MacBook M3 Air

MacBook M3 Air 2024: Specs, Features, Release Date and Price

Get ready to embrace the future of computing with the upcoming MacBook M3 Air. Apple’s latest M3 chip is set to redefine performance standards, featuring efficiency cores up to 50% faster than its predecessor, the M1, and a graphics architecture described as the “largest leap forward” ever. 

The base model M3 chip boasts an 8-core CPU that outpaces the M1 by 35%, while the 10-core GPU showcases a staggering 65% improvement. Expected to launch in March 2024 alongside macOS 14.3, the MacBook Air M3 promises enhanced speed and graphics capabilities, elevating your computing experience to unprecedented heights. Stay tuned for the unveiling of this technological marvel.

MacBook M3 Air Release Date

  • Expected Release: March 2024, alongside macOS 14.3.
  • Codenamed Models: J613 (13-inch) and J615 (15-inch).
  • Production Status: Deep in production as of late January.

MacBook M3 Air Price

When Apple introduced the M2 15-inch MacBook Air in June 2023, they made the 13-inch model $100/£100 cheaper. Now, with the M3 coming, some might worry about the price going up again, but don’t worry! We expect the price to stay at $1,199 in the U.S.

Apple, being thoughtful, might adjust prices outside the U.S. too. In 2022, they adjusted prices because of money exchange changes, but in 2023, they actually lowered iPhone prices. So, who knows? Prices might just do a happy dance for the M3 MacBook Air! Looking at the crystal ball of the M2 13-inch MacBook Air, we can make some guesses. 

For example, the M2 version with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD was $1,099/£1,149. If the M3 follows its footsteps, it might stick to that tune or dance closely.

MacBook M3 Air Specs

The M3 chip in the MacBook Air is like the brain of the computer, and it’s quite powerful! It has an 8-core CPU and an 8- or 10-core GPU. These are like the engines that make your laptop run smoothly. Even though it may sound similar to the M1 and M2 chips, the M3 is made using a new 3nm process. This means it’s made in a more advanced way, allowing it to do things faster. 

The M3 can handle 8-24GB of memory. Memory is like your computer’s short-term memory – the more, the better! The MacBook Air also doesn’t have a fan inside, but that’s a good thing. It won’t make noise, and the M3 chip is so clever that it doesn’t need a fan to cool down. Plus, it has a MagSafe port for fast charging. You can connect things to it using Thunderbolt 4/USB-C ports, and there’s even a headphone jack. It’s like having different doors to connect your devices!

The MacBook Air also connects to the internet super fast with Wi-Fi 6. Even though there’s no 5G this time, it might come in the future, according to some tech experts. So, the M3 MacBook Air is not just a computer; it’s like a superhero gadget that makes everything faster and more fun!

Key MacBook M3 Air Features

  • Dynamic Caching: Described as the “largest leap forward in graphics architecture.”
  • Ray Tracing: Support for hardware-accelerated ray tracing.
  • Mesh Shading: Hardware-accelerated mesh shading
  • M3 Chip: M3 chip’s 3-nanometer fabrication process promises significant performance enhancements.
  • AVI Decode 
  • WiFi 6E

MacBook Air M3 Display

The M3 model might keep things similar to its M2 sibling. The 13-inch MacBook Air usually shows off a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display with lots of pixels (2,560-by-1,664 to be exact). It’s like having a super clear picture on your TV! The brightness goes up to 500 nits – that’s how much light it can give off, making everything look vibrant. Plus, it supports cool things like P3 color and True Tone, making your screen look just right.

But here’s the twist – the M3 might do even better! The M3 MacBook Pro has a display that’s 600 nits bright, so the Air might get a bit shinier too. Some people are hoping for mini-LED tech, which could make the display even brighter and save energy. Imagine a screen that’s like a superhero – bright and saving power!

The M3 MacBook Air will probably keep the little notch at the top, and no, it’s not a bug – it’s a feature! It holds the 1080p FaceTime camera, making video calls super clear. Even though some dream of Face ID on MacBooks, it might not happen just yet.

If you want a bigger screen, you can connect an external display using one of the M3 MacBook Air’s Thunderbolt ports. Just remember, it can only handle one extra screen.

MacBook Air M3 Colors

The M3 might come in the same pretty colors as the M2 – Midnight, Silver, Space Gray, and Starlight. There’s even a rumor that the Space Gray might become Space Black.

MacBook M3 Battery

Battery is like the heart of your laptop. The M3 MacBook Air might keep the same size battery as its M2 cousin – like having a trusty heart that does a great job! The 13-inch M2 Air boasts about 18 hours of watching Apple TV movies or 15 hours of surfing the web without needing a power nap.

But when it’s time to charge up, there might be some upgrades. The M3 MacBook Pro comes with a big 70W charger, and the M2 Air gets a 30W one. So, the M3 Air might have a more powerful charger too – like giving your laptop a speedy energy drink! And here’s a cool trick – the fancier M2 model for $1,399/£1,449 can charge two things at once with its special adapter. It’s like having a double charger magic trick!

No worries about losing power in a hurry because the M3 MacBook Air supports fast charging. It’s like giving your laptop a superhero-style energy boost when you’re in a rush. Plus, there’s this thing called MagSafe 3 – it’s like a magical cable that keeps things charged up. So, with the M3 MacBook Air, you not only get a long-lasting battery but also a charging superhero to keep it going!

MacBook Air M3 Warranty 

With MacBook you get 1 year of hardware repair coverage. However it is a limited warranty and has up to 90 days of complementary technical support.

Is MacBook Air M3 Worth Buying?

The MacBook M3 Air is faster and more efficient and will offer better graphic performance. The M3 is more or less similar to the M2 but it has 3- nanometer architecture that is more powerful. 

How Can I Buy a MacBook Air M3?

After the release of MacBook M3 Air in March or April of this year, you can buy this next generation MackBook from various ecommerce stores like Amazon or Flipkart. Moreover, you can also get it from offline Apple stores.

Comparison Between MacBook M3 vs M2 vs M1

Here are the comparison between MacBook M3, M2, and M1:- 

CPU Cores (Performance / Efficiency)4+4 (8)4+4 (8)4+4 (8)
GPU Cores7/87/87/8
Single-Core PerformanceFastestFasterFast
Multi-Core PerformanceFastestFasterFast
Neural Engine16-core16-core16-core
Media EngineProRes Encode/DecodeProRes Encode/DecodeProRes Decode Only
Display13.6-inch Liquid Retina (500 nits)13.6-inch Liquid Retina (500 nits)13.3-inch Retina (400 nits)
Battery LifeUp to 15-17 hoursUp to 14-16 hoursUp to 14-17 hours
Starting Price~$1,299 (expected)$1,199$999


  • M3 offers the best CPU and GPU performance among the three.
  • M2 and M3 support ProRes encode and decode, while M1 only decodes ProRes.
  • M3 boasts a slightly brighter display than M1 and M2.
  • M3 is expected to have slightly longer battery life than M2 and M1.
  • M1 remains the most affordable option.
  • M3 is up to 35% faster than M1, and 20% faster than M2.

M4 is up to 65% faster than M1, and up to 20% faster than M2.

Final Line

M3 is Ideal for demanding tasks like video editing, 3D rendering, and professional creative work. While M2 offers a good balance between performance and price, suitable for most users who need a powerful and portable laptop. However, M1 is still a great choice for everyday tasks, browsing, and basic creative work, especially if you prioritize affordability.


Does MacBook Air have M3?

Yes, the MacBook Air has the M3 chip.

What is the price of MacBook Air M3 in India?

Prices vary, check Apple’s official website for the latest.

Is Apple M3 better than M2?

Yes, Apple M3 is better than M2.

How much faster is M3 than M1?

M3 is up to 50% faster than M1.

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