made them appear on TV so much that they are now recognized as America’s Team.

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