Cricket World Cup 2023 Semi-Finals – Date, Venue, Team Standings and More

Cricket World Cup 2023 Semi Finals and Finals

The halfway point of the 2023 Cricket World Cup in India is fast approaching, and the competition is fierce as teams battle for a spot in the semi-finals. With each team playing nine round-robin matches, the race for the top four positions is getting intense. This article analyzes each team’s chances for semi-final qualification based on their performance in the initial 22 games and the role of net run rate in determining the standings.

Number of Wins Required for Semi-Final Qualification

The format of this tournament dictates that the top four teams from the round-robin stage will advance to the semi-finals. Traditionally, six wins out of nine matches have been seen as the benchmark for qualification. However, the ongoing World Cup has introduced significant uncertainties.

As of now, it’s possible that five teams could finish with six or more wins, forcing the qualification to be determined by net run rate. Conversely, only three teams might reach the six-win mark, with the fourth spot going to a team with just five wins but a superior net run rate.

Top Team Analysis for Cricket World Cup 2023

World Cup 2023 Current ScoreBoard
  1. India – Played 8, Won 8, Lost 0

India is leading the table and is in a strong position to secure a semi-final spot. Even if they win only one of their remaining matches, their impressive net run rate should help them clinch a top-four position.

  1. New Zealand – Played 8, Won 4, Lost 4

New Zealand is currently in third place and has a favorable net run rate. However, they have tough matches ahead. Winning two out of the next four matches should secure their semi-final berth.

  1. South Africa – Played 8, Won 6, Lost 2

South Africa, with the best net run rate among all teams, is in second place. Their dominating performance might make their match against India a battle for the top spot, but their superior net run rate offers a safety net.

  1. Australia – Played 8, Won 6, Lost 2

Australia, despite a slow start, has improved its position and currently holds the fourth spot. Their remaining matches are crucial, and they will aim to secure heavy wins to boost their net run rate.

Other Teams Analysis

  1. Pakistan – Played 8, Won 4, Lost 4: Pakistan is struggling but not out of contention. To qualify for the semi-finals, they need to win all their remaining matches, including a focus on improving their net run rate.
  2. Afghanistan – Played 8, Won 4, Lost 4: Afghanistan has shown promise but faces an uphill task to reach six wins. Winning their remaining four matches is crucial for their semi-final hopes.
  3. Bangladesh – Played 8, Won 2, Lost 6: Bangladesh, with only one win so far, has limited chances to qualify for the semi-finals. Their path is challenging, and they might need a miracle to make it to the top four.
  4. Netherlands – Played 7, Won 2, Lost 5: The Netherlands must win all five of their remaining matches to have a shot at the semi-finals. Their games against top teams are tough, but they’ve demonstrated their potential for upsets.
  5. Sri Lanka – Played 8, Won 2, Lost 6: Sri Lanka registered their first win recently, but their chances of reaching the semi-finals are diminishing with every defeat.
  6. England – Played 7, Won 1, Lost 6: England, the reigning champions, find themselves at the bottom of the table. To qualify for the semi-finals, they must win all five remaining matches and hope for favorable results elsewhere.

World Cup 2023 Standings (as of October 31)

World Cup 2023 Current Standings

Expected Teams to Qualify SEMI-FINALS according to Current Standing:

  1. India
  2. South Africa
  3. New Zealand
  4. Australia

Venue and Date of World Cup Semi-Finals 2023

Venue and Date of Semi-Final World Cup 2023

The public is curious about the venue of the semi-finals. The semi-final schedule and venue are as follows:

  1. Wed 15 November at 14:00 in Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai between teams of 1st place and 4th place.
  2. Thu 16 November at 14:00 in Eden Gardens, Kolkata between teams of 2nd place and 3rd place

Who is Expected to Qualify for the Finals?

World Cup 2023 Updated Team Stats

India is the only team with yet to taste defeat in the 2023 Cricket World Cup. Looking at their performance, they can qualify for finals. Nevertheless, the remaining matches will decide the outcome. The top teams have the potential to change the metrics.


As the 2023 Cricket World Cup in India progresses, the semi-finals race is becoming increasingly competitive. With each team’s performance hanging in the balance, net run rate could play a pivotal role in determining the top four. The upcoming matches will clarify which teams will secure a place in the semi-finals and move one step closer to cricketing glory. The competition is fierce, and cricket fans around the world can expect thrilling encounters as the tournament reaches its climax.

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