Which Steering Wheel is Better: Thrustmaster or Logitech?

Which Steering Wheel is Better: Thrustmaster or Logitech

Every part of an automobile plays a crucial role in its functionality. And this remains true even in the car video gaming sector. The Thrustmaster steering wheel and the Logitech steering wheel give each other a tough competitor in-car video game simulation. 

Both provide easy gliding and steering, fueling the ongoing debate about which one is better for gaming. Thrustmaster and Logitech are two companies renowned for their expertise in manufacturing the best game tools and accessories.

However, both companies have some drawbacks and advantages when it comes to steering game wheels. In this blog post, we will compare and discuss which one is better for cars. 

About Thrustmaster 

Thrustmaster is a US-based company that sells incredible game racing toolkits, accessories, X-Box gadgets, and more. Because of its exclusive offers, launches, and, of course, accessories, the company has expanded its reach to more than 140 countries.

Almost every gamer has a keen eye for the tools they use while gaming. Professionals understand their importance, and Thrustmaster understands the professional’s requirements. For more than 30 years, the company has been serving the hardware industry by manufacturing tools that speak for a better future.

The Thrustmaster steering wheel for the Microsoft X-box is famous for its high-quality build and smooth gameplay. Customers can buy Sim racing wheels, pedal sets, and accessories from Thrustmaster.

About Logitech

Who does not know about Logitech? It is one of the most popular companies that manufacture a number of computer hardware and devices. In this era where technology has brought gaming to the real world, Logitech offers the best-in-class tools and gadgets that support growth. 

Logitech steering wheel for PlayStation and PC gives gamers a real-world racing experience. Whether you are professional or casual gamers, Logitech’s kit will help you explore more gaming grounds.

Logitech has engineered the gaming wheel to perfection, delivering the best experience with dual-motor force feedback, stainless steel paddle shifters, and hand-made leather wheels. It comes equipped with three adjustable floor pedals to accelerate, brake, and change gears with the feel of an actual car. 

Thrustmaster Steering Wheel VS Logitech Steering Wheel

Now that we have highlighted the qualities of both companies, it is time to compare the Thrustmaster steering wheel vs the Logitech steering wheel. 

Thrustmaster Steering Wheel

  • The Thrustmaster steering wheel is known for its high build quality that features 100% magnetic metal pedal shifters.
  • It has an immersive force feedback that gives the real feel and sensation of racing to the user. 
  • It comes optimized with engine speed LEDS, which allows the user to make improved gear shifting.
  • The Thrustmaster steering wheel has up to 13 buttons to support different types of games and suit all vehicle styles.
  • Quick Attachment system that makes it easy to handle and suitable for desks and tables. 
  • The Thrustmaster steering wheel is a round, lightweight wheel rim that gets the most power from the Force Feedback system. It reaches the maximum velocity, giving a thrilling real-life driving experience. Its automated rotational angle adapts from 270° to 900° according to the vehicle in the game.
  • Its two pedal sets ensure that precision does not fall over time. It features a 12-bit precision.

Logitech steering wheel

  • In the Logitech steering wheel box, you will get a steering wheel, pedals, power adaptor, and user manual/documentation.
  • It is compatible with G29, PlayStation 5,4,3, Powered USB port, Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7.
  • It has dual-motor force feedback, stainless steel paddle shifters, and a hand-stitched leather wheel. 
  • It uses Anodized aluminium, Hand-stitched leather, Steel, Glass-filled nylon, and Polyoxymethylene thermoplastic to create the framework of the Logitech steering wheel. 
  • It has a Nonlinear brake pedal, a Patented carpet grip system, a Textured heel grip, and Self-calibrating.
  • Its wheels provide a 900-degree lock-to-lock rotation for smooth driving. Furthermore, it has a Hall-effect steering sensor, Dual-Motor Force Feedback, and an Overheat safeguard to keep your steering wheel well protected. 
  • Adjustable floor pedals let you accelerate, brake, and change gears with the feel of an actual car.

How much is a Thrustmaster steering wheel?

Thrustmaster steering wheels are available in different models at different prices. You can purchase them online from e-commerce websites such as Amazon and Flipkart.

Typically, the Thrustmaster steering wheel on Amazon ranges from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 54,000. You can check your favourite model from the following links:-

How Much is the Logitech Steering Wheel?

Logitech steering wheels are also available for online purchase on various e-commerce platforms. They typically range between Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 60,000. At www.amazon.in, you can find various models at different prices.

Here are some of the best Logitech steering wheels available on Amazon:-

Logitech vs Thrustmaster: Which steering wheel should you purchase?  

Logitech and Thrustmaster are both great in their own way. However, there are mixed reviews on Google, so it can be a little difficult to choose which one to purchase.

Ideally, it depends on the requirements of the customers and on what level they are playing. Casual gamers can go with lower-cost versions, whereas professional gamers may want to start with high-end steering wheels that provide a lot more features.

One review claims that Thrustmaster steering wheels provide a little bit more force feedback. Logitech steering wheels, on the other hand, offer a decent balance between performance and build quality. Some argue that Thrustmaster steering wheels are not as well-made as Logitech’s steel faceplates and leather-wrapped wheels. 

According to Reddit users, the Thrustmaster T300 has a belt drive, swappable wheels, and almost double the torque of the Logitech G920. 

At Last

Both Thrustmaster Steering Wheels and Logitech steering wheels provide a great gaming experience. Customers love the quality, value, and force feedback of their controllers. However, the debate about which one is better and which one they should purchase remains in the minds of the customers. Therefore, in this blog post we have discussed all the features of the company summary to help you decide better. Moreover, we have shared links through which you can directly purchase the controllers on Amazon.


Is Thrustmaster Wheel Better Than Logitech?

Thrustmaster T-GT 2 is one of the most expensive wheels, but it is unquestionably worth the money. The Logitech G923, on the other hand, offers an amazing experience at a competitive cost.

Is Thrustmaster T300 Better Than Logitech G923?

The T300RS’s dual belt design offers a smoother and quieter experience than the G923’s multi-plastic gear mechanism.

Which Is The Best Steering Wheel In The World?

Here is the list of some of the best steering wheels in 2024:-
– Thrustmaster T248
– Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel
– Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel
– Logitech G923 steering wheel 
– Logitech G920 Driving Force

Is The Thrustmaster T150 Better Than the Logitech G29?

The Thrustmaster T150 and TMX are better than the G29 from Logitech. The Thrustmaster T150’s ability to provide stronger and more accurate force feedback is by far its greatest benefit.

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