Demon Slayer Season 4 – Release Date, Cast, Episodes, And More

Demon Slayer Season 4

Fans are waiting for the release of Demon Slayer season 4 after its unofficial announcement at the beginning of the year. The last season of the series left viewers thinking about what would happen next in the storyline. While some have made their own theories and assumptions, others can’t wait to get sneak peeks, spoilers, and trailers of the show.

Tanjiro, with his demon slayer friends, is all set to put the Internet on fire with the new season of the show. The last three seasons have been record-breaking, with epic episode releases and unmatched graphics. The first season of the show was released on 6 April 2019, and ever since, it has had great success.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss Demon Slayer Season 4 spoilers and see what we will explore next in the storyline.

When Will Demon Slayer Season 4 be Released?

Demon Slayer Season 4 will be released soon (probably next year), but the official dates have yet to be revealed. Fans are waiting to hear about it from the author, but frustratingly, very little has been relieved. The Demon Slayer season 3 was released in theatres and made great success across the world. However, animation studio Ufotable has recently made words for Demon Slayer season 4, where fans can expect Tanjiro’s Hashira Training arc.

The news left fans full of excitement and expectations for the upcoming season. When it comes to the accurate release date, it is expected to premiere in April, just like its first and third seasons. However, the Mugen Train movie and Demon Slayer season 2 were aired in October. This has created controversy among the fans.

But fans can expect the new season to be out by April 2024 or October 2024. To get the most out of the information we have gathered so far, read below and enlighten yourself with the latest sneak peeks.

Which Manga chapters will be covered in Demon Slayer Season 4?

Demon Slayer will begin in the continuation of the Swordsmith Village arc, which covered chapters 98-127 of the manga. Season 4 will adapt to the Hashira Training Arc covering chapters 128-136 of Manga. If you are following the packaged copies of manga, the latter half of Volume 15 and the first three chapters in Volume 16 will be covered.

Note: To keep the excitement of the upcoming season maintained, we will not deliver any spoilers.

Here is how the Demon Slayer is going to commence:-

  • The book summary or the manga synopsis reads, “Tanjiro goes to see the Stone Hashira, Himejima, who intends to prepare him for the battles to come. The training to become a Hashira – a high-ranking member of the Demon Slayer Corps – is intense and demanding, and earning Himejima’s approval seems impossible, but Tanjiro won’t give up!”
  • By reading this, fans can expect Tanjiro to gain more strength in the Demon Slayer Season 4. With the help of various Hashira, he will learn new techniques and fighting tricks to throw the most brutal demons away. The Stone Hashira, Water Hashira, Insect Hashira, Wind Hashira, and Snake Hashira will be seen in the Hashira Training arc.
  • The season will also witness the emergence of Nezuko’s new powers. With her new powers, she can ‘conquer the sun’ and live on as a demon in the daylight. On the other hand, Muzan Kibutsuji will take notes of her developments and track her tails.
  • One thing that is confirmed for Demon Slayer Season 4: Hashira Training Arc is that it is going to be the last season before the Final Battle arc.

Demon Slayer Season 4 Cast

One thing that upset the fans was that Zenitsu and Inosuke did not make an appearance in Demon Slayer Season 3: Swordsman Village Arc. People love the characters very much and expect them to be the next season of the show. Here is what the cast of Demon Slayer Season 4 looks like:-

  1. Tanjiro (Natsuki Hanae)
  2. Zenitsu (Hiro Shimono)
  3. Inosuke (Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)
  4. Nezuko (Akari Kitou)
  5. The Water Hashira Giyu Tomioka (Takahiro Sakurai)
  6. Snake Hashira Obanai Iguro (Kenichi Suzumura)
  7. Insect Hashira Shinobu Kocho (Saori Hayami)
  8. Wind Hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa (Tomokazu Seki)
  9. Stone Hashira Gyomei Himejima (Tomokazu Sugita)

This is the main anticipated cast of the next season, and people can expect to see some variations. However, the list given contains characters who will make an appearance in the season regardless of the screen time.

Demon Slayer Season 4 Trailer

The first teaser of the upcoming season has been released. However, it does not feature any clips from the Demon Slayer itself. But, fans can get an idea about how exciting and thrilling the upcoming season is going to be.

Here is what you can expect in the trailer:-

  • The new essential art of all Hashira
  • Their guidance to Tanjiro
  • Their struggle to survive the strongest Twelve Kizuki.

How many episodes will be there in Demon Slayer Season 4?

In the upcoming Demon Slayer, people can expect around 26 episodes, which is much more compared to The Mugen Train and Entertainment District arcs, with seven and 11 episodes, respectively. The Swordsmith Village arc was also of 11 episodes. So it is good news for fans because they will experience long entertainment days.

The main Hashira Training, however, will be seen only for six episodes. The popularity and sensation of the upcoming season have even left The Mughen Train behind. We can expect the second trailer of the season soon. Till then, people can do the guesswork.

Where to Watch Demon Slayer?

There are many websites on which people can watch the Demon Slayer Season 4 online. Here are some of the best platforms that you can consider:-

  •   Zoro. to: Zoro. to is a great platform for anime of all genres. The user interface of the app is also great and can be accessed directly from the browser. You can also download the application from the App Store or the Play Store for a seamless experience.
  • Crunchyroll: Another very famous platform for anime lovers is Crunchyroll. However, most of its features are paid but deliver an HD+ experience to its users. If you want to get high-quality screen time at affordable rates, you can download Crunchyroll.
  • Watchcartoononline Website: Watchcartoononline is a great website that provides its users with a great cartoon experience. With free streaming, it’s among the greatest watch cartoon online websites available online. It offers hundreds of anime programs across many genres, in addition to standard cartoons, films, animation, and other media.

Last Word

Demon Slayer Season 4 is going to be in the theatres soon, and the fans are excited to see what the new episodes will bring for them. In this blog post, we have highlighted the expectations of the Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Sneak Peeks, And More.


Is Demon Slayer Season 4 coming out?

The fourth season of Demon Slayer is presently in development and is probably going to air in 2024.

Is Demon Slayer season 4 the last season?

No, Demon Slayer season 4 is not the last season, and the Final Battle arc will also be seen in 2025.

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