Samsung Galaxy Ring: Specs, Features, Release Date, and Price

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In a groundbreaking announcement at the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Samsung has taken the tech industry by storm with the introduction of its latest invention, the Samsung Galaxy Ring

Revealed for the first time, this wearable gadget promises to redefine the health-tracking landscape, leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of the Samsung Health platform.

We had heard rumors about the smart ring for months, but nothing was made official until the last Samsung Unpacked event. As we understand more about Samsung’s entry into the smart ring market, we will provide you with every detail about the Galaxy Ring in this blog. 

Samsung Galaxy Ring Overview

After the successful launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra. It is now safe to say that the Samsung Ring is here. On the 17th of January, the company tested the ring at the Galaxy Unpacked event. Though the information was limited at that time, Samsung revealed the first pictures of the smart device. The company then showed off the smart ring at MWC 2024 while unveiling more details about it.

In 2022, a patent for the device was reported, and the Korean Intellectual Property Right Information Service (KIPRIS) presented a trademark for the Samsung Galaxy Ring. So we know that for a while, Samsung has been eyeing this form factor.

Samsung said that the Galaxy Smart Ring will be a part of a larger Samsung Health Push. In this, the company plans to have AI analyze health data collected by the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 or by the Ring. 

According to Samsung Mobile Digital Health Chief Hon Pak, the Samsung Ring has an array of sleep-tracking and health features, plus more features added down the line. 

The Samsung Ring will be available in black, gold, and silver colors. Also, it will be available in nine sizes from 5 to 13. Additionally, it will not be compatible with the iPhone, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

According to a patent filed by the company, the Samsung Smart Ring is specially made to cover the categories of wearable smart gadgets in the nature of a smart ring for measuring, tracking, uploading, and monitoring fitness, health, and sleep-related information.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Price

There is no official announcement yet on how much the Samsung Galaxy Ring will cost and exactly when it will be finally released for purchase. Oura Ring is the most popular gadget in this category and is also the current market leader for smart rings. 

If Samsung enters the market to compete with other smart devices, specifically a ring like the Oura, one can anticipate the Galaxy Ring’s retail price to fall between $269-$350. However, in India, the price for the Galaxy ring starts from ₹24,599.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Release Date

In Samsung’s Unpacked event on 17 January, analyst Avi Greengart went hands-on with Samsung Ring prototypes and confirmed on Threads that it will launch in 2024. However, he didn’t reveal an exact timeline for the launch.

As of February 2024, one thing seems to be sure: the Samsung smart ring will launch in the second half of the year. On LinkedIn, a Samsung executive stated early in February that the Ring would launch in the second half of 2024. Another Samsung executive echoed this at MWC 2024.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Specification

Here are all the specifications: 

Shape Circle 
Water-resistant Yes 
Dustproof Yes 
Bluetooth Yes 
Compatible OS Android 
Removable battery Non-removable battery 
Battery backup 9 days 
Heart rate monitor Yes 
Sp02 (blood oxygen) monitorYes 
BP monitor Yes 
Altimeter Yes 
Sleep monitor Yes 
Meters and sensors Calorie count, step count 

Samsung Galaxy Ring Features

Here are the top features of the Samsung Ring that make it unique from the other smart rings:

  • A concave design and a robust profile
  • Available in three different colors: ceramic black, platinum silver, and gold
  • Lightweight construction
  • Available sizes- 5 to 13, labeled S to XL
  • 14.5Mah compact battery in the smallest size
  • A compact battery ranging from 21.5Mah in the largest size
  • Integrated sensor array
  • Can track various health metrics
  • Can monitor heart rate, sleep movement, respiratory rate, and sleep on set time
  • Water-resistant 
  • Natural cycles for fertility tracking for Women 
  • Samsung Galaxy Ring Battery life– 5 to 9 days on a single charge.
  • “My Vitality Score” to collect data about mental and physical readiness

Hon Pak also said the company is planning to add a feature that would permit the Samsung Galaxy Ring to make contactless payments, as with smartphones. 

“We have a whole team that is looking at that. But I think clearly looking at multiple different use cases for the Ring beyond just health, for sure,”

Pak Said

Pak said of noninvasive glucose monitoring, “I think we have some ways to go.” currently, people use machines that pierce the skin to check the level of glucose. A noninvasive way to do that would be a notable step. 

Is Samsung Galaxy Ring Waterproof?

The Samsung ring is made with high-quality materials that are built to withstand regular wear and tear. This ensures that the gadget remains in outstanding condition even after prolonged use.

One key feature of the Galaxy Ring is its water-resistant capability. This means that you don’t have to worry about light rain or accidental spills damaging your device. This feature adds extra protection and peace of mind for every user who leads an active lifestyle or finds themselves in unpredictable weather situations frequently.

Is Samsung Galaxy Ring Worth Buying?

At the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung unveiled a new wearable device called the Samsung Galaxy Ring. The ring was revealed at the MWC 2024 in Barcelona on January 17th. The Galaxy ring is equipped with several health-tracking features, including sleep monitoring and heart rate monitoring. Additionally, the ring is water-resistant and has a strong battery life. So, it’s definitely worth buying. 

Final Line

At the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung unveiled a new wearable device called the Samsung Galaxy Ring. The ring was revealed at the MWC 2024 in Barcelona on 17th January. The Galaxy ring is equipped with several health-tracking features, including sleep monitoring and heart rate. Additionally, the ring is water-resistant and has a strong battery life.

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