Unhas De Gel Bonitas Tips and Trendy Styles

unhas de gel bonitas

Playing with your nails is a great way to upgrade your looks. If you have small and unshiny nails, try unhas de gel bonitas and add a touch of glam. unhas de gel bonitas are nail extensions that give shape and shade to your nails, adding lasting shine and finish. If you have never tried it, given below are some of the steps to apply, tips, and tricks to level up your hands. 

What are Gel Nails?

The trend of nail art is taking fashion to the next level and gel nails have become popular for their long-lasting nature as compared to other nail art. A special gel is put on the nails and given shape and dried under UV or LED lamp. After drying it, it becomes hard and sticks to nails, creating a durable and chip-resistant surface. They can last up to two weeks without peeling and are easy to remove, so you can change your nail color whenever you want.

How to Apply Gel nails?

To apply unhas de gel bonitas, you require some materials, which are mentioned below along with the steps:

Material Requirement

  • Gel nail polish
  • UV/LED lamp
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • Nail prep solution (alcohol)
  • Nail buffer
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Lint-free nail wipes
  • Orangewood stick


  • Remove any applied nail polish and clean nails with a nail prep solution.
  • Use a nail buffer to clean the surface of your nails.
  • With the help of a cuticle pusher, push back your cuticles.
  • Now, apply a thin layer of base coat to all nails.
  • Preserve it for 30-60 seconds under the UV/LED lamp.
  • Choose your favourite gel nail polish colour.
  • Apply a thin layer of the polish.
  • Now again, preserve it under the lamp for 30-60 seconds.
  • Repeat this with a second layer of polish, and preserve each layer under the lamp.
  • Use an orangewood stick to remove any excess polish around your nails.
  • Apply a layer of top coat to all nails.
  • Again, preserve under the lamp for 30-60 seconds.
  • Dip a lint-free nail wipe in rubbing alcohol.
  • Wipe nails to remove any sticky residue left from the top coat.
  • Apply cuticle oil or lotion to keep your nails and cuticles moisturised.

How Do You Remove Gel Nails?

As it is dried under UV or LED lamp, removing it is quiet difficult as compared to other nail art forms. You need specific materials to remove your unhas de gel bonitas. The required items are mentioned below: 

Material Requirement

  • Acetone-based nail polish remover
  • Cotton balls or pads
  • Aluminium foil
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Nail filer


  • Use a nail file to clean the top layer of your gel polish.
  • Soak cotton balls or nail wraps in acetone-based nail polish remover.
  • Place the acetone-soaked cotton balls or wraps on your nails and secure them with aluminium foil.
  • Leave for 10-15 minutes or until the gel polish loosens up.
  • Use a cuticle pusher or orange stick to push off the gel polish.
  • Be careful not to use too much force, as you may damage your natural nails.
  • Use a nail buffer to remove the remaining gel polish residue.
  • Wipe your nails with a cotton ball dipped in acetone.
  • Apply cuticle oil or a moisturising hand cream to your nails and cuticles to rehydrate them.

Tips for Healthy and unhas de gel bonitas 

  • Look for salons that use high-quality products and follow proper hygiene practices.
  • Remove old polish, gently push back cuticles, and buff the nail surface to create a smooth base.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for curing time to ensure the gel cures properly.
  • Avoid over-applying gel, as it can lead to chipping and lifting.
  • Apply a thin gel layer to the nail’s free edge to prevent it from breaking easily.
  • Apply cuticle oil or cream to keep cuticles hydrated and prevent them from drying out.
  • Wear gloves when doing housework or using harsh chemicals.
  • Schedule fills every 2-3 weeks to prevent lifting and maintain the shape and length of your nails.
  • Use acetone-based nail polish remover and soak your nails for 10-15 minutes before gently scraping off the gel.
  • Allow your nails to rest for a few days or weeks between gel applications to prevent damage and allow them to recover.

Pros and Cons of Using Gel Nails

1.It is easy to useIt is more expensive than other nail arts
2.It is long-lasting (2-3 weeks)It also can damage your cuticles
3.It dries very fastThe process of gel nails is time-consuming
4.No need to worry about breaking the nailsIt also can damage your natural nails
5.You can have different varieties and colours It is not suitable for everyone’s hand


Gel Nails are creating a storm in this GenZ world. You must want unhas de gel bonitas. Why wait? Get your nails done. But you should know about the harmful effects of these nails, so learn about gel nails, such as their application and removal procedure, with some useful tips and pros and cons. Furthermore, gel nails are attractive and look beautiful. You require some materials to do your nails; follow some precautions. Some good qualities of gel nails are that they last longer than other nail arts, dry faster, and more.

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