Billboard Women in Music 2024: See Winners

Billboard women in music 2024

The 2024 Billboard Women in Music ceremony, held on March 6th held at YouTube Theater in Los Angeles. This event celebrated the achievements of phenomenal women across the music industry. Though this year it was not live-streamed, the full show was made available on on March 7. 

From Katy to Karo and each woman present at the event celebrated the music industry and women’s far-reaching impact on it. Let’s look at the special moments of the Billboard Women in Music 2024. 

Starting from the 2012 Woman of the Year, Katy Perry surprised the audience with her appearance. She presented the Executive of the Year Award to Michelle Jubelirer with her beautiful words stating- 

“She heard me, she saw me, she created space for me, even supported me through my journey of motherhood.”

The last and the unforgivable Karol G was crowned with 2024 Woman of the Year. She gave a very powerful acceptance speech in Spanish- 

“I’m really just standing here to say that just like I did, all of you can do it too. And never, never give someone else the authority to decide on your own decisions, to say whether something you are doing is bad or good, has value or has no value. No one can put value on you as a person, not as a woman, not as a professional. It is you yourself who works for it, sweats for it, gets it, and earns it.”

Best Moments of Billboard Women in Music 2024

These two Powerpuff Girls were just the trailer of the complete movie. The best moments of the 2024 Billboard Women in Music Award include much more than this. 

  • One of the most emotional moments of the event was when After Victoria Monét’s performance, her mother turned up to present the Rising Star Award to her. 
  • NewJeans became the favorite among the audience as it got the Group of the Year award.
  • PinkPantheress races down the stage while Maren Morris takes a moment to thank her supportive women. 
  • Awarded as the Powerhouse, Charli XCX’s live-debuted a new emotional song on the Women in Music stage

“This song is about a person who’s really, really special to me who’s no longer with us,” XCX announced ahead of the performance. “It’s called ‘So I.’”

  •  Demi Lovato appeared surprisingly to join Luísa Sonza for a duet. 
  • Tems ‘breakthrough message of “You’re Not Alone” touched the heart of every woman. 
  • What was most empowering of all was Karol G’s 13 all-female performers who joined her for “Amargura” This band included Emily Estefan, Gloria, and Emilio Estefan’s daughter, on drums.

Award Winners of Billboard Women in Music 2024

The ceremony was a night of celebration for all women who shaped the music scene. It recognized not just established stars but also rising talents, producers, and industry executives.

Woman of the Year 

Karol G, the Colombian reggaeton superstar, became the first Latina artist to win this prestigious award. Her impact on global music and her role in empowering women in the genre were undeniable.

Visionary Award

Maren Morris, the powerhouse country singer-songwriter, was recognized for her innovative approach to music, her outspoken advocacy for artists’ rights, and her continuous chart success.

Impact Award 

Young Miko, the rising Puerto Rican rapper, received this award for her breakout success and powerful voice. Notably, she collaborated with Karol G on the hit track “Contigo.”

Global Force Award (New Category) 

This year saw the introduction of the Global Force Award, recognizing the international influence of female artists. The first recipients were:

  • Annalisa (Italy) – A pop music icon with a long and successful career.
  • Luísa Sonza (Brazil) – A leading figure in Brazilian pop, known for her energetic performances and outspoken personality.
  • Sarah Geronimo (Philippines) – A multi-talented Filipino pop star with a massive fan base across Southeast Asia.

Icon Award

Kylie Minogue, the Australian pop legend, received the coveted Icon Award for her legendary career and lasting influence on generations of female artists.

Rising Star Award, Executive of the Year, Songwriter Award, and Producer Award were also presented to the stars. The event featured red-carpet appearances by many talented women, showcasing their style and individuality. Musical performances by the honorees and other female artists filled the night with energy and inspiration. You can likely find videos and photos online to relive the excitement.

History of Billboard Women in Music

The Billboard Women in Music event has a rich history of celebrating female powerhouses in the music industry. Recognizing the need to acknowledge the significant contributions of women in music beyond just performing, Billboard established the Woman of the Year Award in 2007.

The inaugural recipient was the legendary country music artist Reba McEntire. She was honored for her immense success, leadership in the evolving music industry, and role model status.

Evolution and Recognition

  1. Since 2007, the event has become an annual tradition, consistently honoring a deserving female artist with the Woman of the Year title.
  2. Taylor Swift holds the record for most wins (3), including two Woman of the Year awards and the prestigious Woman of the Decade Award.
  3. The event has also seen a diversification in the awards presented. Here are some notable additions:
  • Visionary Award: Recognizes innovative and influential women who push boundaries in music.
  • Impact Award: Honors rising stars who are making a significant mark on the industry.
  • Global Force Award (2024): A new category celebrating the international influence of female artists.

Celebrating Diverse Roles

  • While the Woman of the Year award focuses on artists, Billboard Women in Music has expanded its scope.
  • It now recognizes women who contribute behind the scenes, such as songwriters, producers, and executives.
  • This reflects a more holistic view of women shaping the music industry.

A Platform for Inspiration

  • The ceremony serves as a platform for celebrating female achievement and inspiring the next generation.
  • Highlighting the journeys and successes of diverse women in music empowers others to pursue their dreams in the industry.

And The Music Legacy Continues…

The Billboard Women in Music continues to evolve, reflecting the ever-changing music landscape and the growing influence of women. We can expect to see new categories, diverse honorees, and continued recognition of the invaluable role women play in creating the music we love.

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