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Hanuman Movie: Release Date, Cast, Story, Budget, and OTT

Hanuman is an upcoming Tollywood movie that will be released in 2024. The recently released trailer of the Hanuman movie has revealed a few things about the movie, though there is little information about the movie. But it is clear from the name that it is based on the Hindu Mythological character, known for his strength and devotion towards his lord Rama- “Hanuman”. Inspired by the story of the legendary Hanuman and his legends from the historical time of Akhand Bharat, this movie is set to please all Hindus out there.

Hanuman Movie Story

The story is “inspired by the Itihasa of Akhand Bharat”, transforming it into a new-aged drama involving a clash between good and evil. Set in an imaginary location called Anjanadri, the plot evolves around the protagonist, who gets the powers of Hanuman and fights for Anjanadri. The magical strength of Hanuman is possessed by the superhero who will fighting the battle of good vs evil.

Hanuman Movie Release Date

The much-anticipated movie based on Hindu mythology, the Hanuman movie, will aired in the cinema hall on 12th January 2024. 51.4K are already going to go out of control and waiting for the release, showing interest in Book My Show. Thousands of people pleased by the trailer release, and the hashtag #HanumanTrailer, renamed as X, is trending on Twitter, with more than 9,861 posts on the hashtag. Mixing the elements of action, adventure, and fantasy, the movie is set to release in 2D with premium quality VFX and BGM.

People across the country waiting for the release and wonder if it will released in other languages, too. The happy news for the non-Telugu audiences is that it is going to released in Hindi in 1500 theatres across India and 400 theatres in the Telugu language.

Hanuman Movie Cast and Crew

The Hanuman movie cast and crew have rendered heart and soul to the movie with realistic acting, top-notch production, premium sound and visual quality, and amazing lyrics.

Cast of Hanuman

  • Teja Sajja as Hanumanthu
  • Amritha Aiyer as Meenakshi
  • Varalaxmi Sarathkumar as Anjamma
  • Vinay Rai as Michael
  • Vennela Kishore
  • Satya
  • Getup Srinu
  • Deepak Shetty
  • Koushik Mahata
  • Bhanu Prakash as Getup Srinu Child

Crew of Hanuman

  • Director– Prasanth Varma
  • Writer– Prasanth Varma
  • Produced – Asrinreddy, Venkat Kumar Jetty, Kniranjanreddy
  • Music– Anudeep Dev, Hari Gowra, Krishna Saurabh
  • Cinematography– Dasaradhi Sivendra, Sumer Verma
  • Editing – S.B. Raju Talari
  • Costume Design – Lanka Santhoshi
  • Sound Department– Kannan Krish, Sai Maneendhar Reddy
  • Editorial Department– Bvr Shivakumar
  • Additional Crew– Varun Gupta, Vamsi Shekar, Manoj Valluri

Hanuman Movie Trailer and Response

The 2023 is ending with a banger trailer of the much-anticipated movie Hanuman. The trailer released on 19th December 2023, giving goosebumps to the viewers and making them want to watch the movie soon.

The trailer is a 3-minute 32-second long visual feast, leading to a wave of excitement among the audience, who crave those old-age legends that we used to watch in the form of cartoons every weekend.

People have praised the trailer for its realistic visuals and its vibing lyrics that add an extra immersive element to the movie.

HanuMan OTT Release Date

The Hanuman movie is all set to come to the digital world with its OTT release after three months of its theatrical release. According to media reports, this second-highest-grossing Indian film is expected to be released on March 16, 2024, on Zee5 and Jio Cinema in Hindi. Created on 60 crore, it has crossed the mark of Rs 350 crore in the Indian box office, becoming a blockbuster. With this wide success, the fans are also expecting its sequel, but it won’t be anytime soon. 

Hanuman Movie Budget

This legendary movie is a high-budget movie, becoming “the dawn of a new cinematic universe.” The high-quality VFX and powerful BGM will offer audiences an immersive and captivating experience. The promising production is all because of the Hanuman Movie Budget, which is approx 50 crores. Of these 50 crores, the production cost approximately 40 crores, and the remaining 10 crores spent on printing and advertising costs.

Hanuman Movie Download

You can watch the movie Hanuman in your nearest theatres from 12th January 2024 onwards. But you can watch the movie on some of the illegal platforms like 123movies and soon after its release. However, we don’t advise you to watch on any of these illegal platforms because they offer terrible visuals. Watching Hanuman movies on these platforms, you are sure to miss those goosebumps that you will feel in theatres. So, book your seats now on Book My Show.

Final line

The movie is set to be a blockbuster as it has already won the hearts of audiences who craving to watch Mythological Plots. The filmmakers have given a very swift new-aged tone to old mythology. Hanuman movie gives us a realistic portrayal of the Good vs Evil theme relevant to the current scenario without compromising on its authenticity. The high-quality VFX and BGM seem promising, and the 3-minute 32-second long trailer offers a gripping and immersive experience to the users.


When will the Hanuman movie released?

Hanuman movie is release on 12th January 2024 in theatres in both Hindi and Telugu languages.

The Hanuman movie on which OTT platform?

Hanuman movie will come in Zee5 and Jio Cinema in Hindi.

What is the budget for the Hanuman movie?

Hanuman movie is a big-budget movie with approximately 50 crores of total budget.

Where to watch the Hanuman Movie?

You can watch the upcoming movie Hanuman in theatres from 12th January 2024.

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