The Apple iPhone 14: A User’s Guide

Apple iPhone 14 A User's Guide

Apple iPhone 14 has been a sensational topic since its release. Millions of search queries for comparison, features, design, durability, looks and more have been recorded in the Google Search Engine. This is because its upgrade on the iPhone 13 has stolen the hearts of users with its dynamic display, new colors, magnificent camera, and Apple Abionic Chip 16.6.

Recently, the price of the Apple iPhone 14 has dropped because of the release of the new iPhone 15. That is why millions of people across the globe are still purchasing the phone regardless of the update.

Apple launched its 14 series from the starting price of Rs. 79,000 to Rs. 137,999 for the iPhone 14 pro max version. However, in 2023, the price of the phone dropped to Rs. 64,999 on Flipkart and Rs. 62,499 on Amazon. Nevertheless, the pro and pro max versions of the model are more costly than the base iPhone 14 version.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss everything that you should know about the Apple iPhone 14 and verify whether it’s beneficial to buy it in 2023 or not.

About Apple iPhone 14

It was launched on 07 September 2022 for 79,999 for the 128 GB variant. The phone is well built with a corning-made front glass and back coated with Gorilla Glass protection. The body of the phone is made up of an Aluminium frame which gives it a smooth and pleasant look.

When it comes to the display of the phone, it has a Super Retina XDR OLED display with HDR10. It gives a Dolby Vision by 800 nits (HBM) and 1200 nits (peak). The size of the display is relatively handy and adjusted to the one-hand use. It comes with a 6.1-inch display with an 86.0% screen-to-body ratio.

The resolution of the phone is 1170 x 2532 pixels which show vibrant colours and amazing picture quality. It comes with a Ceramic Shield glass for protection and water resistance.

Is iPhone 14 Waterproof?

The new iPhone 14 is Waterproof, dustproof, and scratchproof as stated by the official website of the company. It has been declared that the iPhone 14 series can resist water and moisture as each phone is IP68 certified per the IEC standard number 60529.

However, viewing from the technical side, the phone is not entirely waterproof. This is because being waterproofed means completely sealed from all sides and edges. The water can still go into the charging ports, speakers, and other connections, making your phone vulnerable to damage and other sorts of impairment. What users need to understand is the difference between being waterproof and water resistant. In the context of the iPhone 14, we are going to have a look at both the terms individually.

Waterproof vs. Water Resistance

Any product can be waterproof or water resistant. However, items that declare themselves waterproof prevent all sorts of liquid penetration. It does not depend or vary on the scenario of water exposure or source. Regardless of how far the product is placed underwater, the protective cover will not be vulnerable to the added pressure of the ocean depths.

On the contrary, Water-resistant products just restrict the rate at which liquid can penetrate its surface. They have a thin covering which will eventually fade away under water pressure. These items can be vulnerable to water even at a safe ocean depth. That is why the user must be aware that their products are slowly absorbing the moisture.

Certifications such as the IP68 designation as mentioned by Apple quickly say that any given material can handle water and resist water exposure. The International Electrotechnical Commission or IEC, have released this standard to easily categorize the products and ensure that users take proper water resistance measures for their phones.

Can the iPhone 14 go Underwater?

iPhone 14 is built to withstand about 19 feet for up to 30 minutes underwater. This means that even if you drop your phone underwater, you can save it without any extreme damage. However, it is still crucial for users to avoid taking the phone underwater as the water can enter the phone from the speaker and charging spaces.

iPhone 14 vs. Samsung Galaxy S23

Many people have searched on Google for the iPhone 14 vs. Samsung Galaxy S23 because of the popularity, built quality, camera, and performance of both phones. Not to mention the launch cost of both mobile phones was the same for Rs. 79,999. However, the price of the iPhone 14 dropped to Rs. 63,000 approx in 2023. The phone comes with 6 GB RAM with 128 GB storage and is available in multiple colours.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 on the other hand comes with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage for a price of Rs. 79,999. Both the mobiles are excellent on their terms and offer a great deal of value. If you are looking to purchase either of the phones, then the Samsung S23 will give you better performance but, at a fair price range Apple 14, is beneficial to buy. In the upcoming sale, you can purchase the phone under Rs. 50,000 on Flipkart Big Billion Days.

iPhone 14 Battery

The phone comes with a Li-Ion battery type with 3279 mAh. It is a non-removable battery that supports both, wired and wireless charging PD2.0. According to the advertisements, the phone should be charged around 50% in 30 min. It can support a 20W wired and 15W wireless charger.

Why does the iPhone 14 Battery Drain so Fast?

Many users have complained about the battery drainage issue on the iPhone 14 series. Indeed the iPhones are known for their battery issues, but this model has reported an increased number of battery drainage complaints since last year. This is primarily because of heavy usage and lack of battery health care. Running applications in the background with open tabs can make your phone deplete the battery faster. Additional factors such as the screen brightness and location services enabled for too many applications can also affect the battery’s health.


With all the information we have gathered from this blog post, we can conclude that the iPhone 14 price has dramatically dropped since the release of the Apple iPhone 15. Users can purchase the phone from any e-commerce website at a discounted rate.


Q1. Why is the iPhone 14 not available on Amazon?

Apple iPhone 14 is not available on Amazon because of inflation and international price exchange rates. Additionally, Amazon prioritizes recently launched and highly marketed products.

Q2. What is the lowest iPhone price?

The Apple iPhone 14, 128 GB can be purchased online for Rs. 62,000.

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