The Comedy Genius Rowan Atkinson: A Career Retrospective

The Comedy Genius Rowan Atkinson - Mr bean

As a child, you must have loved watching Mr. Bean. But have you ever wondered about the person who played the character? Rowan Atkinson, or Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, is a popular TV actor famous for his role as Mr. Bean in the same series.

His expressions and actions have created history in silent comedy. No doubt, people love watching his show and enjoy his peculiarity and silliness. Over the years, he has come up in the industry as a rising star who made a name for himself through determination and hard work. In this blog post, we will explore the career journey of Rowan Atkinson and how he rose from a nobody to a TV superstar.

Who is Rowan Atkinson?

Rowan Atkinson born on 6 January 1955, is an English actor, comedian, and writer. His acting skills and role-playing are one of a kind in history that emerged as a remarkable icon. Generally, he goes by the name Mr. Bean because this is what he is famous for! However, we should not overlook his other roles. Indeed, his journey has been full of twists and events, giving us a warrior as an actor. Given that, here is some of his incredible work:-

  • Mr Bean
  • Dead on Time
  • The Appointments of Dennis Jennings
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral
  • Rat Race
  • Johnny English
  • Blackadder
  • Bernard and the Genie
  • Funny Business
  • Red Nose Day Actually
  • Man vs Bee

Rowan Atkinson About and Facts

Rowan Atkinson is a fan favorite for his role in Mr Bean. Surprisingly, people misleadingly call him Bean, whom he loves being named. Given that, here are some facts and things you should know about him:-

Full NameRowan Sebastian Atkinson
Birth date and placeJanuary 6, 1955, Consett
Age68 (current)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height5′ 11″
Relationship StatusIn a relationship with Louise Ford
Net Worth$150 million

Learning this will bring you more excitement:-

  • Rowan has the license to use a heavy-duty vehicle
  • He also has a master’s degree in electrical engineering
  • Additionally, he wrote for CAR Magazine and has an obsession with vehicles
  • Tony Blair was his classmate
  • He frequently attends royal functions as a guest.
  • In Johnny English, Rowan Atkinson utilized his personal Aston Martin.
  • He prevented his family’s aircraft from crashing.
  • The show’s initial name was not Mr. Bean.

Early Life of Rowan Atkinson

Early Life of Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson’s life was not always luxurious and contained hardships and failures. People put him down during his initial days in the industry, but he struggled and shone through the top. He did not accept defeat and recovered the courage to stand stronger.

His interviews reflect the adversity he faced during his life before stepping into acting. He revealed that:-

  • He was born in Consett, a small town in England, on 6 January 1955.
  • Being the youngest of the four brothers, he was quirky and always looked into things for fun.
  • His parents were not rich, and his father, Eric Atkinson, was a farmer and a company director. Mother, Ella May, married his dad on 29 June 1945 and, after ten years, gave birth to him.
  • His family was middle class with three older brothers: Paul, who died as a baby; Rodney, a Eurosceptic economist; and Rupert.
  • His traditions and cultural values are based on Anglicanism. It is a Western Christian tradition that follows the Church of England after the English Reformation.

Personal Life

Apart from succeeding in his career, Rowan Atkinson maintains his personal life. He loves his family and friends, who are occasionally seen with him at events. The actor has two children with his first wife, Sunetra Sastry: Ben and Lily. Rowan married Sunetra back in the year 1990, February. Their first meeting was in the late 1980s when she worked as a makeup artist with the BBC.

However, they separated in 2014 and were divorced in November 2015. The reason for their separation was Atkinson’s relationship with Louise Ford since 2014.

The actress is famous for her role in a comic version of Kate Middleton’s Channel 4 sitcom, The Windsors. The couple first met during their work in the West End comedy Quatermaine’s Terms in 2012. Later, Ford reportedly broke up with comedian James Acaster to be with Rowan, who in turn divorced his wife.

In December 2017, Rowan’s girlfriend, Louise Ford, gave birth to his third child.

Rowan Atkinson’s Education

You are wrong if you believe that Rowan Atkinson may not be educated! He is a full-time Electrical Engineer who pursued his degree from Newcastle University. But, after completing his course, Rowan felt that he should build a career for himself in acting.

He began working on his stutter problem and overcame his fear of socializing. Eventually, his persistence paid off, and he gained acceptance to the prestigious Oxford University Dramatic Society. Over here, he polished his acting skills and debuted in many productions during his time there.

Rowan Atkinson’s Rejection Story

Will you believe Rowan Atkinson’s success story was based on rejection?

His speech disorder became a massive barrier for him on his road to success. Even so, his stuttering was consistent; he developed his own way of communication. This made him uniquely famous and allowed him to showcase his talent to the world.

The second thing that stood as a barrier for him was his looks. Of course, he does not look like a Disney prince or Hollywood superstar, but his talent earthed upon this difficulty, too. Indeed, what he said, “To Be Successful, You Don’t Need a Beautiful Face And a Heroic Body, What You Need is a Skillful Mind And Ability To Perform”, is true and well!

During his time at Oxford University Dramatic Society, he gave many auditions and faced rejection. After years of determination and hard work, he finally got selected for a supporting part in the James Bond movie Never Say Never Again in 1983.

Following this, he achieved a leading role in the movie Dead on Time, also released in 1983 with Nigel Hawthorne. From here, his film career soared.

Net Worth of Rowan Atkinson

mr-bean | Net Worth of Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson’s comedy skills have made him an icon among the fans. Following his inspirational story of success, fans love him for his talent and the Mr. Bean series. Who would have thought a boy born to a farmer with a stuttering disorder would one day acquire the world?

The current Net Worth of Rowan Atkinson is $150 million. Though he has struggled his early years living in farms, he now lives and enjoys his luxury life. Undoubtedly, he is accepted as the master silent comedian with an unbreakable record. It is hard to say we will witness another Mr. Bean ever.

Besides acting, Rowan is also engaged in activities such as collecting cars. It is his passion and no doubt he owns dozens of luxury sports cars. Perhaps his car collection will one day surpass Cristiano Rolando.


Rowan Atkinson is and will always be an iconic actor. His story of hardship, determination, rejection, and success has inspired millions of people across the world. No matter, if he was born to a middle-class family that grew vegetables, he worked his way up the ladder and achieved success. Certainly, people will always remember him as Mr. Bean, which he sometimes is interchangeably called. The show’s success may not be this much possible if it was not for Rowan. Thanks to him! Today, we have what we call the perfect Mr. Bean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How old is Mr. Bean today?

Mr Bean or Rowan Atkinson was born on 6 January 1955. Today, in 2023, he is 68 years old and will soon turn 69, this coming January.

Q2. What is the story behind Mr. Bean?

Atkinson created a persona for Mr. Bean while pursuing his master’s degree at the University of Oxford. Atkinson refers to it as “a child in a grown man’s body” since he frequently disrupts the process while solving the different challenges that arise from daily duties.

Q3. Who is Mr. Bean’s ex-wife?

Rowan married Sunetra in 1990, February. They crossed paths in the late 1980s while she was employed by the BBC as a cosmetics artist. However, they split up in 2014, and in November 2015, they got divorced.

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