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Ramco Concentrix is a company with an online portal,, developed by Ramco System. This portal services Concentrix’s members and clients, helps businesses manage customer interactions, and is a cloud-based platform that improves business management.

Moreover, this portal allows users to interact with colleagues, access work-related information, and complete tasks before the deadline. It provides complete information between employees, users, and the organisation. It also carries important information about the company’s partnership. Also about customer feedback and insight into the industry. It maintains the workflow.

What is is an online portal and website of Ramco System. Ramco Concentrix combines Ramco System and Concentrix. Ramco System is a software company that provides cloud-based solutions to industries. Concentrix is a business services company. It provides information on topics such as HCM, AME, and enterprise resource management (ERM).

What are the features of Ramco Concentrix?

Ramco Concentrix presents the following main features:

  • Performance Management: The website allows users to check their career performance, track feedback and achievements, and more. This helps them prepare for upcoming challenges.
  • Learning and management: Users can get new course assignments to learn new updates and more. They can also get training assignments. And also track their previous assignments on this portal.
  • Attendance and Time tracking: Users can check their attendance for the month, last, and upcoming months. It maintains the record. It also tracks the overtime activity, leaves taken and more. The organisation can schedule the work for the employee.
  • Payrolls Management: The portal helps the organisation manage the employees’ payrolls. It monitors the finance, CRM, HR, and more. Also manages the taxes or extra charges based on different currencies.

How to get access and use

The organisation must provide the user’s ID, email, and password when registering. To get access to, follow the given steps:

1. Search the official website of the company (

2. You can see the option of email and password in the upper right corner

3. Enter the mail ID on Concentrix email address and password

4. Enter the captcha if asked

5. Click on sign-in

  • If you cannot log in because you forgot your password. Click the password reset tool to update it.
  • If your password has expired, click on the Concentrix password reset and update it.
  • If you cannot get the password after doing these two steps. Check the IT helpdesk number of every country, and they will provide it.

To Use the Ramco Concentrix, follow the below steps:

  • Sign in with email ID and password
  • After signing, you will be on the dashboard and find various options on your device
  • To access your training management system, click on TMS. There you will find training courses, assignments, and other options.
  • To access your employee self-service, click on ESS. You will see your profile and information.
  • If you want access to your VirtualWorks, you will see the option of VirtalWorks. Click on that to access the dashboard.

If you want to change the language, theme, design, and more, click on the setting and make the changes.

How to install the Ramco Concentrix Portal?

Implementing the Ramco Concentrix Portal goes when you follow a clear plan. Here’s what to expect:

  • Consult the key people in your organization to learn about their goals. If there are any problems the organisation faces. This will help them to design the portal for their specific situation.
  • Based on its needs, arrange the portal with the features the organisation uses most. This includes setting up workflows and connecting the portal to its existing systems.
  • Transfer the information from its old systems to the new portal. To ensure a smooth transition and keep your history intact.
  • Provide training sessions to help the team get the most out of the portal. This includes accessing payslips through the Ramco login.
  • Before launching, test the portal to ensure it works well. If yes, integrate it with its other systems. Once testing is complete, the portal will be ready to use.
  • The support team is available 24/7 to answer questions and troubleshoot problems, ensuring a smooth portal experience.

In a Nutshell is an online portal for the employees and users of Ramco Concentrix. Ramco System, developed and designed to help employees. It also maintains digital relations between organisations and employees.

Moreover, employees can check important information related to the company, including information related to payrolls, training, attendance, tasks, targets, and deadlines. The system also monitors all activities and maintains a track record.

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