India vs Australia Final: Date, Venue, Team Standings and More

India vs Australia Final: Date, Venue, Team Standings and More

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The most exciting moment of ICC Worldcup 2023 is here: the final battle, the India vs Australia final match. Indeed, this World Cup season has been a long road of struggle and fortune, but with compassion and hard work, we have our final teams.

The moment for which fans across the world have been waiting will commence at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad Sunday, November 19, 2:00 pm IST. While India is in the World Cup Final after winning India vs New Zealand Semi-Finals, Australia has made an epic comeback. After ground-defeating South Africa in the semi-finals, the team stands strong to take on India in the finals.

This blog post will explore the epic gameplay of both teams during the whole ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule. Additionally, we will comment on the possible outcomes and predict who will win the World Cup trophy this season.

ScoreBoard of India vs Australia Final

ICC World Cup 2023 has been genuinely glorious and rip-roaring. All the teams have done their best, but only the most potent ones got to enter the final ground battle. After years, people will witness the India vs Australia final match. And no doubt, it will break the Internet for sure.

Bets! Who will win….?

Team India has had a great start since the beginning of the ICC World Cup 2023. So far, it has not lost a match and stands at the top of the ICC World Cup 2023 Points table. Given that, the following table shows Team India’s score for this season.

Team India

Team India
Total Matches Played9
Net Run Rate+2.570

The glorious journey of team India displayed spectacular playing power this season. No doubt, their score chart conveys a message, “With hard work and passion, one can conquer anything”.

Team Australia

Team Australia
Total Matches Played9
Net Run Rate+0.841

What Makes the ICC World Cup 2023 Special?

Do you remember the day when Sachin Tendulkar announced Kohli’s credibility to break his record?….well let me announce to you that he already did!

In the India vs New Zealand semi-final match, Virat Kohli scored his 50th century, breaking Sachin Tendulkar’s ODI record. Indeed, what can be more fascinating than breaking narratives set by a milestone?

The six-week-long journey of Team India has made the country proud, and it is highly anticipated that it will take the World Cup Trophy. But only time will tell us who will win the match. It may be unfortunate for team India to stand against Australia.

While India has shown fans a fusion of hard work and compassion, other teams are not very much behind. Australia has set a remarkable comeback after beating South Africa in the semi-final II held on 16 November, Eden Gardens, Kolkata. Now next to witness is their impeccable gameplay in the finals on 19 November.

So, ladies and gentlemen, sit back and watch the thrilling India vs Australia final battle match.

The Last India vs Australia Final Clash

India vs Australia final World Cup matches have always been exciting and suspenseful. Of course, both teams stand as the strongest, but the clash is not something new. They last faced off each other in the 2007 World Cup, where Australia won. Previously, the team set a record in the 2003 World Cup final match, where it again made a remarkable win by 125 runs and lifted the World Cup trophy for the third time.

Now, after years, both teams are prepared with their full potential to battle against each other at Narendra Modi Stadium on 19 November.

Both teams will be a reckoning match because of their history and past clashes. No doubt, the whole world is a little high over the heels to witness the game!

Squad Members of India Vs Australia Final Match

Both India and Australia are ready to clash against each other with their most potent squad players. While Team India is proud to have epic all-rounders and fast spinners, Australia is all set to take on India with their premium batters.

Indeed, the match is going to be worth watching. And for the third time, we will witness them take on each other for the World Cup trophy. However, the players are different this year, and so is their expertise.

Given that, here are the squad members from both teams revealed:-

Team India Team Australia
Rohit Sharma (Captain)Pat Cummins (Captain)
Hardik Pandya (Vice Captain)Steve Smith
Shubman GillAlex Carey
Virat KohliJosh Inglis
Shreyas IyerSean Abbott
KL RahulMarnus Labuschagne
Ravindra JadejaCameron Green
Shardul ThakurJosh Hazlewood
Jasprit BumrahTravis Head
Mohammed SirajMitch Marsh
Kuldeep YadavGlenn Maxwell
Mohammed ShamiMarcus Stoinis
Ravichandran AshwinDavid Warner
Ishan KishanAdam Zampa
Suryakumar YadavMitchell Starc

Date and Venue of India Vs Australia Final Match

The last match, the ICC World Cup 2023 finals, is scheduled for 19 November, Sunday, at 2:00 pm. The game will commence at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad Gujrat. Of course, it is going to be a big showdown because it is the finals. The world is waiting for the moment, and it is your notice to prepare for the upcoming match.

It will be thrilling to see both the teams face off each other on the cricket pitch. With so much growth, hard work, and improvement over the years, the match will showcase a battle never witnessed before.

Match-Winning Predictions of India vs Australia Final

After both the teams have defeated New Zealand and South Africa, respectively, they are ready to face off against each other in the finals. So far, Australia and India have played around 149 ODI matches, with Australia taking victory on 83 of them.

In ICC World Cups as well, Australia has deeper routes than India. Aussies have won eight out of the 12 matches so far. Certainly, team Australia has a 3-2 winning advantage over India in the last five games. Considering, India lost two and Australia only given a plus one in their last 5 ODI matches.

India vs. Australia World Cup Final 2023 winning predictions

However, the match predictions for the ICC World Cup 2023 state otherwise. According to Google, there is a 60% chance for team India to win the trophy. But, considering Australia’s best batters, the mood of the match can change remarkably.

Weather Forecast of India vs Australia ICC World Cup 2023 Final

While the weather on 19 November 2023, Sunday, is expected to be Sunny, there is a 20% chance of rain. According to AccuWeather, there will be some cloud fog in the sky, but the atmosphere will most likely be clear.

However, there is a prediction for humidity to reach up to 78% in the air.

Where to Watch the India vs Australia Final Online?

Cricket enthusiasts can now enjoy the live show on Disney Plus Hotstar. The platform allows users to watch full HD+ videos for the best streaming experience. You can download the app from the Play Store or watch the live match on the website.

Users may buy premium plans that feature optimum-quality streaming For the best experience. The plans are cost-effective, and you can enjoy some benefits. Given that, you can buy the most suitable Disney Plus Hotstar premium plan.

The match will start at 2:00 pm, 19 November, and fans can buy premium for Full HD plus screenplay and uninterrupted streaming beforehand.


The ICC World Cup 2023 has been a long journey of hard work, fortune, compassion, and fun. The six weeks have again created a remarkable time in the history of cricket. While some teams have risen, others have fallen. In the end, the world has got the two strongest teams to face off against each other on the grounds of Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad Gujrat, 19 November. 

So, ladies and gentlemen, be ready to witness the biggest showdown for this season!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where to watch the India vs Australia Finals in the USA?

Ans. Following are some sites where you can watch India vs Australia Finals ICC World Cup 2023 Finals:-

  • ESPN Plus: The official World Cup of Cricket broadcast in 2023. ESPN Plus is available for $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year.
  • Disney+ Hotstar: The Disney+ Hotstar mobile app will provide a free live stream of the game. On the other hand, viewing on a laptop or TV requires a membership.
  • Willow TV: Willow TV is a cable station that will webcast the match.

Furthermore, the game is also available to watch on Fox Sports, Sports18, 9Now, PTV Sports, and Star Sports.

Q. What time does the India vs Australia Finals match start?

Ans. The India vs Australia ICC World Cup 2023 final match will begin sharp at 2:00 pm. The match is scheduled on the grounds of Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad Gujrat, on 19 November.

Q. Who won the India vs Australia cricket match?

Ans. It is yet to see who will win the ICC World Cup 2023. However, Google suggests a 60% winning chance for India.

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