EkartPCM: A Guide To Flipkart’s Efficient Courier Service


EkartPCM is a courier service operated and owned by Flipkart. Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in India. The full form of PCM is Personalized Courier Management. These are the three important pillars of its delivery operations. It offers dependable and quick package delivery services. And it enables them to track their packages for safe and timely delivery. This service is an excellent option for every customer’s shipping requirements.

What Is EkartPCM?

EkartPCM or Ekart Personalized Courier Management is for quick and secure delivery. With this service, customers can have the peace of mind of safe handling. They can also enjoy the ease of tracking and assurance of on-time delivery of their packages.

How To Register For Ekart Partner Center?

To get all the benefits of the website, you first need to register on the portal. Follow the steps below to register yourself for EkartPCM.

  • Send an email to [email protected] to reach out to the Ekart franchise.
  • Within 10-15 minutes, you will get a notification to verify the account
  • Find the registration link in the email sent by them.
  • After clicking the link, you will be redirected to a page. 
  • On the redirected page, you must register and provide all the necessary details.

How To Login To EkartPCM?

After successfully registering on the website, it’s time to follow the steps below to log into the portal:

  1. Open your Google Search Bar and type EkartPCM to begin with this website.
  2. Click on the first website URL in front of you.
  3. Next, fill in your personal information like Username and Password.
  4. Enter the username and password. Click on “Log in.”
  5. In case you forget your credentials, immediately contact the website administrator.
  6. The website administrator will send the password to your email address. After receiving the password, you have to go to the login page again.
  7. Enter the username and password.
  8. Access the dashboard of EkartPCm.

How EkartPCM Works?

EkartPCM involves a smooth and safe shipping process from beginning to end. Here’s how this courier service works:

  1. Reservation or Booking: Customers can book their shipments online or via the EkartPCM app. They can choose their preferred delivery method. Also, they can schedule a pickup time.
  2. Tracking and Monitoring: Once the package gets picked up, customers can track it using the Ekart PCM tracking system. This process helps the customer stay updated at every stage.
  3. Delivery: Packages and items reach their final destination fast. This keeps the customers happy and satisfied.

Features of EkartPCM

We all know that features play an important role in the success of any service. Let’s see some of the features of this service, including

  1. Affordable: With its high-quality services, EkartPCM also remains affordable. Customers enjoy high pricing for their shipping needs. It makes an affordable choice for every business, whether it is small or big.
  2. Safety & Security: For Ekart PCM, the safety of packages is the top priority. They manage each parcel. Customers can feel safe about their products.
  3. Fast and Efficient Delivery: EkartPCM knows the importance of time. Thus, they offer effective, smooth, and fast package delivery. Their logistics network helps to deliver the goods on time.
  4. Wide Coverage: Currently, over 90% of India’s population uses EkartPCM services. Additionally, this portal delivers to rural, remote areas.
  5. Customer Support: EkartPCM offers a 24/7 customer support team. This feature can help customers with any issues or queries related to their orders. Customers can also request refunds, returns, or replacements through its website or app.
  6. Trackable Shipments: It offers real-time tracking of the shipments through its app or website. Customers can get updates or notifications on the status of their orders via email or SMS.

Benefits of EkartPCM

Ekart PCM has many advantages for online sellers and shoppers. Some of its benefits are:

  • It Saves Money: Customers can save a lot of money using the website as their courier service. This website offers discounted or free delivery on many items. It’s also a great option for sellers to save money using EkartPCM.
  • Increased Trust: EkartPCM is a courier service in which customers can have full trust. They know their goods will arrive and be in good shape.
  • It Saves Time: Customers receive their goods and use EkartPCM as their courier service. This is also beneficial for the sellers to have their goods picked up and delivered.

Features In the World of Delivery

EkartPCM partner is a leading courier service offered by Flipkart. It has a focus on reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. It helps in B2B Express for PTL/FTL solutions to B2C Express for last-mile e-commerce delivery. Let’s consider what sets it apart and why they are the perfect choice for your courier service needs.

  1. B2C Expres for Last Mile Ecom Delivery: For all e-commerce businesses, EkartPCM’s B2C is a trustworthy partner. EkartPCM can handle all the last-mile deliveries and offer express service. Ekart PCM  has a focus on efficiency and speed. It delivers your items to your customers on time. It can deliver both large as well as small items.
  2. B2B Express for PTL/FTL Solutions: Ekart’s B2B service offers cost-effective and efficient PTL/FTL solutions. EkartPCM offers transport solutions for shipping large quantities of goods. This courier service focuses on safety and reliability. It delivers all your shipments in perfect condition and on time. 
  3. Warehousing for Grade A Storage Space: EkartPCM also offers top-notch warehousing solutions. With grade-A storage space, it helps businesses manage their storage and inventory needs. It offers long-term warehousing as well as short-term shortages for seasonal goods.
  4. 4PL Solution for E2E SC Solution: EkartPCM offers 4PL solutions for end-to-end supply chain solutions for every business. It offers cost-effective supply chain operations and enhances performance. It has efficient order fulfillment and inventory management features.

In a Nutshell:

EkartPCM is an efficient courier service by Flipkart. It is setting new standards in the world of logistics. Its security, efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness are top-notch. This service is perfect for those who are looking for a reliable shipping partner.

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