Best Solar Panel Installation Companies in India

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation is important because it offers a clean, renewable source of energy that helps reduce dependency on fossil fuels, lower electricity bills, reduce carbon emissions, and help with climate change. Solar panels are one of the most important components of the solar power system. The solar energy system has grown significantly in India’s last decade as it converts sunlight into electricity. India will be the second-largest solar manufacturer by 2025. There are many famous companies that are installing solar panels. 

Top 5 Solar Panel Installation Companies in India

1. Tata Power Solar 

Tata Power Solar, previously known as Tata BP Solar, is a famous company in India focused on solar services. It was founded in 1989. This company manufactures solar cells and related products. It provides solar power and has benefited 13 states in India. Moreover, this company has exported 3 gigawatts of solar modules worldwide. In Cricket Club of India (CCI), Mumbai, this company has commissioned 820.8kWp solar panels.

2. Adani Solar

Adani Solar is the solar PV manufacturing part of Adani Group. It was incorporated in 2016 and has a manufacturing capacity of 4G. Currently, the company is building an ecosystem for 10GW of photovoltaic manufacturing capacity. The solar manufacturing sector of this company has made a great contribution to India’s climate goals, and according to the company’s vision, its main focus is to embrace a healthier energy mix.

3. Vikram Solar

Vikram Solar, previously known as Vikram Solar Private Limited, is one of India’s largest module manufacturers. 3.5 Vikram Solar has done lakh solar panel installation. It is present across 32 countries and experienced 1.42 gigawatt projects in India. This company has also registered as the first floating solar plant in India. And also offers engineering, procurement, and construction services.

4. Waaree Energies

Waaree Energies was founded in 1989. It is the largest manufacturer of solar panels in India, with a capacity of over 12 gigawatts. It is one of the famous names in the solar panel sector. In India, it is present in more than 380 locations and in 20 foreign countries and has been implemented for almost three decades now. 

5. RenewSys

RenewSys is owned by Sanjay Kirpalani and is the first unified manufacturer of Solar PV Modules; the key factors of this company are Encapsulants, Backsheets, and Solar PV Cells. It is currently present in India, UAE, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, and Mauritius, and its representative offices are in the USA, Mexico, Canada, and Brazil. It provides facilities in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Patalganga. 

Solar Panel Installation Cost

Solar Panel Installation Cost

The average cost for installing solar panels is Rs. 1,89,000 to Rs. 2,15,000 for a 3kW solar panel system. It depends on the model, type, utility, and more. In India, the price of a per-watt solar panel can fluctuate between 75 Rs and 85 Rs thousand. It is important to note that whatever the installation cost, in the end, it helps us save money.  

Breakdown of Solar Panel Installation Cost

Now, we will see the table of the approximate range of solar panel installation costs per kWh in India in different sizes and systems:

Size of Solar System Price Range (Approximately)
1kW Solar SystemRs. 75,000-85,000
2kW Solar SystemRs. 1,50,000-1,70,000
3kW Solar SystemRs. 1,89,000-2,15,000
4kW Solar SystemRs. 2,52,000-2,85,600
5kW Solar SystemRs. 3,15,000-3,57,000
6kW Solar SystemRs. 5,31,000-6,07,000

How to Install a Solar Panel?

Solar panel installation may require money, but after proper implementation, it will be useful for both you and the environment. 

Now, the question arises: How is a solar panel installment useful for you? So, after successful implementation, it will save your time and money as it does not require extra money to invest on the panel; the energy is directly coming from sunlight. 

How to Install a Solar Panel?

Requirements of Installing a Solar Panel?

To install any solar panel it requires some tools and materials. Here we will see those tools and materials:


  • Pencil 
  • Tape
  • Chalk line
  • Wrench Set
  • Drill with bits
  • Metal cutter
  • Wiring tools


  • Photovoltaic Panels (PVP)
  • Batteries
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Backsheet
  • Solar Inverters
  • Junction Box (Diode and Connectors)

Steps to Install a Solar Panel:

  • Safety First: Wear proper safety gear, including gloves, harnesses, and eye protectors, because working on a roof can be dangerous.
  • Mounting System Installation: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to secure the mounting system on the roof. This involves drilling holes and ensuring everything is properly anchored. 
  • Panel Mounting: Carefully lift and install the solar panels on the mounting system by following the instructions.
  • Electrical Wiring: Connect the solar panels to the inverter using special cables with an MC4 connector. Make sure all connections are secure and weatherproof. 
  • Inverter Installation: Place the inverter in a safe and dry location near your main central panel.
  • Grid Connection: It depends on your system and local regulations, but a qualified electrician may need to connect your system to the utility grid. 
  • System Testing: A professional electrician may need to check all the connections and systems to make sure they are functioning correctly.

To End

Solar Panel installation is a big step to secure the environment because it is a renewable source of energy. Solar panels extract energy from the sun and convert it into cost-effective electricity. There are many companies that install solar panels in India and worldwide.

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