How to Take Instagram-Worthy Amalfi Coast Photos?

Instagram-Worthy Amalfi Coast Photos

The Amalfi coast is a breathtaking stretch of land along the coast of Italy, with beautiful beaches and cliffs. This area is particularly popular for its varied landscape and dramatic scenery. There’s everything from the lush forest to rocky beaches and small villages huddled between the hills. If you’re looking for some great Instagram-worthy Amalfi Coast photos then you have come to the right place. Exploring the Amalfi Coast will bring you a lot of adventures and beautiful pictures that you can post on all your social media profiles.

For instance, the best thing about this place is that there are so many ways to explore it. From scenic drives to hiking trails and even boat tours! And if you’re looking for some Amalfi coast photos, then you have come to the right place. But before diving into that, meanwhile, we will discover the Amalfi coast of Italy.

What is So Special About The Amalfi Coast of Italy?

One look at the Amalfi Coast and you will be convinced that you’ve found heaven on earth. That’s the kind of fascinating effect this stretch of Italian coastline tends to have on the 5 million annual visitors who cross its hypnotic and mesmerizing paths. Specifically, the 13 seaside towns and the coast that call it home are all associated via the SS163 highway, considered one of the most pleasing drives in the world. Also, each town comes furnished with signature Amalfi topography, as well as standout features of its own.

The pastel-colored Positano draws in the famous and rich for its luxurious cliffside resorts and fine Italian dining. Also, the town of Amalfi is Italy’s oldest maritime republic, once serving as a big technical and commercial hub in the Mediterranean. The alpine town of Ravello may not be for the chicken-hearted, but its stunning ocean views and ancient villas will be sculpted in your memory for years to come.

Praiano’s quiet shorelines will calm the beach lovers and Minori, home to one of the oldest pastas in the world, is a must-visit for foodies. And if you plan on passing through Cetara, you can make a visit to the ancient Norman Tower too. Which according to legend, was established by Hercules himself. However you decide to explore the Amalfi Coast, its dignity is guaranteed to leave you completely shockingly long after you’ve gone!

About The Map of Italy Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast expands geographically from Punta Campanella on the southern edge of the southern peninsula to the town of Vietri sul Mare. Also, the coast is located 50 kilometers south of Naples and north of the Cilento peninsula, with Salerno sitting to the far east. The landscape comprises Mediterranean brush, limestone cliffs, and small villages and towns landing on the cliff sides.

There are 13 villages and towns on the Amalfi Coast:-

  • Amalfi
  • Cetara
  • Scala
  • Vietri Sul Mare
  • Furore
  • Positano
  • Praiano
  • Conca De’ Marini
  • Minori
  • Tramonti
  • Ravello
  • Atrani
  • Maiori

Italy has a bounty of postcard-perfect coastal towns, each with an individual perspective of awe-inspiring ocean views. Also, with a series of colored houses blanketing dramatic cliff faces, these spots are quiet to the eye from the sea.

Perhaps the most famous coast of Italy is the 40-kilometer-long Amalfi coast in the region of Campania which faces out onto the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Amalfi Coast is under the Unesco World Heritage Sites list situated in Salerno province in the region of Campania. The coastline stretches from Positano in the west to Vietri sul Mare in the east, around 40 kilometers.

How to take Great Photos of the Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi coast Italy, and its neighboring area, is known as one of the world’s most beautiful spots. Also, the Blue skies meet heavenly seas, pastel-colored houses clasp to cliffs that are dense with flowers and greenery, and bougainvillea grows next to lemon groves – it’s really obvious why the region attracts photographers and travelers alike.

But what are the best spots to take Amalfi Coast photos? Where are the exact locations that are really going to get the likes flooding into your Instagram feed? Let’s check out some of the most breathtaking and beautiful views in the area. Also, we are including the whole of the Sorrentino peninsula and the islands of the Bay of Naples. So if you are planning to stay here during your trip, do visit the mentioned places to take Instagram-worthy Amalfi Coast photos!

Destination Places in Positano

  • Spiaggia Grande (The Main Beach)
  • The View Backwards From Via Positanesi D’america
  • Fornillo Beach
  • The Trellis-Covered Walkway South Of Piazza Dei Mulini
  • The Wall Outside The Church Of Santa Maria Assunta

Places in Ravello

  • Villa Rufolo
  • This Awesome Tunnel On Via Dei Rufolo
  • The Cats Who Spend Time Near The Monastero D S. Chiara

Destination Places in Sorrento

  • Piazza Della Vittoria
  • Marina Grande
  • The Metal Pier At Marina Grande
  • Sorrento Sunsets
  • Via Degli Archi
  • Vallone Dei Mulini
  • Leonelli’s Beach
  • The Fruit Shops Around Via S. Cesario

Places in Capri

  • The Island’s Artworks
  • Via Krupp
  • Via Del Pizzolungo
  • The View From Via Tragara
  • Monte Solaro
  • The Blue Grotto
  • Capri From The Sea
  • Punta Carena Lighthouse

Destination Places in Procida and Ischia

  • Castelo Aragonese
  • Via Roma
  • Procida

Places in Naples

  • Herculaneum
  • Pompeii
  • The Doors Of Castel Nuovo
  • The Streets
  • Christmas Alley

Destination Places in Amalfi

  • The Fountain In Piazza Duomo
  • The Cathedral Of Sant’andrea
  • Atrani
  • The Pier

Top 10 Best Hotels in Amalfi Coast Italy

  1. Hotel Amalfi
  2. Graal Hotel
  3. Hotel Mary
  4. Le Sirenuse
  5. Hotel Raito
  6. Miramalfi Hotel
  7. Hotel Tramonto D’oro
  8. Montemare Hotel
  9. Villa Magia
  10. Casa Teresa

Tips To Make Some Instagram-Worthy Amalfi Coast Photos

Visiting this amazing place with your loved ones is the best but having a beautiful photoshoot with the best photographer is even better! Get lost in this dreamy town with some of the best tips:

  • Look For The Best Photographer: There are a lot of talented photographers. You can search for them on Google and view their rating, IG profile, and their website.
  • Search for the Most Iconic Location: Location is everything to make some Instagram-worthy Amalfi Coast Photos.
  • Light Is Everything: The best time for a photo shoot is no doubt sunset or sunrise. So, make sure you do your photoshoot at these times.
  • Hotal View: You can also take Amalfi Coast Photos, in your hotel room. Choosing your hotel is another important thing. You can read the article above to have a clear guide to choosing the best hotel for you.

Last Words

Italy’s Amalfi Coast possesses a classic Mediterranean landscape, a sensual and hypotonic blend of both cultural and natural wonders. Also, the breathtaking terrain includes orchards, and dramatic coastline topography scattered with terraced vineyards and pastures.

Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world. Colorful fishing villages, coastal hill towns, and lemon groves attract you to every corner of the coast. With so many delightful and pleasing places to see, It can be a little confusing to plan your Instagram-worthy Amalfi Coast Photos. Also, we have mentioned each and every place for you to visit. In a nutshell, this is a complete guide for everyone who is planning to visit this amazing place and has some Instagram-worthy Amalfi Coast Photos!


What towns are there on the Amalfi Coast?

The Towns on the Amalfi Coast are Positano, Ravello, Atrani and Amalfi are some of them.

How to take great photos of the Amalfi Coast?

Go armed with a solid tripod, filters galore, and a wide-angle lens! And you are good to go.

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