Locked In Netflix
Locked In Netflix

Locked In Netflix: Missing the Thrills

An Overview

Locked In Netflix is a 1 hr 36 mins long movie streaming on Netflix from 01 Nov, 2023. The movie is about murder, love, and betrayal, giving thrills and cliche vibes at the same time.

  • Director- Nour Wazzi
  • Writer- Rowan Joffe
  • Stars- Famke JanssenRose WilliamsAlex Hassell
  • Genre: Horror
  • Platform: Netflix
  • Language: English

Locked In Netflix Cast

  • Famke Janssen: Katherine
  • Rose Williams: Lina
  • Alex Hassell: Doctor Lawrence
  • Finn Cole: Jamie
  • Anna Friel: Nurse Mackenzie
  • Georgia Thorne: Young Lina
  • Toby Ryan: Young Jamie
  • Karl Collins: Neurosurgeon
  • Lesley Molony: Doctor
  • Chris Hallaways: First Arborist
  • Rachel Holifield: Second Arborist
  • Cameron Robertson: Landlord
  • Hope Delaney: Katherine’s TV Daughter

Locked In Plot Review:

Firstly, Locked In Netflix locks some secrets, and these secrets can be devastating. This crime thriller, directed by Nour Wazzi and written by Rowan Joffe, opens up with a patient in a coma. And the story is built around how she ended up here. It is revealed that Katherine met an almost fatal accident. However, this accident turns out to be a murder.

Nour Wazzi has something very different for all the horror genre fans as she brings up the new plot. A plot that shows all its characters in some kind of psychological prison. The protagonist, Katherine, is Locked In 2023 a prison of vanity and self-doubt. She thinks that her empathy has resulted in her destruction. 

She has an adopted daughter, Lina, who married Jamie. Lina is also locked in her mental prison of self-doubt and dependence on her relationships. Here comes a third wheel named Doctor Lawrence, and the cycle of love and betrayal starts.

The story starts in a hospital, and we meet a nurse, Nicky Mackenzie, who is investigating the truth behind Katherine’s murder. As Lina is the narrator, she speaks not the truth but only that much that keeps her from becoming a suspect.

The plot has all the turns and twists of a gothic, thriller but the story comes out to be cliche, disappointing the audience. And the audience does feel Locked In 2023 in a cliche plot.


The IMDB has given just a 5.1 rating and 2624 popularity with a downtrend. Moreover, Entertainment Time has given a 2.5 rating out of 5. Which is not enough to recommend. But anyone who likes to watch the old classic storyline can watch this one.

People had high hopes for this movie, after watching the trailer. And 8.2k Netflix added this to their watch list. Nevertheless, it is just a one-time watch. Moreover, the plot doesn’t justify the highly skilled cast.

IMDB Users Reviews

Almost 90% of the reviewers on IMDB have given bad ratings and negative reviews on this movie. Some have called it just “Poor” to say anything else about it while the majority have created puns around the name itself- “Locked In: find a key and escape this movie!”, Lock this away, Being locked in somewhere is preferable to watching this and it goes on.

While others are disappointed by the ending and climax of the movie.

“Ending doesn’t make sense, so many plot holes!!!”

“Complete nonsense”

The cliched plot is highly condemned by the audience, and they call it

“Unapologetically generic and soulless”

“Bored out”

However, some have a very moderate view, calling it an ok Netflix movie, not bad, etc.

However, there is also that 10% who have given 6 ratings and said, “I liked it.”

The likes and dislikes vary from one person to another. However, if you are a person who is not looking for a cliche movie, but an engaging and unique plot, then this one is not for you.

Some Must Watch Thrillers on Netflix:

If you are looking for some mindblowing thrillers that are not cliche like Locked In 2023, you must explore the below-mentioned ones. These are some of my favorite thrillers, available on Netflix.

  1. The Good Nurse
  2. The Gift
  3. Emily the Criminal
  4. The Devil All The Time
  5. 1922

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