ERP GEHU: A Complete Guide of Online Portal


Graphic Era Hill University is considered a top engineering college in Uttarakhand. It has three campuses: Dehradun, Haldwani, and Bhimtal. Cyborg IT Services Private Limited powers ERP GEHU, an online portal useful for the university and students. It was introduced to the college when both administrators and students faced challenges.

Moreover, GEHU is known for its academic excellence and is among the top 60. Its digital system maintains the ERP records of faculty, administrators, and students. It collects data from first-year students to senior year. Even if a person graduates from college, they can check the data anytime. The administrators can check the claims and important information from the ERP. 

ERP GEHU Overview

It is an online portal for students and administrators that monitors activities. It has all the information related to students, such as performance, mentors, and more. However, students can also access the past year’s question papers for exam preparations. It is available only for Graphic Era Hill University students and their management. It provides complete knowledge about students’ basic requirements. 

Benefits of ERP GEHU 

Graphic Era Hill University’s ERP is beneficial for students and faculties. So, let’s see the benefits:

For Students

  • It improves students’ performance as the faculty remarks on their performance. Students can check the performance option on the portal. It also shows if the student is good or needs improvement. Moreover, it helps students boost their academic performance. 
  • Students can check their attendance by the end of the day. If it still needs to be updated, they can consult with the faculty. If students have low attendance in any subject, they can check and attend regular classes. However, this can increase their attendance percentage and save them from being debarred. 
  • The management updates the activities and events on the calendar. This is for the students, so they should be aware of events such as competitions, holidays, sports days, hackathons, etc. It is for the students’ benefit, so they are already prepared for the event.
  • It regularly provides seminars and webinars for students to improve their knowledge. Students can also check the date and timing of the seminars or webinars through the portal, which helps them be available for the event without getting late.
  • Students can submit their fees before the deadline, which benefits them. If any student still needs to submit it on time, management adds a fine visible on the student’s dashboard. Students can directly submit the fee through online payments, a major benefit for students and their parents.

For Faculties

  • Faculties can also check their attendance and performance regularly. It is helpful for them as they can also apply for leave through the portal. They can check their remaining sick leaves. 
  • They can schedule assignments via the portal along with the deadline. Faculty can also check whether many students have submitted the assignment and the remaining students’ names before the deadline. 
  • Faculty members can participate in faculty training sessions. There, they can learn more about teaching, handling, etc. This helps faculty members build their personalities and boost confidence. 

Features of ERP GEHU

There are many features of ERP GEHU, which are as follows:

  • It features options like admit cards, assignments, attendance, fee undertaking, and more. However, it is helpful for students and faculty to get information digitally. 
  • It provides a timetable and allows students to see the next day’s classes and room numbers. Faculty arrange the timetable so that students can see it on their devices.
  • Students can check information related to assignments, deadlines, submissions, due dates, and more. They can also access their report cards or performances.
  • Faculty members can access the ERP and regularly update the assignments and remarks. They can also update students’ attendance through the portal. 
  • The management provides the other colleges access to past-year question papers to solve. This is helpful for students willing to learn, and solving previous year’s question papers can help students in exams.

How to register and log in to ERP GEHU?

To register and log in to ERP GEHU follow the below steps:

ERP GEHU Registration

  1. Visit the university management.
  2. Provide them with all the necessary information, such as the admission number, enrollment number, email, phone number, and name.
  3. Management will make your ERP ID and provide you with an ID and password. 

ERP GEHU login

  1. Visit the official ERP GEHU website.
  2. Fill the user ID and password options.
  3. Enter the captcha
  4. Click on the login

Reset Password of ERP GEHU

  1. You can see the forget password option if you forgot the password. 
  2. Click on forget password.
  3. Now submit the options for date of birth, user ID and email ID. 
  4. Click on reset password. 

Note: If you forget the ID, click on the option of forget ID. Now, fill in the mobile number and date of birth and click the verify button. If the information is correct, you will get the OTP. 


Graphic Era Hill University has introduced an online portal of ERP GEHU for its students. It has complete information related to student and management relationships. Students can also access information related to academics on the portal. Everything from fees to assignment submission is available on the portal. However, the management monitors the activities of the students and faculties. 

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