Bajaj Freedom 125 launched
Bajaj Freedom 125

Bajaj Freedom 125: A Gamechanger in the Two-Wheeler Market

The world’s first CNG Bike, the Bajaj Freedom 125, has launched. Bajaj Auto has priced it at an ex-showroom cost of Rs 95,000. It is comparable to the Super Splendor and Shine 125, which are priced at Rs 80,848 and Rs 79,800, respectively. This new model promises to be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly addition to the market, fueling the much-needed CNG revolution in the automobile industry.

Performance and Market Expectations

Ten thousand units per month are expected in the second half of FY25 and 20,000 units per month in FY26. The bike is for all the cost-conscious customers out there as this CNG model offers a lower cost of ownership.

This is not the first attempt that Bajaj Auto has made to bring CNG to the market. But it all started 25 years ago. They launched the first CNG three-wheeler. However, the scarcity of CNG stations made it a challenge for auto drivers to maintain these so-called CNG autos as they had to wait for 10-12 hours in the queue at the CNG station. This time-consuming process was becoming costier than the cost they saved from CNG. 

However, the scenario has changed and with a growing number of CNG stations across the world, keeping a CNG vehicle is a pocket-friendly and convenient affair now. This launch is expected to increase CNG demand as Bajaj introduces CNG models in the 100cc and 110cc segments.

Key Specs and Features:


  • 16-inch Rear Wheel- With a 120/70 profile
  • Wide handlebar- Effortless steering and stress-free rides
  • Balanced Seat to Tank ratio- To facilitate extra seating space
  • Comfortable quilted seat
  • Its longest-in-class seat
  • mono-linked type suspension


  • 2-liter Auxiliary Petrol Tank- Switch to petrol mode on the go
  • Fully digital speedometer with Bluetooth connectivity- Get call alerts with caller ID, Missed call indication, and battery life
  • LED Headlamp


  • Protective Trellis Frame With tank shields
  • PESO Certified CNG Cylinder
  • Fork Sleeves protector Strong front look, protection from dust and muck


  • Engine Type- 4 Stroke, Air cooled
  • Max Power- 9.5 Ps @8000 RPM
  • Max Torque- 9.7 Nm @5000 RPM
  • CNG Capacity- 12.5 L / 2 kg
  • Petrol Capacity- 2L (Limp home)


  • Caribbean Blue
  • Ebony Black
  • Cyber White
  • Racing Red
  • Pewter Grey

Financial Impact and Market Predictions

The effects of this launch can also be seen in the stock market. Around 9-17% of increase in price is seen for Mahanagar Gas Ltd, Indraprastha Gas Ltd, and Gujarat Gas Ltd. This has retained a ‘Buy’ rating on all three. Additionally, Bajaj Auto remains the top two-wheeler pick for foreign brokerage Nomura India. The company’s innovative approach across segments could give it a 2-3-year headstart over its competition if its CNG bikes gain market share.

Cost Savings and Environmental Benefits

With Bajaj Freedom 125, the riders can save around 50% of their fuel expenses as compared to petrol motorcycles. It features a 330 km range with full petrol and CNG tanks. This allows consumers to save around Rs 15,000 annually on fuel bills. This bike also reduces CO2 emissions by 26.7%. Alongside it will also contribute to cutting in non-methane hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides.

Market Penetration and Expansion Plans

Bajaj Auto is expecting a grand total market of around 600,000 units. Along with this CNG availability is expected at 60%. This as a result will create a total market for 360,000 units. The company is also planning to produce 10,000 units of Bajaj Freedom 125 every month. This will start retailing in Gujarat and Maharashtra. And they also plan to scale up to 40,000 units by the financial year’s end.

Bajaj Auto is a futuristic company. It is planning to bring more models with flexi-CNG-petrol technology after the success of Bajaj Freedom 125. The company has identified six export markets for the bike, including Egypt, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Colombia, and Peru. Initial focus. 


The Bajaj Freedom 125 represents a much-required milestone for Bajaj Auto and the two-wheeler industry. With its innovative CNG technology, substantial cost savings, and environmental and sustainable benefits, it is set to revolutionize a significant automobile market share. As Bajaj will continue to expand its CNG launches. The Freedom 125 is set to become a “game-changer” in the industry.

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