What Will Happen After Russia Presidential Elections Result? 

Russia Presidential Elections Result

Vladimir Putin is one of the strongest and longest-serving Russian or Soviet leaders since the great Joseph Stalin. Russia Presidential Elections Results are just out, and like in previous years, Putin has secured the leadership. 

Born on 7 October 1952, the Soviet leader has constantly served his nation as the president as well as prime minister since 1999. In 2024, Putin again graced the elections by winning 87% of the votes, as suggested by an exit poll. He graded his win as the caliber, trust, and reliance that the Russian citizens put in him. However, the real question that intimidated the whole world was the possibility of the III World War. 

After a massive disaster and fall in the world economy due to the Russian-Ukraine war, a threat from Russia again rises as the leadership falls under Putin. let us see in this blog post what will happen after Russia’s Election Results

When Was Russia Presidential Election Result Announced?

Russia Presidential Elections results are out. Polling began on Friday and lasted till 17 March. As Vladimir Putin seats another term in the President’s Office, Ukraine launched missiles on Moscow’s infrastructure because of the ongoing war.

The poll results of the elections were announced on March 18, re-electing Putin as the leader. He will be inaugurated as winner on 7 May 2024. His win means that he will govern the country for the next 12 years or so, that is, 2036. He passed an amendment that allows him to secure 2 more ruling years. 

This time, approximately 112.3 Russian citizens were eligible to vote. Despite such a large number, many Russians were hesitant to cast a vote because they feared their votes would drift in Putin’s favor. 

Who were the candidates against Putin in this Russia Presidential Elections Result?

This year’s Russia Presidential Elections Result saw many candidates stand against Putin. Given that, here is a list of other leaders who participated in this year’s election:-

  • Vladislav Davankov–representing the New People Party
  • Leonid Slutsky–leader of the ultra-nationalist (LDPR) Liberal Democratic Party of India.
  • Nikolay Kharitonov–representative of the Communist party

There were more candidates who stood for the presidency. However, they were barred out of the elections for various reasons. Nadezhdin was barred from candidacy despite following proper eligibility in the initial stages. 

The assembly announced the official declaration via a striking EC session. Upper officials mentioned that there were some irregularities in the signatures of voters supporting his candidacy. However, the main reason for Nadezhdin’s ban was his status as the only explicitly anti-war candidate. 

Though people regarded it as the real reason, Vladislav Davankov also made announcements for “peace and negotiations” with Ukraine.

Putin’s Response To Russia Presidential Elections Result

Vladimir Putin thanked the Russian citizens, saying his win was a result of the faith, trust, and reliance that they had placed on him. During his thanking speech, Putin made a statement about strengthening Russia’s defense system. 

He mentioned powering the Russian Federation’s Defense Capabilities and issuing special operations. Following this, he brought up the topic of Russian border states showing courage to fight. Indicating to Ukraine, he said:-

“No one has intimidated them and will not be able to do so. Law enforcement officers, he said, will identify and take measures against those who are fighting against Russia.”

While talking to reporters, Putin exposed an internal deal where he proposed to release imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny–before his death.

Putin Said, “A few days before Navalny passed away, I was told that there was an idea to exchange him for people in prison in Western countries.”

The only reason for his approval was “so that he does not return.” 

Reflecting on this, Putin expressed–“Unfortunately, what happened had happened.”

What is Noon Against Putin?

Noon Against Putin is a protest act by Russian citizens against Putin’s presidency. It was a peaceful protest on March 17, 2024. Voters who opposed Vladimir Putin went to polling stations at noon to vote against him or spoil the ballot. 

The protest was in support of Alexey Navalny, Putin’s political foe who died in an Arctic prison and who some Russians view as a corrupt autocrat. 

Many Russians attended the protest with signs and boards stating, “Stop War Against Ukraine.” They protested at noon before the Russia Presidential Elections Re

sult were announced. Some higher officials mentioned that militants confined more than 75 people in 17 Russian cities on the last day of voting. 

Yulia Navalnaya, the widow of Alexei Navalny, appeared at the protest and encouraged people to vote against Putin. She pushed her vote at the Russian embassy in Berlin.

Navalnaya openly published that:-

 “Putin is not a politician, he’s a gangster. Alexei Navalny became famous in Russia and hated by Putin precisely because, from the beginning of his fight, he openly described Putin and his allies as gangsters who had seized and used power only for their own enrichment and to fulfill their personal ambitions.”

She further claims that Vladimir gave direct orders to murder her husband, Alexei Navalny, in the prison.

What Putin Will Do With Another 6 Years In Power?

Now, the real concern that arises is what Putin will do with another 6 years in power.

The Soviet leader has been on duty since 1999. His thanking speech after exit poll results showed a direct connection to the federal conflict against Ukraine. He said that Law Enforcement officers will take proper measures against anyone who tries to stand against Russia.

This intention of war against Eukraine has suggested distant glims of World War III!

The 2024 Russia Presidential Elections Result gave Putin the ticket to the president’s office for the next 6 years. Till 2030, he will govern Russia, completing a whole 3 decades of leadership.

Putin’s another 6 years of leadership has provoked anxiety among various observers and Russian citizens. After his inauguration ceremony, Putin will probably head into a fresh term with some apparent bonds. These bonds may quickly manifest itself quickly in major new actions.

In a commentary, Bryn Rosenfeld–a Cornell University professor who studies post-Communist politics, said, “Russia’s presidential election is not so important as what will come after. Putin has often postponed unpopular moves until after elections.

Most observers predict that Putin may call for a second military mobilization to fight in Ukraine. The first one was in September 2022, which led to protests and many Russians fleeing from the country.

A majority of Russians believe that it could happen!

Will World War III Take Place? 

According to Texas A&M experts, World War III is unexpected. Most international experts believe that the world will not allow it to happen. This is mainly because of its irreparable consequences, which could affect every citizen of each country. 

The Russia Presidential Elections Result marked Putin’s victory again as the Soviet leader. His recent speech has suggested federal military strength and upfront combat against Ukraine. This has drawn high anticipations for a long-term war against the country. 

Moscow’s partnership with prominent countries such as China, India, and the Global South may be structured by Putin’s election victory. This may primarily be the result of Putin’s firm control over Russian politics.

Given that, let us see what the observers are saying:-

Brian Michael Jenkins, a consultant at the RAND Corporation, told The Associated Press that “Russian leaders are now talking of consolidating the whole of Russian society around its defense needs.”

In short, Russian leaders and citizens have understood that Putin’s intention for war stands up straight. Even his recent speech suggested that the war may go on for a long time, and therefore resources must be mobilized. Therefore, military officials must systematize Russia for unchanging warfare.

However, many people, including Tatiana Stanovaya from Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center, suggest that Putin may not organize a mobilization. This is mainly because Putin has taken advantage of this by recruiting citizens from poor regions. 

Many men have signed up to earn a higher wage than what they generally get. 

America or Washington is hardly showing any support for Ukraine amid the war. However, French President Emmanuel Macron and Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski said that they could at least send troops to back Kyiv (the Capital of Ukraine). 

These statements may motivate Putin to accept NATO’s resolve!


Putin will govern the Soviet nation for another 6 years. The exit poll results of the Russia Presidential Elections Result 2024 announced his victory. With him in charge of the federal power, there is high anticipation of ongoing war with the Ukraine. Alternatively, many people hypothesize the occurrence of World War III. However, it is yet to see if Putin will accept NATO’s resolve against Ukraine. 

On the day of the poll result announcement, many people set out on the roads to protest against Putin (Noon Against Putin). They took this step to express their opposition to the president’s unlawful governance. Nevertheless, the inauguration of the soon-to-be president will held on 07 May 2024. 

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