Is Adescarger Legit or Scam? Learn More About It

The solar panel industry is growing rapidly, and so are scams. Adescarger is something relatable to what we are talking about. It is a solar panel industry that installs and generates solar panels. But the question arises: Is it a scam or not? Well, there has yet to be an accurate answer at this point. However, its website seems like a scam because of its poor design. But that’s something other than what proves the platform’s reality. People have different opinions about it. Some say it is a scam, but some appreciate the website.  

Adescarger Overview

According to the research, Adescarger is a website associated with the solar generation industry. It was founded on 11 January 2024 and offers solar panels, inverters, and other products. However, as time passed, this website became suspicious as it did not help its online consumers. The website’s services became unhelpful. Moreover, Google must provide specific information to help people solve their queries. The website also has no specific metadata, making it suspicious. People are questioning the website as they have yet to learn about its legitimacy.

Why is Adescarger a scam?

Adescarger is a scam or not has not been officially reported anywhere. However, the scam detection website gives a low trust score of 42.20 out of 100. This proves that the website is connected to scams or fraudulent activity. Similarly, it can harm your device by clicking on the website, and you mistakenly can share data. These data can also contain important information.  

Analysis of the website

  1. This company is marked as suspicious and has connections to various scales and a score (1-100). However, the website has server problems that owners might overlook.
  2. The company faces risks due to user reports about the website and unrequired messages. Adescarger’s reports and high spam scores also raise concern by suggesting potential email scams.
  3. The company’s team wants to regain user trust and improve their online reputation. After all, positive reviews and scores are important to avoid being labelled a scam.
  4. A solution requires using an algorithm to analyse the Adescarger website. This analysis can help identify areas for improvement and rebuild trust with users.

How can you lose money through scams?

You can lose your money through scams:

  • If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be careful of any platform that guarantees a certain amount of money in return for using their service.
  • Ad networks typically work on commission, meaning you only pay when you get results. Be cautious of any platform that requires an upfront fee to use their service.
  • Hidden fees, such as monthly subscription or transaction fees, may be associated with using the platform. Read the fine print carefully before signing up for any service.
  • Be doubtful of any platform that promises to make you a lot of money quickly and easily. Successful online advertising takes time and effort.

How can you protect yourself through scams on Adescarger?

You can protect yourself through scams on Adescarger:

  • Do not provide personal information even if they ask for verification. Scammers use this method to steal sensitive information and misuse it later.
  • Do not click any link on the site, as it can be a scam. Scammers design it in an eye-catching way. Once you click the link, all the information on your device will be copied there. 
  • Do not pay any amount if they ask for visiting money or an extra charge on your solar panel; avoid online payment. Only pay if the mechanic visits your house to fix the panel. 
  • Do not pay before the installation of the solar panel. Pay once the panel is set and check all the connections. If the system is working, then pay. 

What to do if you lose your money on Adescarger?

Losing money can be stressful, so the first thing to do is take a breath and stay calm. Here are some steps you can take:

  • You can file a police report to obtain a crime number, which will assist you in working with your bank and other entities.
  • Immediately notify all financial institutions involved in the fraudulent payments. Use a reporting tool to attempt to freeze funds.
  • Following a scam, criminals may mimic banks, police, or recovery experts to cheat victims. Do not trust any communication via phone, email, or text. Contact the organisation directly to verify its authenticity. 


Adescarger is an online website associated with the solar generation business. It was considered one of the best installation companies during its initial days. However, after a few months, the website became suspicious. After detecting the scam score, the website comes under scam as it has 42.20 out of 100, considered a scam. Knowing the steps you should take if you lose or protect your money. 

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