Andre Hakkak Wife: A Daring Lady With Dreams

Andre Hakkak wife

Behind Every Great Man is a Great Woman, and in the case of Andre Hakka, the secret of his success is his wife. Andre Hakka is the CEO and co-founder of White Oak Global Advisors, a global investment firm founded in 2007. And his wife is also a successful entrepreneur who always supports her husband. 

Who is Andre Hakkak Wife?

Marissa Shipman is popularly known as Andre Hakkak Wife. However, she not only has a great role in the success of the WOGA company, but she has established her own cosmetics company TheBalm Cosmetics in 2004. Born in NYC, she attended Tulane University and currently lives in San Francisco. 

TheBalm Cosmetics by Andre Hakkak Wife

Although Andre Hakkak wife graduated with a Theatre degree, she didn’t pursue it as a career. Rather, she bought piles of books on cosmetics and makeup. Studied, experimented, and added her innovation. While, the result was nothing normal but an extraordinary cosmetics brand. 

Founded in 2004, this brand gained quick popularity, and the credit goes to your high-quality, cruelty-free products. Moreover, she captured the market with her distinctly creative packaging. It offers a range of products for every skincare and cosmetic need. Over the span of 10 years, it has garnered a large fan base along with its stores in various corners of the world. 

EcoFabulous: Clean Beauty Brand For Gen Z

She didn’t stop after the success of TheBalm, rather, she went on to launch another beauty brand. However, this time, it had a very specific audience to target: Gen Z. EcoFabulous is one of the clean beauty brands, as the name suggests. From eco-friendly packaging to harmless products, it stands out among its competitors. Moreover, it is founded on the notion of sustainability and is dedicated to ethical practices. Recently, its 70% stake was taken over by Amyris, a synthetic biology company. Furthermore, this collaboration speaks out loud about Andre Hakkak Wife’s commitment to clean beauty. 

$13.6 Million Mansion: A Testament To Her Success

Andre Hakkak Wife made immense profits from her business. And last year with his husband, she bought a fancy house for $13.6 million. The house speaks for their success and luxury. The Coral Gables mansion is two stories. The six large bedrooms, nine full bathrooms, two half-bathrooms and stand tall on a nearly two-acre plot. 

Moreover, it has a large backyard. Apart from this, it has 3 garages for their luxury cars. The mansion has an elevator along with a pool and gym or spa. Imagining this mansion alone can give me goosebumps. And this masterpiece is designed by the famous architect Cesar Molina.

This is located at 8950 Arvida Drive in Coral Gables from Cimex Invest Inc. And this is a Czech Republic-based investment company led by Jana Sobotova. This was listed for $17.5 million in 2018 that then belonged to a 17,215-square-foot mansion in 2016. While in 2026 only, it was built and the cost came to around $12 million. It was listed in 2018. Andre Hakkak wife along with her husband and her three kids, two sons and a daughter lives in this mansion. 


Andre Hakkak wife is a role model for every woman who dreams of being an independent and successful lady. From her early education in theatre to her two famous beauty brands- TheBalm and Ecofabulous, she has shown exceptional qualities of leadership, management, and commitment. Not only that she is well aware of her responsibility towards nature. And both of her businesses are founded on the vision of sustainability. From being a successful entrepreneur to a great mother of three kids, she is an ideal lady. 

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