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COVID-19 changed the world after the pandemic. During its wave, the Philippines government introduced PNPCoda, an online portal. It provides information about registered cases and more. Moreover, it was supported by a large team of 220,000 government officials. This shows the country’s commitment to vaccinating its entire population. 

This website has helped the Philippines people. With the help of the police force, people can learn about it. It provides users with ways to protect themselves and fight COVID-19. It teaches them tips to avoid the pandemic and be safe. However, due to limited information, people are unaware of this website. Let’s learn about this portal in detail. 

What is PNPCoda?

PNPCoda is a government-registered website in the Philippines that Cisco Systems created. It is a combination of PNP and Coda. PNP stands for the Philippines National Police, and Coda means COVID-19 data. The PNPCoda team includes over 26,000 law enforcement officers. 

They play an important role in the government’s nationwide vaccination program. They help reach every citizen with the vaccine. The portal monitors the people joining it. However, it maintains a record of the number of people vaccinated daily. It encourages people to take the vaccine and introduces them to its benefits. 

Features of PNPCoda

There are many features of the portal, such as:

  • The website provides important information about the vaccination survey. It includes the purpose of the survey and links with official resources such as the WHO or CDC. However, it lists survey topics such as vaccination status, demographics, and side effects. 
  • It also provides information about participating in the survey by providing a link to the survey platform (e.g., Google Forms, SurveyMonkey) or a downloadable PDF. Moreover, it Specifies any deadlines for completing the survey.
  • It has a secure login system with password protection and two-step authentication. It also offers the option to create an account for individuals to update their information.
  • The portal allows users to update their password and change their physical address. It also updates important information, such as phone number, email and other details. 

How To Login PNPCoda?

To use the website, you need to register first:

  • Visit the PNPCoda website 
  • Fill mobile number, email ID and password
  • Add your photo to the size

After filling in the information related to allergies or if you have gone through any surgeries. Moreover, add if you are going through any medical conditions. Then, fill in all the basic information asked for for citizenship in the Philippines. After filling out this information, you are successfully registered.

To login PNPCoda

To log in, follow the below steps:

  • Open the website
  • Enter the mobile number or email and password
  • Click on submit

However, if you forget the password or cannot log in, click on the (change your password option). After resetting your new password, you will find the profile section. It has sections such as change password, update address, contact and location. You can also take the vaccination survey and stay safe registration. Click on Stay Safe registration, fill out your personal CIF and you will get the vaccination survey.

If you have trouble opening the website, check your internet connection first. Then, open the portal in an incognito tab or reconnect your network. If you cannot log in, try using a VPN. It secures data security and privacy. 

How To Recover PNPCoda Password?

Recovering the password is important as it contains all the important information. Let’s learn step-by-step how to recover your portal’s password.

  • Open the portal and visit the login page.
  • Click on the forget password option.
  • Fill the registered number or username. 
  • Complete the verification process for the account’s security.
  • Click on the link or phone number you receive in the mail.
  • Reset your password using strong numbers, alphabets and symbols.
  • Confirm the password reset.
  • Go back to the login portal.
  • Fill the username and password.

Pros And Cons Of PNPCoda

The portal contains some pros and cons. Let’s see what are the pros and cons of this website:

The portal is compatible with all devices.At risk of cyberattacks if security is lacking.
It provides information and services in an accessible format.If users do not have internet access, they cannot use the portal.
It also enables users to update their personal information.Website downtime or technical issues can disrupt service.
The security measures can protect sensitive user informationIt may not be fully accessible to users with disabilities.


During the extreme wave of COVID-19, the Philippines government introduced PNPCoda. It was a portal for officers. Its features are easy to use, vaccination survey details, and data protection. It has pros, such as protecting information, providing an accessible format and more. Similarly, the cons are cyberattack risks, technical issues, internet access requirements and more.

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