10 Best Smart LED Lights To Buy Right Now

Best Smart LED lights

The Best smart LED lights are like regular LED bulbs with some added powers. They connect to your wifi, allowing you to control them remotely with your phone or voice, set schedules, change the colors, and have security benefits. It is a fun and convenient way to upgrade your home as they add a touch of luxury and make your life a little easier. Now, be smart and use these small lights for movie nights, romantic dinners, small events, and more. 

Best Smart LED Lights To Buy

Choosing the best LED lights can be tricky because there are many features to consider. So, here we have a list of the top 10 best smart LED lights:

1. Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience is the best smart light bulb as it works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Homekit. It has a hub and is available with two or four dimmable colored bulbs. The lifetime of this smart home device is 25,000 hours. Moreover, it is an affordable option if you buy several bulbs together. Also, it has thousands of shades of natural white light, which you can switch with your mood.

2. Wyze Bulb

Wyze Bulb is a cost-effective smart light bulb that also works with Alexa and Google Assistant but not with the home kit. The main quality of Wyze bulbs is that they are brighter to dimmer. They have 16 million different color options, which can sync with your mood with the white light control feature. The overall rating of this smart product is 4.3 out of 5. Furthermore, the vacation mode of this device turns Wyze’s bulb on and off randomly.

3. Sengled Smart Wi-fi LED

Sengled Smart wifi LED is one of the best affordable wifi smart LED lights. It works with Google Assistant and Alexa and does not require hubs (entryway between smart light and phone ). Setting up this device is easy, and it has an energy consumption app tracker. There are three different options to choose from: a soft white bulb at $12, a daylight bulb at $15, and a multicolored bulb at $25. But there is only one issue: this device lacks more advanced features.

4. Sengled Smart LED with Motion Sensor

The Sengled Smart LED with a motion sensor is one of the best smart outdoor flood lights works with Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and IFTTT also requires a hub. It has features like a built-in motion sensor, integrated daylight sensor, weatherproof, and no Homekit Support. They have policies like easy return within 30 days and free shipping on orders above $30. Due to motion sensors, it activates the bright floodlight and can also trigger other smart bulbs to turn on and off.

5. Ring Solar Path lights

Ring Solar Pathlights, one of the best smart bulbs has many advanced features such as control with the Ring app, adjustable brightness and motion detection, motion activate notification, and weather resistance; it is ideal for walkways, and it works with Alexa and has a lifetime validity of 1 year. You can easily control it from the Ring app. The app features include real-time notifications and customized settings in which you can adjust the brightness and motion settings, also connect devices, and create and set schedules.

6. Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro 

Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro gives the best outdoor lights deal with a guarantee of a lifetime of 50,000 hours. The lens of this smart home device reflects triangular lighting effects, and the brightness of every light is 26 lumens. Moreover, the quality of these smart LED lights is -4 to 140 degrees F operating temperature, IP67 waterproof and anti-UV material. The wire can resist 5kg tensile force. However, the product is expensive as it costs $399, but the setup is worth it.

7. Lifx Mini

Lifx Mini are smart LED light bulbs for small fixtures. They have many features, like voice control, an Android and iOS app, 16 million colors, dusk and day schedule lights, a two-year manufacturing warranty, 800 lumens brightness, and energy usage of 9 watts only. Lastly, this product has a rating of 4.4 out of five.

8. TP-LINK Kasa Filament Wifi Light Bulb

TP-LINK Kasa Filament wifi Light Bulb can be controlled from anywhere and on any system which is iOS or Android, using the Kasa app, and it is one of the best smart LED lights. It has features like soft white, dimmable, no hub required, device grouping, voice control, set schedules, quick and easy, energy monitoring, and more. This smart home device is quick and easy to use. You can install your filament smart bulb, open Kasa’s app and sign in, connect the bulb to the wifi network, and enjoy.

9. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Lightstrip

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Lightstrip is the best smart lightstrip light with multicolor and silicon material. It has other features like color changing, dimmable, and LED integrated with a guarantee of 2 years. These strip lights are grabbing the world’s attention and are expandable up to 10 meters.

10. Govee LED Light Strips

Govee LED Light Strips are the best smart LED strip lights with a large variety of lighting which includes RGBIC light strips, controlled LED strips, and neon light strips. They have options for color changing and music syncing with features such as high lamp bead density, connectivity, versatile control options, a user-friendly app, and more. 

Smart LED Lights Specs

Philips Hue White and Colour AmbienceWyze BulbSengled Smart Wi-fi LED Sengled Smart LED with motion sensorRing Solar Pathlights
LighteningLumens:350 Color Temperature: 6500K Lumens: 30 – 1100Color Temperature: 1800K – 6500KColor Rendering Index 90+Lumens: 800Color Temperature: 2700 KColor Rendering Index:90Lumens: 1200 LumensColor Temperature: 3000 KColor Rendering Index: 80Lumens: Up to 80 LumensColor Temperature: 3500 K
Controller TypeAlexa, Google Assistant, and HomekitAlexa and Google AssistantGoogle Assistant and AlexaAlexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, IFTTTAlexa, Ring App
Life Expectancy25,000 hours25,000 hours25,000 hours15,000 hours10,000 hours
Weather ResistanceIndoor and Outdoor useIndoor useIndoor useIndoor and Outdoor useOutdoor
Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights ProLifxMiniTP-LINK Kasa Filament WiFi Light BulbPhilips Hue White and Color Ambiance LightstripGovee LED Light Strips
LighteningLumens: 26 per lightLumens: 800 Color Temperature: 9000KColor Rendering Index: 80Lumens: 600Color Temperature: 2700K
Lumens: 1600Color Temperature: 4000AKLumens: 800 Color Temperature: 3000K
Power48 W60 W5W20 W18 W
Controller TypeGovee AppAlexa and Google AssistantKasa AppAlexa, Google Assistant, IFTTTAlexa, Google Assistant
Life Expectancy50,000 hours30,000 hours25,000 hours25,000 hours20,000 hours
Weather ResistanceOutdoor Indoor useIndoor and Outdoor useIndoor useIndoor

To Sum Up,

Best Smart LED lights have smart functions like voice control, color changes, security, etc. Different lights have unique functions, usable both outside and inside. They have a high expected life with different weather resistance and control types. Smart LED strip light bulbs are used for decorative purposes by gaming enthusiasts, aesthetes, and others. You can use these smart LED lights in any area of your home from kitchen to lawn.


What are the best smart LED light strips?

TP-Link Tapo Smart Wi-Fi Light Strip L930-5 and Govee LED Strip Light M1 with Matter are the best smart LED light strips that are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

How to install smart LED strip lights

You can install smart LED strip lights in just a few easy steps:-
Choose the surface
Measure the surface
Adjust your strip lights
Clean and dry the surface
Place your strip lights

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